COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


June 11, 2020

Hello, Reed staff and faculty who supervise Reed staff.

With Multnomah County likely to move to Reopening Phase 1 on Friday, June 12, we are sending this initial guidance about returning to working on campus.

  1. Staff who are currently working remotely will not be required to begin working from campus when Multnomah County enters Phase 1. Additional guidance on when staff are to return will be provided after the college makes its June 30 announcement about how it will reopen in the fall.
  2. Current guidance about working from home is to be in place for the duration of June and July.
  3. When we do begin our transition back to working on campus, it will be in a safe, orderly, and equitable manner.
  4. At this time, C19 pay will continue to be available for work missed due to the pandemic, i.e., being unable to work because you or your family member is ill with COVID, because you need to provide childcare due to closure, or because the nature of your work is such that you are unable to work from home.
  5. All staff are encouraged to take vacation time this summer. Everyone needs time off, especially during a pandemic.

In closing, we wish to acknowledge all of those in Facilities and Community Safety—and a few others—who have been working on campus during the last few months, keeping the campus clean and safe. On behalf of all of us who have been working from home, thank you. We will see you soon!