The Center for Teaching and Learning


Antiracist Pedagogy Resources
Starting points for reflecting on, discussing, and implementing antriracist pedagogy

Challenging Conversations Resources
Resources to help prepare for and facilitate challenging conversations in the classroom.

Generative AI Resources
Resources for learning about ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies, developing and communicating classroom policies around generative AI, and revising assignments to disincentivize shortcuts, to make learning goals transparent, and to prioritize student voice and ideas.

Library Resource Guide
This guide contains a selection of scholarship on teaching and learning, best practices, and special topics and techniques.

Syllabus Design Workshop
This workshop reviews the principles of universal design and has been created to provide space and guidance for developing or revising your courses.

Syllabus Policy Blurbs
Examples of syllabus policy statements on a range of topics provided by Reed faculty.

Sample Feedback Forms
Examples of and resources to create feedback forms, including mid-semester evaluation forms.

Technology in the Classroom
How to use technology to supplement your teaching and to support your students.

Workshop Resources
Notes, handouts, and/or guides from previous CTL workshops.