Economics 314

Macroeconomic Theory

Spring 2011

Jeffrey Parker, Reed College


The Econ 314 Coursebook contains supplemental material written by the instructor for the students in the course. It helps explain difficult parts of Romer's text, provides contextual background material, and contains selective reviews of empirical applications of the theories we are studying. This year's version of the Coursebook is unchanged from last year, so if you have access to a previous copy you need not worry about updating it.

The chapters of the Coursebook are available by electronic link here. Printed copies of Chapters 1 and 2 will be handed out on the first day of class. You may purchase a printed copy of the entire book (together with a binder and chapter dividers) at less than reproduction cost from Lois Hobbs in Vollum 112. If you plan to use the chapters in printed form, it is cheaper and more efficient to order a copy than to print the electronic versions yourself. Printed copies of the Coursebook must be ordered by the end of Wednesday, February 2 in order to assure that you receive yours in time to do the reading for the second week of classes.

Coursebook chapters