COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan


April 8, 2021


As spring break (finally) approaches, I write to let you know the 2021-22 Schedule of Classes will be available online Friday, April 16 at We will make small changes to the schedule as departments send us updates. The schedule points to the new course descriptions as well as ones already in the catalog to help students find those descriptions.

Registration Opens Thursday, April 22.

I have notified students about advising and registration and asked them to make an appointment to connect with their adviser Monday-Wednesday, April 19-21. They will need to obtain their PIN from their adviser in order to register. New PINs were assigned recently to students eligible to register next fall, and are available to you in IRIS in student information (both on your advisee list and on the individual student's record) at

Advising - Monday April 19 - Wednesday April 21

Students should review the online Schedule of Classes and connect with their adviser to discuss their classes for next year, how they are progressing toward the degree, and obtain their new PIN. We realize this is a shortened period, but it was necessary to allow for more time for departments to develop their schedule. We want to be sure students have the opportunity to register before the end of the semester.

Day One Registration - Thursday, April 22

We will open SOLAR at 12:55 pm on Thursday the 22nd. Students are eligible to enroll in one class in each semester on the first day of registration. This means they can enroll in an academic class OR a PE class, a lecture OR a lab. For multi-part courses, they can add the remaining part/s of the course beginning Friday. Signing on to a wait list counts as the one section allowed in a semester.

Enrollment in a course on Day One does not always guarantee a spot in that class, but it almost always works. If a department has over-enrollment in a class, asks us to apply criteria for who stays in the class, and doesn't include Day One as a criterion (not common, but possible), the student may lose their place in the class. They will be placed on the wait list if they are dropped from a class when criteria are applied.

Ongoing Registration - Friday April 23 - Thursday August 26

As of 8:30 am on Friday, April 23rd, students can enroll in a regular full-time course load. As classes fill, students can put themselves on the wait list for a full course. If a space opens up in a full class, the first student on the wait list will be offered the open spot, with a deadline by which to enroll in the class, or lose the spot on the wait list.

For Advisers: Leaves, Sabbaticals, and Departures

If you will not be here next fall, and if you have not already done so, please review with your advisees the process of selecting a new adviser. We want to have students reassigned by the end of the academic year to ease the transition. Adviser change forms are available on the web at We can also accept an email from the student, copied to the new adviser, to make the change. We'll look for confirmation from the new adviser. Associate Registrar Martha Schlitt (copied here) can help students who need assistance in selecting a new adviser.

Students who are returning from leave or denial of registration and whose advisers are not here this semester will be assigned to faculty who are here this spring and will be here in the fall. You will hear from Martha as those assignments are made.

New Student Registration - opens July 2021

The CAPP recently approved the proposal from the Academic Success Committee to support the registration of new students in summer. I will write soon with more details on that process.

Let me know if you have any questions about this process. Thanks very much and best wishes,