COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


March 24, 2020

Facilities Minimal Staffing Plan

Due to the “stay at home” order issued by Governor Brown, Facilities will be initiating our minimal staffing plan. In order to keep our community safe and healthy, including our facilities staff, we will be limiting our services on campus to those things that are considered critical. While there are many service needs on campus that we can address remotely, there are many that we cannot. For critical service needs that arise, on-call staff will come to campus as needed to address urgent issues.

Below you will find a list of numbers to call for emergency facilities related services. If you call one of these numbers we will most likely be available to answer. If you do not get an answer because we are on the line, please leave a detailed message along with your contact information so that we can get back to you for detailed information.

In many cases we will be able to talk with you to help rectify these issue.

While we generally like to be available as much as possible in-person to serve the campus community, it is not something we can do under the current conditions. For facilities staff who need to perform critical services on campus, we have asked that they maintain social distancing of 6 feet to protect themselves and community members.

If you have concerns or repair needs, please call the appropriate number below. A facilities representative will help to develop a workable solution to issues and requests that keeps staffing availability and social distancing in mind.

We appreciate anything that you can do to help ensure that our staff are only performing on-campus work that is critical to providing essential services.

In Residence Halls we have placed cleaning and sanitation supplies, extra paper products and hygiene essentials to help students care for themselves.

Staff will be making cleaning passes through residence halls approximately every other day between the hours of 8:00 am and Noon. We will be performing sanitation of restrooms and de-trashing of buildings. To help minimize social contact with our staff we will work within the hours listed above so that you can plan accordingly to avoid us.

For any problem areas that may arise outside of our work schedule please contact us at the number below or communicate need with your building’s AC. They can either help with need or contact us.

The Facilities team is eager to take care of facilities related needs. If you identify a need, please contact the Facilities team as follows:

  • For any cleaning or trash needs please call the Building Services On-Call number (503-793-8880).
  • For all maintenance needs call the Maintenance On-Call number. (503-558-5602)
  • For Grounds issues or outdoor trash receptacles call the Grounds On-Call number (503-572-8636)
  • For Environmental Heal and Safety, call the EHS number (971-284-4534)

Until we all can get back to normal, on-campus operations, stay safe, healthy and flatten the curve!

Steve Yeadon
Facilities Director of Operations