Incoming Students: Submitting Your Application for Housing

Below is important information about submitting your application for housing at Reed College.


May 1: Housing Portal opens
June 1: Housing portal closes for incoming students
June 15: Housing assignments go out to incoming students

Accessing the Residence Life Housing Portal

In order to log into the Housing Portal, you will first need to set up your Reed email account. Please visit the Orientation page for more information about setting up your account.

Once you have completed this step, visit the Housing Portal and use your email username (do not include and password to log into the portal. Please email us if you have trouble accessing the Housing Portal.

Filling out your Housing Application

There are several pages you will be asked to fill out as part of your housing application in the Housing Portal. Below is a brief description of each page as well as resources for them.

Welcome: An introduction to the portal and instructions on how to navigate through it.

Student Information Page: This page pulls information from your IRIS student information. If anything is incorrect, please log into IRIS to edit your information.

Disability Accommodation Page: If you have a disability-related housing accommodation request, please fill out this page and refer to the Disability & Accessibility Resources website for more information. If not, click "save and continue."

Roommates: If you wish to select a roommate, you may do so using this page. If you do not select a roommate, you may be assigned a roommate who is compatible with you based on the lifestyle questionnaire.

Lifestyle Questions: This page is a brief survey about your living preferences, and is used to calculate compatible roommates for roommate pairing.

Room Preferences: If you have specific building preferences, you may select them on this page. While we do our best to consider all preferences, this is not guaranteed.

Renter's Insurance Information: This page provides information about optional renter's insurance for purchase. If you sign up for this service, you can use the main Reed College address (3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR 97202) and do not need to know your room assignment.

Meal Plan Selection: You will select a meal plan on this page. You have until the end of the second week of classes to change your meal plan after you sign up for one.

Housing Contract: Please read over the entire contract carefully and sign and print it for your records.

Under 18 Agreement: If you are under 18, your guardian must sign this page.