Facilities Services

Aubrey R. Watzek Sports Center

Aubrey R. Watzek was elected to Reed's board of trustees in 1931 and ended his term as the board chair in 1942. He was generous in his support of the college and provided the resources for scholarships, academic programs, and the construction of the biology building and the sports center. The original 1913 gymnasium, built in Tudor Gothic style, was demolished for the 1965 construction of the sports center.


In 2016, thanks to a generous gift from trustee Tim Boyle, the college was able to renovate the building to respond to changes in Reed’s program and student interest. This extensive renovation created a center for our nationally recognized outdoor program, offering equipment and resources and training for students interested in activities from kayaking to backpacking to advanced climbing. These space changes expanded the formerly overcrowded cardio and weight rooms and implemented ADA and energy-saving upgrades on the pool. Other projects included a new basketball floor and an overhaul of the locker room facilities.

Reed students may check out a variety of athletic equipment, from a tennis or squash racket to a gi for practicing judo. Physical education at Reed can take any one of dozens of forms, including yoga, aikido, swimming, sailing, skiing, juggling, African dancing, crew, rugby, fencing, and basketball. Students may also design their own athletic programs. At the outset, the Reed community voted against the creation of varsity sports teams, supporting fully the concept of intramural teams. Today any new sports team can be organized with student interest.

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