Economics Department

First and Second Years

Many students do not become economics majors until their sophomore years. Some have even begun the study of economics as juniors and still managed to complete the major on time. A student following the ideal sequence of courses would take Econ 201 in the first year, the two core theory courses 313 and either 304 or 314 plus one economics elective in the second year, two more economics electives and the required econometrics course as a junior, and the final economics elective and the thesis as a senior. However, there is considerable flexibility in this program and the timing of courses can usually be varied.

The timing of the other requirements is usually not crucial. However, students should avoid postponing the science and math or foreign-language courses required for Group I and III. The appropriate math courses will be of considerable benefit if completed prior to enrolling in Econ 313, 314, and 312. Those without a calculus background should take Math 111 in the first year to prepare to take Econ 313 and 314 in the sophomore year. Taking Math 141 in either the first or second year is highly recommended for students who plan to meet the econometrics requirement with Econ 312.