Paideia 2k16

The Greek word Paideia (Παιδεία) is difficult to translate, but denotes education in its broadest sense. For the ancient Greeks, this included philosophy, poetry, mathematics, physics, rhetoric, gymnastics, music, medicine, and many other disciplines.

The animating idea behind Paideia at Reed is to take a break from the rigorous classical curriculum and spend a week learning things you always wanted to know about but never had the time for. The history of punk. The birds of Oregon. Throat-singing. Bollywood dance. Underwater basketweaving. You get the idea.

The schedule for Paideia 2k16 is now LIVE, running from Saturday, January 16 to Sunday, January 24. Paideia is an exuberant celebration of Reed’s love of learning. Attendance is voluntary. The classes carry no academic credit. Any member of the community—students, faculty, staff, alumni and their guests—can lead a class, and all are encouraged to take one. Bring your passion, your knowledge, your story. Most important, bring your willingness to learn something new.

Dr. Demento is Back!

Dr Demento will be back at Reed College for three shows on Thursday-Friday-Saturday, January 21, 22,& 23, in the usual Vollum Hall lecture auditorium, with all shows starting at 7 PM. All shows are open to the public and admission is $5 for non-Reed members. (free for Reed members!)

This year's shows are leaning just a wee bit more toward the scholarly side of Dr. D, but are in no way devoid of the usual level of humor and fun. His topics include:

Thursday, Jan. 21: A NEW SHOW! We’re All Americans Now – Diversity and Integration in American Music.

A survey of the many different types of music that have been brought to America through the years... music that originated in Africa, continental Europe, Asia, Pacific Islands, Latin America, and more... and how they influence what we hear today... and how the changes in the music reflect the relationships between the different peoples of America. With numerous audio examples.

And by popular demand for repeat performances:

Friday, Jan. 22: The Life and Music of Frank Zappa

The colorful story of rock music’s most brilliant satirist, and one of its great composers. With excerpts from my own interviews with Zappa, and many other audio and video examples.

Saturday, Jan. 23:  Punk Rock from the Beginning

From the Ramones, the Sex Pistols and the Clash through the Dead Kennedys, Nirvana, Misfits, Meat Puppets, Bikini Kill and many more, into the 21st century. With audio and video examples. (Dr. Demento gave a talk on punk music at Reed in 1976, quite possibly the first lecture ever given on punk rock at any college campus.)

ABOUT: Dr. Demento, aka Barry Hansen, graduated from Reed in 1963 as a music major and then earned an M.A. in Folk Music Studies at UCLA. While working in the record industry, he began doing a weekly radio show, drawn from his mammoth vinyl and shellac collection. Soon, the Dr. Demento Show was heard on as many as 200 stations across the US. While he may be best known for “Fish Heads,” “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!” and the great success of his one-time protégé “Weird Al” Yankovic, Dr. D remains a scholar and historian at heart. “When I graduated from Reed,” he says, “I fully intended to make my career in academia.” Check out his website to learn more:

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