Thesis Projects


Jessica Dennis Jessica Dennis. Metacognition in rats
Brian Hilbert Brian Hilbert. Rats' choices in situations of diminishing returns: Effects of motivation and switching costs.
Ruby Larisch Ruby Larisch. Free Bird: Testing a foraging analogue in the operant laboratory.
Evin Luehrs Evin Luehrs. Testosterone and estradiol in male cynomolgus monkeys self-administering ethanol.


Brad Blickenstaff Brad Blickenstaff. Multimodal numerical cognition in pigeons.
Henry Cooney Henry Cooney. The role of the TRPV1 receptor in endocannabinoid enhancement of emotional memory. (P. Currie, Co-Chair)
Sarah Jacoby Sarah Jacoby. Ghrelin-induced improved memory performance is dopamine-dependent. (P. Currie, Co-Chair)
Jason Leonard Jason Leonard. Discovering the key to unlocking tool-use in a non-tool-using species.
Nicholas Jon Kappeyne van de Coppello Nicholas Jon Kappeyne van de Coppello. Metacognition in rats: Self-awareness during self-report and escape.


Daniel Fennelly Daniel Fennelly: Functional heterogeneity in the dorsal striatum.
Claudia Realegeno Claudia Realegeno: Better living through chemistry: Modafinil as a pharmacotherapy for neuropsychological recovery from methamphetamine dependence.
Dawiris Eversz Dawiris Eversz: Sunk cost in pigeons: Investigation of preference for options with higher time investment.
Eric Talbot Eric Talbot: Group and individual behavior in a social foraging paradigm: Sensitivity to changes in resource ratios.


Frank Sosa Frank Sosa: A method for examining the generality of risky choice and loss aversion throughout the animal kingdom.


Lisa Hiura Lisa Hiura. The free or not to free: The relative reinforcing value of food reward versus social contact in rats.
James Shelstead James Shelstead. Interspecies behavioral biases and the conceptual components of cross-linguistic syntactic patterns. (E. Canseco-Gonzalez, Co-Chair)
Antonia Scarcello Antonia Scarcello. Social and emphatic nudges: An evaluation of two intervention strategies to influence handwashing behavior.