Economics Department

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Felipe Carrera

Assistant Professor of Economics

B.A. 2009 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. M.A. 2014 Universidad de Chile. M.A. 2016, Ph.D. 2020 University of California, Los Angeles. Reed College 2020–.
Industrial organization, applied microeconomics, economic history.

Kimberly Clausing - Details

Thormund A. Miller and Walter Mintz Professor of Economics
On leave spring 2021
(503) 517-7388 -

B.A. 1991 Carleton College. M.A. 1993, Ph.D. 1996 Harvard University. Reed College 1996–.
International trade, international macroeconomics, public sector economics.

Denise Hare - Details

Dr. Lester B. Lave Professor of Economics
(503) 517-7463 -

B.A. 1983 Carleton College. Ph.D. 1992 Stanford University. Reed College 1992–.
Economics of development, labor economics, economics of transition, China’s economy.

Zhe (Jasmine) Jiang

Assistant Professor of Economics

B.A. 2014 Washington University in St. Louis. M.A. 2016, Ph.D. 2020 University of Washington. Reed College 2020–.
International trade, international macroeconomics, labor economics, time series.

Noelwah Netusil (chair) - Details

Stanley H. Cohn Professor of Economics
(503) 517-7306 -

B.S. 1986 Allegheny College. M.S. 1988, Ph.D. 1992 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Reed College 1990–.
Environmental and natural resource economics, public sector economics, law and economics.

Tristan Nighswander

Assistant Professor of Economics
On sabbatical and leave 2020–21
(503) 517-4728 -

B.A. 2011 Xavier University. M.A. 2013 Boston College. Ph.D. 2018 University of Oregon. Reed College 2018–.
Macroeconomics, economic inequality, behavioral economics, computational economics.

Jeffrey Parker - Details

George Hay Professor of Economics
(503) 517-7308 -

B.A. 1974 Drake University. Ph.D. 1981 Stanford University. Reed College 1988–.
Macroeconomic theory, monetary and fiscal policy, growth and technology, economics of higher education.

Jon Rork - Details

Professor of Economics
On sabbatical 2020–21
(503) 459-4617 -

A.B. 1994 Brown University. Ph.D. 1999 Stanford University. Reed College 2010–.
State and local public finance, urban and regional economics, microeconomic theory.


Julie Shannon

Faculty Administrative Coordinator 
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