Economics Department

Theses Titles 2004-14

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Name Year Title
Abdullah Faiz, Ezwan Amzar 2013 Sowing philanthropy: An empirical analysis of Reed College young alumni giving
Agamalian, Gregory Mark 2005 The effect of urban stream shade coverage on property values : a hedonic property analysis of an urban watershed in southeast Portland, Oregon
Alexy, Elizabeth M. 2008 Consumer demand for local and organic food
Ali, Ahsan 2004 The effects of regime change on the level of corruption in government
Amarteifio, Nii Amartey 2009 The role of foreign direct investment : a sub-Saharan perspective
Anderson, Casey 2013 The effect of fixed and mobile telecommunications on economic productivity
Anderson, Michael W. 2005 Development effort and prospect giving : absolute and marginal effects
Angelova, Elica Yordanova 2009 The effects of European union accession announcements on foreign direct investment in Bulgaria
Armstrong, Timothy B. 2007 Federal research funding and patenting in U.S. universities
Azhar, Zara 2007 The parallel existence of the formal and informal credit markets in Pakistan
Azike, Onyeka 2010 Regulating the shark fin market in China
Bica-Huiu, Alina 2004 Toward a common security and defense policy : the puzzle of political and military integration in the EU
Bittaker, Amanda 2008 Corruption, aid, and growth
Blair, Caroline 2014 The United States of Hollywood: An analysis of motion picture tax competition
Bloomquist, Lauren 2012 Willingness to pay for ecoroofs in the Portland, Oregon condominium market
Breyer, Elizabeth Yancey 2005 Political economy of biodiesel in the United States and Germany
Brito Rodriguez, Juan Bernardo 2010 Human capital in Ecuador : returns to schooling and a growth accounting exercise
Buchholz, Martis 2013 An examination of rational speculative bubble models: Early rational bubble models, herding, and heterogeneous beliefs
Bufithis-Hurie, Daniel 2009 An economic analysis of the U.S. health insurance system
Burrell, Brian 2006 Islamic equity investments : financial performance and impact on firm behavior
Calasicas, Alyssa Natividad 2011 The implicit effects of variations in federal and state income taxes on charitable contributions
Calenzani, Jonathan 2012 Two tales of one city: Economic and architectural analysis of New York City housing prices
Capalino, Reid F. 2007 Canada's changing energy intensity : another way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Carter, James 2008 A tale of three cities : public-private partnerships in municipal wireless networks
Case, Molly Rose 2012 The benefits of implementing sustainable financial models in small nonprofit organizations
Chai, Jonathan Joon Hyung 2014 International spillovers of United States quantitative easing policy: An examination of emeerging economy equity markets
Chan, Jessica Ying 2009 The welfare of the elderly in rural China : the impacts of coresidence and financial transfers on health
Chandler-Klein, Nicholas 2009 Predictive validity of the new SAT reasoning test
Chau, Stacey Dee 2008 Capital controls and globalization : capital account spatial interdependence and growth
Chlapowski, Roland 2004 What is economic success? : a theoretical and empirical investigation of the measurement of economic progress and human wellbeing
Cleff, Lauren 2004 The Nicaraguan small farmer meets the world market
Colt, David 2008 Factors affecting cost in solar photovoltaic installations
Conour, Garret A. 2013 Predicting consumer welfare loss in a hypothetical Chinese rare earth embargo
Cressey, Monique J. 2004 Geographic variation in physician density and the corresponding relationship to health outcomes : an exploratory study of the U.S.
Deane, Kathryn Chandler 2009 How liberal arts colleges respond to periods of economic decline
Delaney, Jess 2013 Markov chain Monte Carlo and the Black-Scholes formula
DeRosa, Lauren 2013 The creative labor market in Portland, Oregon
Devaney, Josh 2010 National innovation systems and the migration of the highly skilled
Dhama, Anjuli C. 2014 Questioning fir trade chocolate: An economic analysis on food price policy and alternative trading methods
Dong, Michelle 2008 An economics representation of plastics recycling methods
Drake-McLaughlin, Nicholas Daniel 2009 The effects of walkability on single-family residential sale prices in Portland, Oregon
Dubay, Andrew 2011 Malthusian models in modern Sub-Saharan Africa
Elias, Nisma 2012 Competition in microfinance: Complexities and caveats
Fefeti, Selorm 2011 Outcome-uncertainty and game-day attendenance in the national football league
Fernández-Díaz, José Manuel 2008 The demand for gasoline in Ecuador
Finken, River 2009 Sales taxes and the household savings rate
Forsythe y Korzeniewicz, Gabriel Czeslaw 2012 Global gender wage inequality, 1979-2009
Gallagher, Kevin Yoshiaka 2014 The valuation of mortgage-backed securities: Correctly pricing associated risks
Geiger, Colin 2004 NAFTA's effect on the structure of Mexico's economy
Gibbs, Christa Nicole 2008 An investigation of the relationship between tax progressivity and college enrollments
Gidycz, Daniel C. 2006 Interest rates and deficit expectations using real-time data
Giffin, Allison 2014 Lessons in growing up: Assessing optimal growth scenarios within Portland's urban growth boundary
Green, Donald S. 2004 Principal agent theory: Case study of the Presidio Trust
Green, Ellen Martin 2009 The public good : rationales and mechanisms for distributional weighting in public sector CBA
Gustafson, Lars 2010 Lessons from the Oregon health plan on extending medical coverage to the uninsured
Gwati, Ranganai 2007 Prediction and parameter estimation in the presence of missing data
Hadley, Bryson 2004 Tax evasion and hidden economic activity in the United States
Hakim, Zakir Khozem 2011 Foreign direct investment in the Chinese and Indian automotive industries
Hamilton, Brandon 2010 Signaling value to venture capital investors: The Zipcar case
Hand, Joseph A. 2009 Creative destruction in a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium framework : evaluation through calibration and simulation
Harkins, Johannes 2014 Testing the efficiency of sports betting markets: An examination of National Football League and English Premier League betting
Harvey, Melody Antionette 2010 Feasibility of renter equity programs in Portland, Oregon, given housing and socio-economic characteristics of long-term renters
Hedman, Carl Gunnar 2013 A reinvestigation of the effects of neighborhood on employment and earnings outcomes in the interim period of the Move to Opportunity experiment
Hechtel, Tristan Gregory 2014 Income-based tuition repayment: A critical analysis
Hemmings, Alexandra Jane 2014 The real cost of parking: Two case studies in Portland, OR
Hintz, Mark 2012 Fear and fortune in the political economiy of civil war: Evidence on the correlates of civil war from Sierra Leone and Ghana
Hoel, Jessica B. 2005 Testing the effects of U.S. presidential election expectations on exchange rates
Hoffman, Alexandra Ellen 2006 Historic preservation and the housing market: A hedonic study of the historic preservation property tax freeze in Portland, OR
Hopkins, Katherine R. 2004 An economic analysis of academic departments in a liberal arts college
Howard, Sean Arthur 2013 A theory and practice of money laundering
Hoyman-Browe, Alanna Marguritte 2014 Intimate partner violence: Evidence from the National Violence Against Women survey
Hu, Weiqi 2014 Innovation and information communication technology in China
Iselin, John 2014 Renewable portfolio standards: Examining the effect of state policy on reweable electrical capacity
Ivanov, Alexander 2004 Bank deregulation revisited: Relationship banking and the bank merger wave in the U.S.
Ivanov, Svetoslav 2013 Identification and estimation of the effects of fiscal policy shocks
Jackson, David 2009 Production effects of U.S. agricultural program payments : an empirical examination
Janicki, Martha 2014 Hidden status? The role of male circumcision in the Zambia marriage market prior to the introduction of VMMC
Jarrad, Maya 2014 Valuation of urban stream restoration in the Johnson Creek Watershed: A repeat sale hedonic hybrid analysis
Jennings, Eric Michael 2014 Inequality, norms, and taxation: Evidence from top shares of income and wealth, 1900-2013
Jiang, Lai 2013 An empirical study of whether U.S. states reformed eminent domain laws in response to the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Kelo v New London
Jin, Jason 2014 College income premium trend and skill-biased technological change
Jones, Alden 2013 Time-varying risk premia and the euro: A state-space model
Jones, Alexander Isaac 2007 Crime and opportunity
Jones, Nathan Anthony 2009 Corporate social responsibility: A case study in the stone industry
Jurculet, Andreea 2008 Fedspeak: The response of interest rates to FOMC communication
Kachroo-Levine, Kirin 2012 A study of state renewable portfolio standard variation and renewable energy certificate pricing
Kahn, Robert J. 2011 War, oil, and railroads : industrialization and the building blocks of city growth in the former U.S.S.R.
Kaminsky, Marina Elizabeth 2014 Conditional cash transfers and education outcomes for the poor: An analysis of Bono 10 Mil in Honduras
Karabaic, Lillian Anastasia 2013 Let's get physical: A valuation of bikeability in Portland's apartment rental market
Keeler, Mallory J. 2009 Estimating the effects of the federal estate tax on charitable behavior : evidence since EGTRRA 2001
Kennedy, Cody Brewster 2007 Institutional restraint and water privatization in Latin America
Khadka, Upasana 2009 The effects of relief mechanisms from double taxation on foreign direct investment
Kim, Bryan 2014 The effects of exchange rates on intrafirm trading by multinational corporations: Evidence from U.S. trade in 1985-2010
Kincaid, Michael Scott 2013 Is the euro oprimal? An examination of trade and cycles in Europe
King, Aaron 2014 What's a meta for? Modeling player learning in rock-paper-scissors
Kling, David 2007 Valuing views form single-family homes in Portland, OR
Korada, Shruti 2014 Determinants of intergenerational coresidence in urban China: A closer look at older women and young households
Koskores, Thomas A. 2014 Zipf's law and international integration: An exploration of the rank-size distribution for cities
Kundu, Jayeeta 2004 Thinner is better: A study of liquid crystals and the liquid crystal display
Kuznik, Ferdinand N. 2004 Electronic-trading: An efficient alternative to open-outcry?
Larue, Ian Tyson 2007 A penny for your thoughts: Estimating the impact of a patent grant on firm value
Laughton, Jeremy 2013 Negligent hiring and the effectiveness of legal incentives
Lee-Wunderlich, Nicholas C. 2008 The effect of a biomass value on optimal timber rotation
Lenci, Nicholas 2008 Viability of Massachusetts health care reform
Levin, Zachary 2011 Economic determinants of antidepressant utilization
Lingerfelt, Joshua Michael 2008 Retail electrical deregulation in Texas
Liu, Su 2013 Schrodinger's hat: Decision making and uncertainty in real and virtual worlds
Lopez Vivas, Luis Eduardo 2012 Government spending in oil-exporting countries
Lopez, Michelle 2009 Congestion pricing at Seattle-Tacoma airport
Lucas, Kelsey 2011 Access to nature and its effect on student performance in Portland public schools
Lynch, William Finn 2014 Connecting to modernity: The Internet's role in Chinese economic development
Madar, Laurel Marie 2005 Individual action, segregation and gentrification
Marazi, Farai M. 2008 Determinants of adherence to antiretroviral therapy among people with HIV and AIDS: A case study of a Zimbabwean community
Mashungu, Tinashe 2009 Structural adjustment and debt
May, Alexander Lewis 2013 Big money, big trouble: Protectionism and national security concerns in FDI regulations worldwide
Mayhew, Russell Alex 2010 Found on road dead: A macroeconomic study of the efficacy of vehicle scrappage subsidies and sales incentives
McGarry, Natalie Anne 2009 Intervention and the facilitation of community management of common property resources
Meineke, Lewis T. 2007 The contagion effect of housing abandonment in Philadelphia
Melcher, Cody William 2014 Tax income elasticities across U.S. states
Mitchell, Ramon 2009 The United States and Canada : variations in Hawaiian tourism demand as response to macroeconomic fluctuations
Moore, Brian David 2013 All news is bad news: The effects of policy uncertainty on manufacturing investment
Morar, Daniela 2009 Power laws in the stock market
Murphy, Niall P. 2011 Financial liberalization, regulation, and crises
Mumtaz, Jalal Akbar 2004 Reconsidering gender in the rural agricultural sector of transitional economies : case of Vietnam
Munro, Kirstin M. E. 2006 Wage differentials by language group in Quebec
Narayanan, Anaka 2004 Does civic participation affect school quality?
Nguyen, Hai Thi Hong 2013 Electricity restructuring in Vietnam: Why? And how? An approach from economic theory and country lessons
Nguyen, Kim 2007 Ethnic effects on voluntary contributions
Nilles, Cameron 2013 Local fast food: An econometrics analysis of sales and optimal expansion locations
Nikolaeva, Rositsa Ognyanova 2005 The effects of third-party environmental certification on share prices : an event study
Nutt, Jeffrey 2010 The gains of brain drain in India : a study of the value of social exchange in a firm's decision to outsource
Odro, Anthony 2010 Investigation the determinants of gate revenue for teams in the national basketball association over the last 17 seasons
Pant, Suraj 2012 The impact of tourism on income inequality: An econometric assessment
Payne, Torrey 2014 The economics of new technology and wages: Marginal effects of two-point and three-point shooting in the National Basketball Association
Pepper, Noah M. 2009 When markets value innovation: Patents, citations and the research trajectory
Perez, Kristina Marie 2013 Cost benefit analysis of the "Portland composts!" program
Petkova, Polia 2009 The impact of formula apportionment on the state corporate tax revenues in the United States
Pittman, Nicholas Mayer 2013 The effect of low-income housing developments on nearby home sale prices in Portland, Oregon
Poudel, Swaroop 2010 Financial systemic risk : classification and measurement
Prado, Angel 2007 Sarbanes-Oxley and corporate governance: A principal-agent analysis of directors
Ragus, Alexander 2011 The structure of innovation: A case study in the bicycle industry
Rajasingham, Amrita I. 2009 A punishment to fit the crime: The use of actuarial science to forecast recidivism
Raskin, Reed Jay 2008 An empirical study of liability standards as deterrence against dog attacks
Rempel, Christopher J. 2005 Long-term elder care quality
Reback, Mia Rose Costin 2014 The distributional effects of a carbon tax in Oregon: Review of the literature and detailed methodology for assessing the incidence
Rimal, Mrijan 2011 Determinants of transfer market spending of English football clubs
Russell, Kristin E. 2008 Efficiency and eminent domain: "Kelo" and its implications
Rust, Matthew J. 2008 Corn, cows, and chickens oh my: An analysis of domestic ethanol subsidies
Rutter, Derek 2010 Determinants of land conversion decisions in rural China
Salam, Najmus Sakib bin 2009 Factors behind corruption
Samarajiva, Anuradha 2009 Inclusion and opportunity in individual development accounts: An analysis of match rates and saving outcomes
Sands, Trey 2011 On simulating a new Keynesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model: Replicating Smets and Wouters
Saunders, Molly 2008 Industrial organization of rugby leagues and resulting national team performance
Savaiano, Corrine M. 2011 An econometric look at state beer taxes' effect on consumption and breweries
Savoir, Yves Alexandre 2005 A hedonic analysis of transportation accessibility and its effect on housing prices in the Portland metropolitan area
Sawick, Patrick 2005 Financial intermediation and growth : Wisconsin, 1850-1900
Schmitt, Eric 2008 Services trade and goods trade : similarities, differences, and their relationship
Shanmugam, Shubba Srimoyee 2014 Processions of rectangles within triangles: Geometric proofs for game-theorietical oligopoly models
Shapiro, Andrew C. 2009 Music industry business models in the digital millenium : an empirical analysis of streaming music and multi-product profits
Showell, Nina 2011 Computers and U.S. labor productivity : evidence for and implications of skill-based technological change
Smith, Alden 2007 Economic geography in post-reform China
Stephens, Andrei 2008 If you pay them, they will come : a model of incentives to invest in postsecondary education resulting from cross-state differences in the minimum wage
Stephenson, Phillip D. 2005 An empirical analysis of the relationship between telecommunications and economic growth, 1981-2000
Stewart, Justin T. 2012 Randomness as fairness
Strachan, Erica C. 2008 Determinants of microcredit success : a case study of Mercy Corps Northwest
Stripling, Ashley Alexis 2007 The feminization of debt : microfinance institutions and their impact on the empowerment of women
Summers, Matthew Thomas 2008 Salmon and water : valuing fisheries benefits from instream flows using the hedonic price method
Sutphin, Ben 2013 Megaevents as international signals: The effect of the Pan American Games on international trade
Swanson, Erik 2011 Growth regressions: A Monte Carlo simulation
Teele, Dawn Langan 2006 Child labor and the minimum age to work convention
Thu, Htet "Jason" Lin 2014 Why are real estate prices in urban China so high? Is there a bubble?
Tilov, Dinko 2004 The economics of open source software
Tran, Quang 2011 Implementing reforms in Vietnam telecommunications sector: Lessons from country experience
Turcanu, Laura-Alexandra 2010 An analysis of international labor migration from Romania
Turner, Michael T. 2008 Moving ahead, looking behind: Social learning in Mexico-U.S. migration
Twieg, Peter 2006 Complexity and control : an analysis on synthetic economy design
Uhrig-Fox, Bryson Leigh 2010 One system does not fit all : a country-level study of variation in tax systems and the number of the headquarters of multinational corporations
Varela, Izarra Margarita 2006 The true price of payday loans : intertemporal decision making and Portland's poor
Verghese, Thomas N. 2012 The influence of unexpected changes in sovereign credit ratings on investor behavior
Wang, Joan J. 2014 Food access, race, and poverty: Associations of neighborhood characteristics and grocery access in Portland, Oregon
Warren, Joseph B. 2013 Money supply by profit-seeking firms
Watson, Andrew Douglas 2014 How does progressive redistribution affect income inequality in the United States?
Whalen, Eric S. 2013 Quality and signaling in the video-game industry
Wood, Alexandra 2007 Identifying and simulating the conditions associated with a successful transfer of development rights program
Woods, Robin Valli 2006 Self governance and tribe economic development : a case study of the northern Cheyenne and Crow tribes
Yilmaz, Tolga S. 2008 From Brownian motion in the stock market to stochastic option pricing models : a theoretical investigation
Zhang, Ximeng 2012 The effects of piracy in the PC video game industry: network effects, quality signaling and coordination