COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan

Case Notifications & Reporting

Total Number of Cases

Since March 2020, three (3) members of the Reed community (students, faculty, or staff) have tested positive for COVID-19 and had been on campus at least once in the 14 days prior to testing positive.


Protecting the privacy of Reed community members who test positive is a priority. Related to privacy, the college will follow FERPA guidance for students.

Contact Tracing

See “Training, Testing, Health Monitoring & Contact Tracing”

Self Reporting

Help us continue to assess the impact of the virus and protect the Reed community. If you are being tested or if you tested positive for COVID-19, we ask you to report this information to the college.

It is not necessary to report that you have taken an antibody test; report testing for the active virus only.

Email Notifications to the Community

The college will follow CDC guidance, which recommends sharing information about COVID-19 with students, faculty, and staff without increasing fear and stigma. The college will maintain the count of COVID-19 cases on this web page. Email notifications to the community about COVID-19 positive cases will be sent only if directed by Multnomah County Public Health or if the college must change operations (e.g., closing a facility) for public health concerns.

Should it be determined that you may have had close contact with a community member who tested positive, you will be notified privately and immediately. Students will be notified by the health & counseling center; faculty and staff will be notified by human resources. The HCC and HR will provide you with specific instructions about staying home, testing, and returning to campus. If you have not been notified, you are not deemed to have increased risk because of exposure.


Health & Counseling Services

Faculty & Staff
Cypress Williams

Human Resources Partner
Eliot Hall 305

Updated August 10, 2020