COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


March 17, 2020

Hello, staff and staff supervisors. As you may know from our previous communications, the college has decided that no staff or faculty member should lose pay as a result of the pandemic and, as such, has instituted C19 pay for those who miss work due to the pandemic. 

Staff may mark C19 hours (AKA C19 pay) in the following circumstances:

  1. You have COVID-19 symptoms or you contract the virus and you are unable to work from home
  2. A family member has COVID-19 symptoms or contracts the virus and you are unable to work from home
  3. Your child’s school or daycare is closed and you are unable to work from home
  4. Your shift on campus is cancelled and you are unable to work from home 

In all cases, if you can work from home, you are asked to do so. When you work from home, those are regular work hours, not C19 hours.

There are three important things to remember about C19 hours:

  1. Your supervisor must approve in advance that you are going to take C19 hours and receive C19 pay.
  2. If you are taking C19 hours, you should mark them on your timesheet each day. Do not wait until the end of the pay period. Both hourly and salaried employees should mark C19 on their timesheets each day.
  3. If you’re taking C19 hours, you will still use sick time and vacation for non-COVID-19 reasons for not being at work.

HR and payroll are tracking C19 hours each day. Therefore, it is helpful to us if you report it on your timesheet the same day that you use it.

Even if you are working from home right now, if you believe that you have a medical reason that would preclude you from coming to work on campus, you are encouraged to contact your medical care provider to get medical advice and documentation about your work limitations. In this case, use the staff accommodation process.

Should you have questions about this message, feel free to contact HR or payroll directly.

Flatten the curve,