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Reed College Political Science Professor Receives Funding to Strengthen Electoral Reform

Carnegie Corporation of New York has awarded support to Paul Gronke to enhance and supplement the Election Day Survey.

Reed College professor of political science Paul Gronke has received a grant of $17,000 from Carnegie Corporation of New York for a project to enhance the Election Day Survey. The survey, originally commissioned in 2004 by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to address the need for reliable and comprehensive data on election administration procedures, has limited use because some electoral jurisdictions did not respond to the survey or to individual questions, and election officials had varying interpretations of the questions, limiting the consistency of the results.

Gronke, who directs the Early Voting Information Center at Reed, is undertaking a project to make the Election Day Survey more usable by filling in current gaps and supplementing the collected data with contextual and demographic information. “We want to make the survey more accessible as a tool for election officials who are reforming their election procedures for upcoming elections and as a research resource for academics and policy advocates,” Gronke said.

The goal of the project is to foster civic participation among U.S. citizens by improving the quality of the debate over electoral reform, helping local officials decide how and when to implement new administrative procedures that seek to remove structural barriers to voting, fostering participation among disempowered segments of the population, and streamlining the conduct of elections.