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Your house advisor (HA) is one of the first people you will meet at Reed. These upper-class students are selected for their skills and interest in helping fellow students and are trained in areas such as peer counseling and conflict mediation. They act as an excellent resource for questions about academics, campus life, and Portland in general. HAs also help to bring students together by organizing activities such as movie nights, pizza parties, study breaks, provocative talks, excursions around Portland, and trips to the coast or the Reed ski cabin with the students of their residence halls. At least one house advisor lives in every residence hall.

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House Advisors

Grove Staff

Aaron Salomon
Chanelle Doucette
Angelynn Khoo
Cris Mancillas
Rennie Meyers
Jossef Osborn
Adam Casey
Maya Jarrad


FSM Staff

Archit Guha          
Emily Agan
Michael Song
Anna Laura Kastama
Nick Fiore
Marina Kaminsky
Ryn Linthicum
Sinclair Hong
Anika Ledlow    
 Foster I       
 Foster II (Mad Science)            
 Foster III (Mad Science)
 Mac I                   
 Mac II               
 Mac III                   
 Scholz I                  
 Scholz II                          
 Scholz III (Japanese Culture)     

ODB Staff

Amina Rahman
Sophie Naranjo-Rivera
Wolf Black
Kirsten Hawley
Danielle Juncal
Aman Desai
Alaïa Giglio
Ryan Butcher

 Anna Mann
 Ladd II-III
 Abington I-III
 Kerr I - III (Random House)
 Westport I & III
 Westport II
 Eastport I, Doyle I, & Quincy I
 Quincy II-III & Winch II-III


Cross Canyon Staff

Esmeralda Herrera
Mark Angeles
Kathryn Schelonka
Bailey Boatsman
Ian Walling
Ryan Streur
Orestis Papaioannou    
 Bragdon II (Arabic Culture)
 Bragdon II
 Bragdon III (Women's Floor)
 Griffin (Tír na nÓg)
 McKinley (Tír na nÓg)
 Woodbridge (Tír na nÓg)
 Chittick (Music Appreciation)     


North Side Staff

Maddy Wagar
Allie Hemmings
Chris Graulty
Phil Jahelka
Orla O'Sullivan
Paapa hMensa
Natalie Pong
Alison Chavez
Will Horner
Lydia Kerns    

 Naito I (Outhaus)     
 Naito II N        
 Naito II S
 Naito III N               
 Naito III S (Quiet Mind)       
 Sullivan I       
 Sullivan II N (Sub-Free)  
 Sullivan II S (Sub-Free)        
 Sullivan III N (Sub-Free)                


Apartment Staff & Houses

Josh McCarty
Zach Garriss    
Natalie Cowan
Patrick Sadil
Kira Jacobson               
Andrew Wilhite
Ben DeYoung
Jason Swinderman
Christian Acuna
Susana Mizrahi
 Canyon House           
 Garden House (Co-Op)
 Farm House (Co-Op)
 Russian/WS I                 
 German/WS II                
 French/WS III                   
 Chinese/WS IV                    
 Spanish/WS V

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