COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


March 19, 2021

On-Campus Housing Closing

All on-campus housing closes at noon on Sunday, April 11 for students who did not receive approval to remain on campus past that date. Students who stay past noon without prior permission may be charged a fee of $50 per hour. If you are approved to stay past April 11, you do not need to read the rest of this email and will receive additional information soon.

Students are required to:

  • Attend a virtual community closing meeting between March 26-29
  • Prepare for your check-out appointment:
    • Remove ALL personal belongings from your room. Items left behind will be disposed of at your expense. Storage is not available this year.
    • Return all furniture to its original location. You will be charged for any missing furniture (including trash cans).
    • CLEAN YOUR ROOM! Specifically, sweep your floors, wipe down surfaces, and take out any trash. You may be charged a cleaning fine if you do not follow these steps.
    • Remove any stickers, tacks, poster putty, etc. from the walls, windows, door and floor
    • Close and lock the windows, close drapes/blinds, and shut off the lights
    • Remove personal belongings from the kitchen, bathroom, and other common areas
  • Complete a check-out appointment with your HA before you depart campus. HAs will be available for check-out appointments from March 29-April 11. Appointments should take no longer than 10 minutes and should be scheduled as close to your campus departure time as possible. HAs will provide information on how to schedule your appointment.
  • When you’re departing, lock your door and return your room key to Physical Plant. There is a drop slot next to their front door.

Your HA will be in touch with more details next week.


Reed is unable to offer full storage for all students this semester. However, there is limited space available for students who call another country home or students who are experiencing financial hardship. If you identify with one of these groups, please indicate your interest in storage via this form. Please note that space is limited and completing the form does not guarantee a storage space.

Room Inventories

Once the buildings close, Residence Life staff will conduct inventory inspections of each room and Facilities staff will perform necessary maintenance and cleaning. Please be aware that while staff are not searching for evidence of underage drinking or illegal drug use, they are required to report any evidence they encounter to Community Safety.

Board Points

Starting March 23, students planning to leave by April 11 may donate board points via IRIS to the Reed Community Pantry.

Based on the current unprecedented events, the College is making a one-time exception by refunding any unused board points. If you are departing by April 11, you will receive an email after April 14 that indicates the remaining amount along with instructions on what you would like to do if this creates a credit on your account.


Bicycles may only be left in indoor bicycle storage over breaks if they are registered with Project 529 through Community Safety, and are in areas specifically designated for bicycle storage. Bicycles left at outside bicycle racks and other areas of campus may be removed if they are not registered, or if they are registered, but appear to be inoperable or abandoned, and the bicycle’s registered owner cannot be contacted. Leaving a bicycle on an outdoor bike rack over the summer is strongly discouraged, as these bicycles are frequently targeted by thieves.

Please feel free to contact Residence Life with any questions you have.


Res Life