COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


September 9, 2020

Dear students and staff living on campus,

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 10, we are moving the COVID-19 surveillance testing location back to the walkway outside of Commons. We received a few complaints about the new location in the PAB, and after review of available spaces, we have determined that the best location is the walkway outside of Commons. We will make slight adjustments to how we set up to make more room along the walkway.

What have we considered when looking for an appropriate space for surveillance testing? We needed to find a space that

  • is available Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.;
  • has enough room to move 300+ people through the space within a few hours;
  • allows for easy setup in the morning and quick takedown in the afternoon;
  • has access to storage, power, and airflow;
  • is covered and secure;
  • isn't dedicated to academic use.

We know the walkway will present some challenges when the weather turns, but we will do our best to make the testing process quick and easy.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

If you have questions, please send an email to the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Group at


Mandy Heaton on behalf of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Group