Paideia 2k20

Welcome To Paideia—Reed’s Annual Festival Of Learning!

Paideia is your chance to learn something new—and share what you know. Take over the classroom and plunge into a subject you’re passionate about, from the history of punk to the manufacture of chalk to Bollywood dance.

The Greek word Paideia (Παιδεία) is difficult to translate, but denotes education in its broadest sense. For the ancient Greeks, this included philosophy, poetry, mathematics, physics, rhetoric, gymnastics, music, and medicine. At Reed, Paideia is a weeklong festival that takes place every January when students become teachers. The festival features hundreds of hands-on workshops led by students (plus some by alumni, staff, and professors) that are open to the entire Reed community. 

When and Where

Paideia takes place in January, before spring semester classes begin. Please note that Paideia classes are meant only for the Reed community, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

How Do I Sign Up To Teach A Class?

The deadline to sign up to teach a class during Paideia 2020 has passed. Please consider applying to teach next year! We invite students, faculty, staff, and alumni to submit an application to teach during Paideia. Classes can be on any topic you can imagine—the more variety the better. They can be fun, silly, serious, informative, and more.  We are able to fund many classes, so test it out!