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Process for an Ergonomic Evaluation

  1.  Employee will discuss their need for an ergonomic evaluation with their supervisor. The supervisor must first authorize the evaluation.
  2. The employee will then contact ergo@reed.edu explaining their need.
  3. An evaluator from ergo@reed.edu will then contact the employee to set up an appointment in order for the evaluator to see and assess the workstation.
  4. Allow at least 30 minutes for a workstation evaluation.
  5. The evaluation process starts with an interview.  The evaluator will talk with the employee about their concerns, discuss their needs, look at their work tools, and see how they use them.  The evaluator then takes a series of physical measures to determine proper heights, widths, and depths of chairs, as well as work surfaces. 
  6. The evaluator will then generate a report for the employee, and their supervisor.

       The Employee Report contains:

    • Cover sheet explaining authorization process.
    • Any reported physical discomforts, injuries, or illnesses needing special accommodation.
      • Physical measurements from interview.
      • Recommended changes and/or equipment

       The Supervisor Report contains the same information as the Employee Report except physical discomfort or medical information.

  7. Supervisors must provide authorization to proceed with recommended equipment modifications.  To authorize recommendations, please contact ergo@reed.edu.
  8. If authorized for a new chair the evaluator will generate a quote.  The supervisor must authorize the quote before the evaluator places the order.  EHS helps to defray expenses for ergonomic equipment by paying 50% or $300, whichever is less.
  9. Office evaluations are the largest portion of ergonomic requests received by EHS, but contact ergo@reed.edu for evaluations of other ergonomic stressors as well.  We welcome all inquires. 

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