COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


March 18, 2020

Dear Reed students and parents,

We are writing to make you aware of financial services available to support students in response to COVID-19.

Emergency Fund
The Reed College Emergency Fund may be available for students experiencing additional urgent expenses as a result of COVID-19. Students can apply online or contact Kat Buckspan for more information.

Refunds for Room and Board
The college will be prorating room and board charges for students no longer living on campus. Students whose prorated charges result in a refund may use these funds for off-campus housing. Additional details regarding room and board refunds and timing will soon be available on the COVID-19 Prevention & Response website.

Support for Student Work
Students with a financial aid work award who are unable to work during the remainder of their award due to a departure from campus or canceled shifts will receive a payout for their remaining scheduled hours up to the amount of their maximum work award. Additional details will be provided to affected students by the end of this week.

Emergency Loans
Emergency loans may also be available to students who are experiencing financial hardship. Students may contact Sara Rosenberger in the business office for additional information.

Financial Aid
Please contact financial aid staff regarding any financial concerns. We are available and ready to help. Email or call 503-777-7223 if you have any questions or to set up a phone appointment.

Information regarding our response to COVID-19 and other resources can be found on the COVID-19 Prevention & Response website.

We are committed to working with students and families to ensure continued financial support during this pandemic. The college will continue to support students who are experiencing financial difficulty or incurring additional expenses as a result of COVID-19.

Sandy and Milyon


Sandy Sundstrom
Director of Financial Aid

Milyon Trulove
Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid