Courses in bold are current offerings this academic year; courses in italics are anticipated offerings.
Introduction to Computational Biology (Final Projects)
Spring 2021; Spring 2020; Spring 2018; Spring 2017; Spring 2016; Fall 2015
Introduction to Scientific Literature and Discourse
Fall 2019 (co-taught with Derek Applewhite)
Computational Systems Biology (Final Projects)
Fall 2020; Fall 2019; Fall 2017; Fall 2016
Computational Cancer Biology
Spring 2021; Spring 2018; Spring 2017; Fall 2015
The Genetics and Cell Biology of Cancer
Spring 2020 (co-taught with Derek Applewhite)
Introduction to Computation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Brown University Course, Spring 2012

Guest Lectures

Spring 2019
Topics in Biology (BIO102)
Fall 2019
Cellular Biology (BIO372)
Spring 2019
Topics in Biology (BIO102)
Cellular Biology (BIO372)
Fall 2018
Module at Computational Biology Workshop, Carleton College
Spring 2018
Topics in Biology (BIO102)
Cellular Biology (BIO372)
Spring 2017
Topics in Biology (BIO102)
Spring 2016
Statistical Learning (Math243)
Spring 2014
Hypergraph Algorithms and Applications (Virginia Tech Course CS6824); 2 lectures
Data and Algorithm Analysis (Virginia Tech Course CS4104); 3 Lectures
Fall 2013
Computational Thinking (Virginia Tech Course CS6604)
Fall 2011
Introduction to Computation for the Humanities and Political Science (Brown Course CS0931)
Topics in Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, and Cancer (Brown Course CS2950-C)

Thesis Students

Full Curriculum Vitae
Delaney Brubacker: In progress
Tayla Isensee: In progress
Jiarong Li: In progress
Hannah Meier: In progress
Aryeh Stahl: In progress
Madeline Doak: Sex-Biased Gene Expression in the Brain Con- served Among Taxa.
Gabe Preising: A Computational Network Approach to Examine Biological Crosstalk during Mouthbrooding in the Cichlid Astatotilapia burtoni
Sol Taylor-Brill: Computationally Analyzing the Effect of Cannabidiol on Enterohemorrhagic E. coli using Transcriptomic Data
Miriam Bern: A Comparison of Two Methods for Identifying Alternative Splicing in Diploid and Tetraploid Arabidopsis thaliana Strains
Alex King: Multi-omic Analysis of Genetically Induced Conditions
Amy Rose Lazarte: Just Keep Swimming: Resolving the Patterns and Dynamics of Body Temperature in Freshwater Phytoplankton
Ananthan Nambiar: Computing the Language of Life
Petra Wijngaard: How Cytoscouts Got Shot Out of Dr. Ritz's New Interactome
Moira Differding: Your Microbes are Super Models: Using Microbiome Data to Reproducibly Predict Crohn's Disease
Nick Franzese: Examining the Practicality of Shortest Hyperpaths for Signaling Pathway Analysis: The Cheating Hyperpath Algorithm as an Alternative Approach
Nicole Ezell: Pathway Models of Signal Dysregulation in Schizophrenia
Heather Milne: Identification of Transposable Element Subfamilies using a Phylogenetic Network Approach
Barney Potter: Prize-Collecting Steiner Trees in Directed Signaling Hypergraphs

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