COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


March 17, 2020

Dear Reed family members,

We write to you to share that the Dean of the Faculty Nigel Nicholson has announced that classes are canceled tomorrow, one day earlier than previously communicated.

Also, we share with you below an important communication from VP of Student Life Mike Brody.

The Reed College COVID-19 Task Force



Dear Reed students and families,

I am inspired by the resilience, flexibility, and above all compassion for your community members that you have demonstrated this last week. You are what makes this place great, and Reed is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to stay strong during this crisis.

We had hoped students could remain in the campus communities that they love and return next month to the labs, classrooms, and creative spaces where students and their faculty do such amazing work every day. As you know, we had to make significant changes to the plan we announced just last week.

Even now the news is changing. While we have no way to be sure, recent reports indicate that the federal government and the airline industry are seriously considering imposing domestic travel restrictions.

Please accelerate your plans to move home or to another off-campus location as soon as possible. If you can go, you should.

Reed remains committed to providing housing and meals for the students who have no other option, but, regretfully, remaining on campus should be your last resort.

In the last 24 hours, the college has made the decision to close the sports center. Commons will be open for take-out only, and as of Friday evening, all buildings will move to swipe-card access only. Finally, it is likely that we will need to move students who remain on campus from their current residence hall building and room in order to accommodate social distancing and remain compliant with relevant fire and life safety regulations.

If you are still on campus, please make plans to depart as soon as possible. You should box up and pack your belongings within the next 24 hours, if you can, and label any items you leave behind with your name and student ID. See our FAQ for more details.

All students on campus must fill out this form to indicate their move-out date or to petition to remain on campus. The move-out date on the form will be used to issue pro-rated room and board refunds.

We know this is hard, and we are here to help.

For timely assistance, please contact Student Life staff at 503-517-7396 or You can also drop by Commons from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. through the end of this week. In addition, we have put together a list of student support resources.

We can provide a lift to Portland International Airport, just fill out our PDX shuttle service request form.

If financial challenges might otherwise prevent you from leaving, please consider applying to the emergency fund.

Let us know what we can do to expedite and facilitate your move.

I am so sorry to have to send this message. Again, thank you for everything you are doing to help each other cope with this evolving challenge.

The coronavirus is beyond our control, but we are strong when we work together, and we will get through this.

Be well,


Mike Brody
Vice President for Student Life
Reed College