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March 23, 2020

Good day to you,

As you may have heard, Reed is offering those juniors and seniors who need PE this quarter in order to graduate on time a way to complete that requirement this spring. I write to inform you of two things: how you will be registered for that class and how to complete the requirements for the class.

From the Registrar’s Office

We will register all eligible students in a section of "remote" PE for this quarter. That should happen by Wednesday. You will be able to see that course in IRIS. We are in the process of canceling all regularly scheduled PE courses.

If you complete the course successfully you will earn one quarter of PE credit. As we do with all PE courses, if you do not complete it  successfully, we will remove the course from your record. This will, of course, affect your eligibility to graduate.

Questions about registration can be sent to Martha Schlitt at

From Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs (AFOP)

This self directed PE course will allow you to receive (1) PE credit to either complete or keep you on track for completion of your PE requirement for graduation. This course is only open to second semester juniors and seniors needing credit for graduation. Other students still have time to attain their credits for graduation starting next semester.

Minimum requirements are: (2) sessions of a 45 min workout per week. This is a (6) week session so that equals (12) workouts completed by May 3rd. You are allowed to miss (2) workouts in this (6) week session and still receive PE credit. Completion of the course work must be logged by May 3rd, 2020.

Please log your workouts each day you complete activity. Use the fitness log.

We will track the data weekly. As well please remember this is reliant on the honor principle.

What counts as a workout? In this difficult time, there are many great things to do outside or inside away from other people. Really we want to just make sure you are moving your body for 45 min a day at least twice a week. What those activities are can be up to you. There are an amazing amount of workouts online that can be accomplished with no equipment. Online resources can be found here. There are a million more options available online so happy hunting!

Questions? Contact email Michael Lombardo and/or Will Symms

Best wishes to you for good health and successful completion of this requirement,

Nora McLaughlin