Paideia 2k16

The Greek word Paideia (Παιδεία) is difficult to translate, but denotes education in its broadest sense. For the ancient Greeks, this included philosophy, poetry, mathematics, physics, rhetoric, gymnastics, music, medicine, and many other disciplines.

The animating idea behind Paideia at Reed is to take a break from the rigorous classical curriculum and spend a week learning things you always wanted to know about but never had the time for. The history of punk. The birds of Oregon. Throat-singing. Bollywood dance. Underwater basketweaving. You get the idea.

Paideia also reverses the polarity of the traditional classroom and gives students the chance to be teachers. Whether you’re a wizard on the didgeridoo, an authority on Quenya, or a crack Python programmer, Paideia is your chance to lead a class and share your expertise with your fellow students.

Paideia is an exuberant celebration of Reed’s love of learning. Attendance is voluntary. The classes carry no academic credit. Any member of the community—students, faculty, staff, and alumni—can lead a class, and all are encouraged to take one. Bring your passion, your knowledge, your experience. Most important, bring your willingness to learn something new.

Applications Are Open

Applications for classes and events are now open! The Paideia committee is excited to hear proposals from Reed students, faculty, staff, alums and friends of the college. The submission deadline is 5:00 PM Wednesday, October 21st, 2015. Instructors will get final confirmation from the committee on December 7, 2015.


Questions and comments can be forwarded to the 2016 Paideia Committee members []:

Jesse Boss, ’18: Czar 2k16 |

Daniel Hong, '17: Czar 2k16 |

Swede Pearson, ’16: Czar Emeritus 2k16 |

Kristin Holmberg: Director of Student Activities |

Mary Ashburn Miller: Associate Professor of History and Humanities |