The Center for Teaching and Learning

Generative AI Resources for Faculty

In December of 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT, a large language model that is able to generate prose (as well as code and calculations) in response to prompts. Many college students are now using ChatGPT in some way to complete coursework. Other AI tools, including Code Interpreter and Dall-E, as well as other chatbots like Bard and Claude 2, are now widely available. These emerging technologies are with us to stay, and we will need to address them directly, in our policies and in our assignments, and perhaps in our lesson plans and learning objectives. 

This resources page, a collaboration between Mary Ashburn Miller (Director, Center for Teaching & Learning), Adam Groce (Associate Professor of Computer Science), Trina Marmarelli (Director, Instructional Technology Services), Beth Platte (Associate Director, Instructional Technology Services), and Jess Gibson (Director, Disability & Accessibility Resources), is intended to help you achieve the following goals:

  1. Learn more about the technology, including ethical, privacy, and equity concerns.
  2. Reflect on, develop, and communicate your own classroom policies toward generative AI.
  3. Consider revising your assignments to disincentivize shortcuts, to make learning goals transparent, and to prioritize student voice and ideas.

All faculty are also encouraged to attend upcoming CTL sessions on AI and teaching.