Meet Our Student Staff

Finding out about Reed from current students will give you deeper insight into our community.

Students at Reed play a critical role in the work of the Office of Admission. They greet and talk with visitors in the lobby, lead campus tours, conduct admission interviews, and share meals with prospective students.

Students also participate in other aspects of college operations, from maintaining trails in the Reed canyon to meeting and interviewing candidates for faculty and staff positions. Reed students are a resource you can trust. 

Connect with our students by sending an email; indicate in the subject line either the name of the student you would like to correspond with or the nature of your inquiry. Reedies are standing by and would love to hear from you!


Reed College Office of Admission Student Workers

Interns and Student Representatives

Adrian Mercer - Psychology '23

Amber Hernandez, Las Cruces, NM - Neuroscience '25

Anie Kotha, Bothell, WA - Biology-Chemistry

Anna Clauer, Kansas City - Environmental Studies-Chemistry '25

Anna Godfrey, Princeton Junction, NJ - Biology '24 (Pre-Med Track)

Ares Carnathan, Tupelo, MS - English '25

Ariel Cooper, San Jose, CA - Ancient Mediterranean Studies '24

Avanthika Rajendran, Portland, OR - Neuroscience '24

Bella Chamberland, Chicago, IL - Sociology '25

Benjy Ross, Oak Park, IL - Sociology '23

Brewster Durbin, Lafayette, LA - English with Film Minor '23

Caitlin Berrol, Thousand Oaks, CA - English '23

Caroline Paden, Houston, TX - English with Creative Writing Focus '25

Cliodhna O'Connell, Santa Fe, NM - International & Comparative Policy Studies '25

Connor Nold, Hilton Head Island, SC - History '25

Declynn Brian, Boise, ID - Russian Literature '25

Eashan Thatte, San Jose, CA - Psychology with French Minor '23

Emma Marek, Menlo Park, CA - English '24

Ethan Myer, Manhattan, KS - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology '24

Evan Heintz, Medford, OR - Mathematics with Statistics Concentration '25

Guido Gonzalez, Chicago, IL - Psychology '24

Harper Dziedzic, Kansas City, MO - Psychology '23

He Bai, Jinan, China - Mathematics '24

Holden Curtin, San Jose, CA - Linguistics '24

Jojo Hartman, Oakland, CA - Math or Linguistics '25

Julian Jacklin, New York City - Computer Science '25

Kalin Mattern, Macungie, PA - Undecided '25

Kenneth Vounzi, Murfreesboro, TN - Psychology '24

Lennox Reeder, Seneca, SC - International & Comparative Policy Studies '25

Lindie Lewis - Anthropology with French Minor '25

Michelle O'Shea, Bozeman, MT - Anthropology '23 

Nomi Solwren, El Sobrante, CA - Anthropology/Ancient Mediterranean Studies '25

Reese Schaffer, Denver, CO - Anthropology '24

Robin Eckensberger, Wilmette, IL and La Crescenta, CA - History '23

Rowan Soeiro, Santa Fe, NM - Interdisciplinary Psychology and Religion '25

Sajid Mahamud, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Economics '25

Sasha Zubieta, Los Angeles, CA - Music with Spanish Minor '24

Sean Brown, Hayward, CA - Biology '24

Sidhaesh Agarwal, Bangalore, India - Chemistry '25

Shirley Zhao, Beijing, China - Economics and Mathematics '25

Steph Jacquot, North Bend, OR - Political Science '25

Tulia Fargis - '23

William Stevens, Brooklyn, NY - Theatre '23

Zack Siy, Hong Kong - English '23

Zoe Buhalis, Ann Arbor, MI - Anthropology '25