Seminars in Fall 2016

All seminars are held at 4:10 PM in Physics 123, unless otherwise noted.
Refreshments will be served at 4:00 PM.

Upcoming Seminar

September 28, 2016
Sabrina Appel, Kaustuv Datta, Yuka Esashi, Vincent Griffith
Summer student presentations

Aug 31

John Essick
Thesis Start-Up Talk

Sept 7

Johnny Powell (on sabbatical research)
Beginner's Guide to Astrophysical N-body Simulations

There are several learning curves which are required to master N-body simulations with ChaNGa ( acronym explained in the talk ): installing Red Hat Linux, developing a robust facility with the command line including mastery of reading Man pages and a comprehensive understanding of the Linux file structure, Git ( a version control system ), Tipsy ( visualization software for ChaNGa ), and Python ( software for developing initial conditions ( IC ) for a given simulation). The nature of these learning curves will be presented in a preliminary fashion.

Brief examples of how simulations have helped our contemporary understanding galaxies will be presented. In addition, the peculiar nature of the scientific process with respect to simulations will be addressed.

The astrophysical problem addressed - but untouched by this sabbatical - is the nature of secularly-evolved galactic bars (google, NGC 1300 for an monumental HST image). A brief discussion of the conceptual development of galaxies in a cosmological context will be provided.

Results for a dark matter (DM) only simulation will be presented and compared with the canonical experimental observations: M.J.Geller and J.P. Huchra, Science, 246, 897, (1989).

The NSF supercomputing facility, XSEDE, will be briefly discussed as well as the steps to obtain a startup allocation on a supercomputer such a Comet. Very preliminary results of a hydrodynamical simulation on Comet will be presented.

A live demonstration of the use of Comet will be provided. Finally, a few minutes will be devoted to the N-body Shop team and the Physics and Astronomy facility at the University of Washington

Sept 14

Ali Cox, Ian Fries, Farhan Hasan, Sarah Racz, Amanda Swanson
Summer student presentations

Sept 21

Ella Banyas, Benjamin Morrison, Edgar Perez, Tenzin Sangpo, Noah Shofer
Summer student presentations

Sept 28

Sabrina Appel, Kaustuv Datta, Yuka Esashi, Vincent Griffith
Summer student presentations

Oct 5

David Hall, Amherst College

Oct 13

Division speaker

Oct 27

Kassa Betre, Stanford University

Nov 2

Mike Solontoi, Pacific University

Nov 9

Dave Moore, Oculus (Facebook)

Nov 16

Andy Rhines, University of Washington

Nov 30

Lindsay Sonderhouse, University of Colorado