Study Abroad

Financial aid may be available to Reed students who participate in a college-approved study abroad program

Reed study abroad programs costs will be determined using Reed’s tuition and fees, and the housing, food, and estimated indirect expenses associated with each program. The International Programs and Business Offices provide the Financial Aid Office with non-tuition program costs which are used to calculate financial aid eligibility. 

If the total cost of the program is less than the cost of Reed, the Reed Grant will be reduced to remain within a student’s demonstrated need. Because students are not eligible for student work during the abroad semester, work study eligibility will be replaced with Reed Grant. 

Typically, the out-of-pocket costs to students and families with financial aid are similar to a semester on campus.

Students studying abroad in the Fall receive their financial aid awards in June or early July. Financial aid disburses at the beginning of Reed's semester, not when the study abroad program begins.

The process of re-applying for financial aid while participating in a study abroad program is the same as a typical semester at Reed: students must keep up to date with Reed student email for reminders of the yearly April 15 deadline for financial aid applications.