COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


January 7, 2022

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

Below, we report to you five things you need to know today.

  • SPRING 2022 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Earlier today, we shared this message announcing updates to our COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan for the upcoming spring 2022 semester. As we fast approach the start of another term at Reed, please take a moment to review the important measures outlined in this communication.
  • REED COVID RESPONSE SURVEY: Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our COVID-19 Response in Review Survey! We received valuable feedback from over 550 community members, and are working to compile and share the results with you in the coming weeks.
  • COVID-19 WEBSITE UPDATES: In response to feedback received through the end of year survey and to account for updated guidance for the spring 2022 semester, changes are coming to Reed's COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan website. We will be making these updates next week and plan to publish by next Friday, January 14.
  • SURVEILLANCE TESTING NEXT WEEK: Next week, COVID-19 surveillance testing will be available on Tuesday, January 11 and Friday, January 14 from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM in Greenwood. All community members should attend testing as they return to in-person activities on campus. Those who are not fully vaccinated are required to test on campus once weekly.

    Reed College will be partnering with a new laboratory for surveillance testing during the spring 2022 semester. While this transition is underway, the most up to date instructions will be provided at the testing center. Once the testing process has been finalized, we will update and share new instructions via email and on our website. Results are usually back within 24-48 hours, and will be communicated directly to individuals once they are finalized.
  • NEW COVID-19 CASES: Since the college's holiday closure on December 30, 17 cases of COVID-19 were reported to HR, Bon Appetit, or the HCC. All positive individuals have spoken with the appropriate points of contact at Reed and have been given instructions on seeking care and completing isolation. A small number of potentially exposed individuals were notified by the college and given quarantine and testing instructions.

    Please note: this number includes all cases who were on campus in the 14 days prior to their positive test result, even if the individual was not on campus while potentially contagious or if their likely exposure was attributed elsewhere. Thankfully, due to our community's attention to and care for COVID precautions, many of these cases represent minimal to no impact on campus.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Group at

Madison Riethman, MPH, CPH
COVID-19 Response Coordinator
Reporting on behalf of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Group:

Gary Granger, Director of Community Safety
Mandy Heaton, Executive Director of Communications & Public Affairs
Karnell McConnell-Black, Vice President for Student Life
Kathy Oleson, Dean of the Faculty & Professor of Psychology
Tawana Parks, Dean of Students
Hugh Porter, Vice President for College Relations & Planning
Madison Riethman, COVID-19 Response Coordinator & Health Project Manager
Suzy Renn, Professor of Biology
Timmie Rochon, Medical Services Director
April Sams, Director of Risk Management & Environmental Health and Safety
Lynn Valenter, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer

PS: Our COVID-19 dashboard includes current information on the total number of cases, vaccination rate, and other public health indicators. Additionally, all our COVID-19 communications are cataloged here.