COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan

Cleaning & Disinfection

Reed continues to follow CDC-approved cleaning, disinfecting, and ventilation recommendations, including routine sanitation of high-touch surfaces and improved ventilation. While most facility operations have resumed service that is more in line with pre-pandemic operations, there are some exceptions (e.g., library and the sports center facilities).

Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection

The college is following CDC guidance on the disinfection of public spaces. Reed will continue increased cleaning and disinfecting cycles for restrooms, shared spaces, and high-touch surfaces.

Air Quality and Mechanical Management

Reed is optimizing each building's outside air and exhaust systems to ensure the highest possible air quality. Some buildings have no mechanical ventilation capabilities and will require manual operations of operable windows for increased ventilation. In all cases, Reed is instructing community members to open windows wherever possible to reduce recirculation of air and transmission of airborne pathogens.

Programmable building controls are being optimized to increase run times and nighttime flush capabilities to flush buildings effectively while they are unoccupied.

Reed is increasing filter replacement frequency to a three-month cycle and using MERV-13 filter media along with ASHRAE standards for air handler filtration.

Because temporary shutdowns and a reduction in normal water use can create hazards, Reed is flushing water systems to ensure potable water quality.


Facilities Services