COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


March 16, 2020

Dear students,

Below is important information related to packing, storage, and support. 

Packing expectations

Please do your very best to pack up as many belongings in your room as possible:
Label all your boxes and items.
Throw out, recycle, and donate what you do not want to keep (this will help our facilities team considerably; they will not know what should be discarded and what should be kept).

Boxes & Packing Supplies

Facilities staff and area coordinators are dropping off boxes and packing supplies to the following locations today:

  • Foster/Scholz Common Room
  • Winch (ODB)
  • Spanish House
  • Bidwell
  • Naito 1 Common Room
  • Bragdon 1 Common Room
  • Trillium Core Common Room
  • RCA room

Do your best to share the supplies we have; we know the supply might not be enough for everyone but we are trying to provide as much as we can. Students who are not leaving until closer to March 27 may want to take one or two boxes now and use time over spring break to get boxes from local area grocery stores and campus recycling bins.

Bigger items

If you have lamps, mini-fridges, or small items of furniture to store, we will do our best to accommodate these items in storage. You must label every item with your name and student ID.


There are Arc of Oregon donation bins for clothing around campus (North and RCA parking lots). Staff are unable to organize a donation drive at this time.

Private storage

If you have items you cannot pack, including large furniture, we recommend private storage if possible. If you would like items shipped home, we recommend looking into U-Haul College Boxes and similar programs.

Security of items

While Reed will treat items left behind with care, we want to encourage you to take valuable items with you. Lock your room door behind you so items left behind are secured until they are moved to storage.

Access to items later

At this time we cannot guarantee access to stored items during the rest of the semester and summer. Pack with the assumption that you will not be able to access these items until fall 2020.

Shipping & storage

We are unable to promise that Reed can ship items home. We are unable to store items indefinitely. We will store items as long as this situation requires; however if students do not pick up items in fall 2020, Reed may not be able to keep them in storage. Reed will communicate with students as we set up the logistics for storage. Today, the priority is to help students get safely home.

Additional support

Staff members from residence life and student life will be in Commons this week from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for drop-in advising and assistance with travel planning. Residence life is still responding to phone calls and emails, so please let us know if you have questions.

Amy Schuckman
Associate Dean of Students for Student & Campus Life
Reed College