Environmental Health and Safety


The X-ray Safety Program is established to provide staff, faculty, students, and visitors with a safe x-ray use environment and to conform to the requirements set forth by the Oregon Health Authority Regulations 333-108 and policies set by Reed College Radiation Safety Committee. 


 X-Ray Training Program

All users must read and comply with the training requirements.  Only qualified users with permission may use or operate the x-ray machines.  The Principal User provides machine specific training.  Training records must be kept near the x-ray machine.  


Machine Registration

Each radiation machine shall be registered with the State Health Division before being put into use. Radiation Safety will arrange registration.


X-Ray Transfer/Disposal

Radiation Safety must be notified before purchase of an x-ray machine.

Machines may only be sold or transferred to recipients eligible to register the machine.  Contact Radiation Safety (531-777-7788) for specific instructions.

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