COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan

Reed College’s COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan below considers the state of Oregon’s directives and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) public health recommendations.  


Safeguarding Reed’s Program

Reed’s educational work is critically important, both for students at significant junctures in their studies and for faculty pursuing valuable intellectual work. We continue to believe that learning is strongest in the context of personal interactions between faculty and students and between students.

Planning and Operations

Reed’s on-site operations are informed by local circumstances and regional readiness and are in alignment with national, state, and local guidelines for operating during the ongoing transmission of COVID-19. The college’s response to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases is now a regular part of college operations under the authority of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), which includes Reed’s newly hired Associate Dean for Health and Well-being Yasodha Gopal, MD, as well as Medical Services Director Timmie Rochon, DNP. The ERT will recommend changes to college operations to the president, who will direct these changes through the vice presidents and deans.

Community support

Reed has in place a wide range of resources that lower barriers to participation in academic and other campus programs, including assistance with academic accommodations, financial emergencies, technology, on-campus work opportunities, counseling, and health care.

Resources and Support

Reed's response to the pandemic includes resources for academic, financial, emotional, and technological support as well as measures to ensure access to healthcare and accommodation of needs relating to disability. Recent examples include providing emergency funds to students with financial needs; ensuring accommodations for online learning environments; increasing and adapting health and counseling services, and providing practical information about individual responsibility and personal preparedness. Reed is committed to helping each student have a vibrant educational experience that supports progress toward graduation.

Community Involvement

Misinformation can lead to stigma, xenophobia, and bias. The Reed community can support the college’s equity efforts by staying informed and speaking up when encountering misinformation or bias. If you would like to report a bias incident, please see our Bias Incidents and Discriminatory Harassment Resource Guide.

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