Paideia 2k17

The Greek word Paideia (Παιδεία) is difficult to translate, but denotes education in its broadest sense. For the ancient Greeks, this included philosophy, poetry, mathematics, physics, rhetoric, gymnastics, music, medicine, and many other disciplines.

The animating idea behind Paideia at Reed is to take a break from the rigorous classical curriculum and spend a week learning things you always wanted to know about but never had the time for. The history of punk. The birds of Oregon. Throat-singing. Bollywood dance. Underwater basketweaving. You get the idea. Paideia 2k17 will take place Saturday, January 14th - Sunday, January 22nd.

Applying to be an Instructor

Applications for instructors open Friday, October 14th, 2016 and are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 4th. Instructors will get final confirmation on their classes from the committee on December 8th, 2016. To start an application, please click on "Application". 

***The deadline for Paidiea class applications has been extended until Sunday, November 13th.***

Questions? Comments? Contact the Committee

Questions and comments can be forwarded to the 2017 Paideia Committee members []:

Hadley McCammon, ’19: Czar 2k17 |

Isabel Sullivan, '19: Czar 2k17 |

Daniel Hong, '17: Czar 2k16 |

Kristin Holmberg: Director of Student Activities |

Brittney Corrigan-McElroy ’94: Event Manager, Faculty and Academic Special Events |

Chris Lydgate '90: Editor of Reed Magazine |

Irena Swanson '87: Professor of Mathematics |