COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


July 21, 2020

To: New and returning students

Good day to you,

We have completed the update of the Schedule of Classes for fall and made some adjustments to the spring schedule. schedule/ As changes come in, we'll update the schedule. You will find the structural descriptions of courses to be very helpful in learning the different instruction modes (in-person, online, etc) -

Below are important highlights.

P.E. classes (still a work in progress)

We received the revised schedule of fall PE classes yesterday, so that schedule has not been updated and student enrollments have not been adjusted. We expect to complete those tasks by Friday.

New students

  1. Please check Student Information in IRIS to see who your adviser is, and to see the courses in which you are enrolled for your pod.
  2. Your adviser will reach out to you (some have already done so) to set a time for an advising appointment July 29–31. Please respond to your adviser to make that appointment.
  3. Registration for fall and spring will open for you on Monday, August 3.

Continuing students

  1. The times and locations for classes have changed. For some of you, you are now in classes that conflict with each other in terms of time. Please adjust your schedules to eliminate any time conflicts. While this may be tedious (and annoying), we decided it was better to leave you in your courses rather than ask you to start over.
  2. In Student Information, you'll notice an hourglass icon or an arrow icon next to your fall courses. The arrow means you are in the course, the hourglass means you are on the waitlist. It says pre-registered because classes have not yet begun.
  3. Be sure to check in with your adviser to obtain your new PIN. You will need that to register.
  4. When SOLAR opens for you on Thursday (7/23) at 10am, you can update your classes in both fall and spring.
  5. Student Information is again visible to you in IRIS so you can see your schedule in fall and spring.

I'll be in touch when the PE schedule is updated and to provide any helpful updates.

Questions? Send a note to

Take care,