COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan

Cleaning & Disinfection

Reed has resumed traditional institutional standards for cleaning and disinfecting.

Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection

The college has resumed pre-COVID cleanliness standards that meet or exceed those recommended for commercial/institutional buildings.

Air Quality and Mechanical Management

Facilities has set automated systems back to meet traditional ASHRAE standards for optimizing air flow to occupied areas designed to meet energy management and sustainability requirements.

Programmable building controls are being optimized to increase run times and nighttime flush capabilities to flush buildings effectively while they are unoccupied.

Reed is increasing filter replacement frequency to a three-month cycle and using MERV-13 filter media along with ASHRAE standards for air handler filtration.

Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety have also entered into an extensive Water Management Plan for campus buildings’ potable water supplies. For more information about the Water Management Plan please see the EHS webpage.


Facilities Services