Interested in doing research with me? The posters below provide a sense of the research I do, the places I publish, and the student research I advise. Underlined names are student or recently-graduated authors.

ISMB 2022
Adam Shedivy, Nina Young, Christopher Magnano, Pramesh Singh, Tobis Rubel, Anna Ritz, and Anthony Gitter.
SPRAS: A Workflow for Streaming Network-based Pathway Reconstruction
CSHL Network Biology Meeting 2021
Tobias Rubel, Pramesh Singh, and Anna Ritz.
Graphlet-Based Topologies of Signaling Pathways
ACM-BCB 2020
Heyuan Zeng and Anna Ritz.
Graphery: A Biological Network Algorithm Tutorial Webservice
ACM-BCB 2020
Yuan Zhang, Kara Cerveny, and Anna Ritz.
Prefix/Suffix Variation in Retinoic Acid Response Elements
ACM-BCB 2020
Gabriel A. Preising, Joshua J. Faber-Hammond, Suzy C.P. Renn, and Anna Ritz.
A Protein-Protein Interactome for an African Cichlid
ROCKY Bioinformatics Conference 2019
Darsh Mandera and Anna Ritz.
Effective Targeted Drug Prediction for Cancer Based on Genetic Mutations
Murdock College Science Research Conference 2019
Tayla Isensee, Kara Cerveny, and Anna Ritz.
Finding RARE Genes: Developmental Neurogenesis and Retinoic Acid
ACM-BCB 2019
Amy Rose Lazarte, Samuel B. Fey, and Anna Ritz.
Modeling Phytoplankton Movement and Fitness in Lakes
PacNowQB 2019
Jiarong Li, Tunc Basar Kose, Ibrahim Youssef, and Anna Ritz.
Reconstructing Signaling Pathways with DAGs
Nicholas Franzese, Adam Groce, T. M. Murali, and Anna Ritz.
Connectivity Measures for Signaling Pathway Topologies
Ananthan Nambiar, Mark Hopkins, and Anna Ritz.
Computing the Language of Life: NLP Approaches to Feature Extraction for Protein Classification
Murdock College Science Research Conference 2018
Sol Taylor-Brill, Kathy Thompson, and Anna Ritz.
CancerLinker: Integrating Gene Expression For Pathway Analysis
ISMB 2018
Ibrahim Youssef and Anna Ritz.
Integrating Protein Localization with Automated Signaling Pathway Reconstruction
BOSC 2018
Anna Ritz, Brendan Avent, Aditya Pratapa, and T. M. Murali.
The Hypergraph Algorithms Package
[F1000Research link]
ROCKY 2017
Ibrahim Youssef and Anna Ritz.
Integrating Protein Localization Information in Signaling Pathway Reconstructions
Murdock College Science Research Conference 2017
Nick Egan and Anna Ritz.
PepperPathway: Visualizing Proteins of Influence in Cancer Pathways
ACM-BCB 2017
Ibrahim Youssef and Anna Ritz.
Breaking Ties in Weighted Interactomes.
Nicholas Franzese, Barney Potter, Adam Groce, James Fix, and Anna Ritz.
Hyperpath Relaxations for Signaling Pathway Analysis
ACM-BCB 2016
Karl Menzel, Suzy CP Renn, and Anna Ritz.
Copy Number Variation and Adaptive Evolutionary Radiations across the African Cichlid phylogeny
ACM-BCB 2016
Barney Potter, James Fix, and Anna Ritz.
Modeling Cell Signaling Networks with Prize-Collecting Subhypernetworks
Best Poster Award
ACM-BCB 2016
Nicole Ezell and Anna Ritz.
Reconstructing Neuronal Signaling Pathways With the Potential for Disruption in Schizophrenia

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