COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


March 30, 2020

Faculty and staff:

Wellthy resources for helping loved ones during the pandemic

Wellthy, our new eldercare EAP starting April 1, may be helpful if you have an elderly or other family member with additional needs due to Covid19. As outlined in the attachments, Wellthy can help you:

  • Set up delivery services for medications and food
  • Order extra caregiving supplies and/or medication refills
  • Communicate with current providers and services and ask about their protocol during an emergency
  • Work with a service provider to create a back-up plan for routine treatments

COVID-19 impact on retirement plans webinar

Multnomah Group, who advises us regarding our 403(b) retirement plan, recorded a 15-minute webinar this week, covering

  • The current state of investment markets
  • The psychological impact of volatility on investors
  • Retirement plan tools to integrate financial health and wellness.

Please let me know your feedback about this webinar. If there is sufficient interest, Multnomah Group will provide a Reed-specific training.

C19 pay

The college has instituted C19 pay for hours not worked due to COVID-19. See the COVID-19 FAQs for details about when you may use it. Remember that you must speak with your supervisor in advance of using C19 so that they know that you are unable to work. Also, please mark C19 on your timesheet on the same day that it is used, so HR and payroll may track usage.

Take good care,


Cypress Williams
Human Resources Partner