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Your house advisor (HA) is one of the first people you will meet at Reed. These upper-class students are selected for their skills and interest in helping fellow students and are trained in areas such as peer counseling and conflict mediation. They act as an excellent resource for questions about academics, campus life, and Portland in general. HAs also help to bring students together by organizing activities such as movie nights, pizza parties, study breaks, provocative talks, excursions around Portland, and trips to the coast or the Reed ski cabin with the students of their residence halls. At least one house advisor lives in every residence hall.

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House Advisors

Grove Staff

Natalie Allen Aspen II
Bailey Boatsman Aspen III (Women's Floor)
Jing (Xian) Ng Bidwell II
Delali Ayivor Bidwell III
Aaron Ramcharan Sitka II
Debra (Modi) Raduma Sitka III
Mara Kaiser Sequoia II
Pedro Da Silva Sequoia III

FSM Staff

Aysha Pettigrew Foster I
Hanna Graunke Foster II
Yuka Esashi Foster III (Mad Science)
Cristobal Mancillas Mac I (Justice League)
Sidra Morgan Montoya Mac II
Jordan Wynne Mac III
Shannon McNicholas Scholz I
Dylan Failla Scholz II
Arianne Lakra Scholz III

ODB Staff

Nicolette Tapia Anna Mann
Cailtlin O'Shea Ladd II-III
Flavia Bortoleto Abington I-III
Hannah Fung-Wiener Kerr I - III (Random House)
Lydia Kerns Westport I-III
Orla O'Sullivan Doyle II-III
Dupe Fasawe Eastport I, Doyle I, & Quincy I
Nico Villareal Quincy II-III & Winch II-III

Cross Canyon Staff

Andrew Ryder Bragdon II
Eleanor Pike Bragdon III
Gregor McGee Griffin (Tír na nÓg)
Rebeca Willis-Conger McKinley (Tír na nÓg)
Edgar Perez Woodbridge
Langston Barrett Chittick (Music Appreciation)

Language House Staff

Isabel Meigs Russian House
Roman Garcia German House
Carrie Holt French House
Aaron Finsrud Chinese House
Clay Loftus Wilwol Spanish House
Mical Yohannes Arabic House

North Side Staff

Erika Hurth Naito I (Outhaus)
Camila Medina-Mora Naito II S
Aaron Dirks Naito II N
Logan Tibbetts Naito III S (Game Dev)
Zuben Scott Naito III N
Taylor Lee Sullivan I
Joewie Koh Sullivan II N (Sub-Free)
Caleb Codding Sullivan II S (Sub-Free)
Maddy Wagar Sullivan III N (Sub-Free)
Marin Sklan Sullivan III S (Sub-Free)

Apartment Staff & Houses

Ali Ryan RCAs
Evvy Archibald Birchwoods
Mari Cobb Canyon House
Hannah Muellerleile Garden House (Co-Op)
Tara Borgilt Farm House (Co-Op)

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