Economics 314

Macroeconomic Theory

Spring 2011

Jeffrey Parker, Reed College


This is the home page for Economics 314: Macroeconomic Theory at Reed College. The links at left allow you to navigate to various parts of the Web site for course information, pdf copies of the coursebook, and the reading list.

Class news

  • [5/9] The take-home questions for the final exam are now posted. Answers are due in my office by noon, Monday, May 16.
  • [5/9] Office hours for reading and finals weeks: 10-11:30am on Wednesday, May 11, Friday, May 13, and Monday, May 16.
  • [5/9] An old final exam is available. Keep in mind that the topical coverage may vary from semester to semester. The final question on this particular exam was based on an assigned paper. There will be no corresponding section on your exam.
  • [4/28] The final paper of the week assignment (for May 6) is available.
  • [4/25] Project #10, the final one of the course, is now available. It is due in class on Wednesday, May 4.
  • [4/22] The April 29 paper of the week is now posted.
  • [3/28] A table with grades (with identities coded) on the paper assignments, projects, and both parts of the midterm is now posted. If you prefer not to see explicit grades, you should not open this link; if you want to know how you are doing (numerically) in the course, use the instructions on the page to compute your ID code.
  • [2/17] Lecture notes on consumption theory are now posted.
  • [2/10] Jeff's summary slides from Project #1 are now posted.