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PORTLAND, OR (January 13, 2004) - Caesar's Rome, world peace and the coming of the Messiah will all be found on the stages of Reed College this February as the Reed Theater Department presents three new productions. The three plays making their debuts are "Catastrophic Conversations with Mr. X," "The New Poetry" and "Speak to me and I promise that I will listen," all thesis productions by Reed students in the fields of playwriting and direction.

Admission for all performances is $3.00 general public,   $2.00 senior citizens and $1.00 for Reed College students, staff and faculty. Call 503/777-7284 for reservations.

"Catastrophic Conversations with Mr. X"
An original production taken from the notebooks of Richard Foreman
A thesis production edited and directed by Brenden Regimbal

Thursday, February 5
Friday, February 6
Saturday, February 7
All performances are at 7:30 p.m. in the Reed College Thesis Studio

Cobbled together from the notebooks of Richard Foreman, "Mr. X" is a play about struggling with truth and enlightenment in a world beset by daily catastrophe. Loud bells, exploding bombs, angels and doctors, and the eminent arrival of the messiah will dazzle the stage over the course of one hour or eternity!

"The New Poetry"
A thesis production written and directed by Sylvia Drake

Thursday, February 19
Friday, February 20
Saturday, February 21
All performances are at 7:30 p.m. on the Reed College Theatre Mainstage

"The New Poetry" is a historical play about poetry and politics, rhetoric and romance, and democracy and debauchery in the changing social world of Rome in the age of Caesar. It contains strong language and may be unsuitable for children.

"Speak to me and I promise that I will listen"
A playwriting thesis written by Christopher Wright Cronin
Directed by Sarah Tomchesson-Rhodes

Thursday, February 26
Friday, February 27
Saturday, February 28
All performances are 7:30 p.m. in the Reed College Theatre Thesis Studio

This here is a nice little show all about you and me and the world around us! It hence involves argus-eyed, loveable and strange looking 'characters' bent on skullduggery who are obsessed with personality magazines and enjoy listing things as well as gossiping about you in front of your face while they simultaneously search quite desperately for some form of self-definition and fulfillment on stage.   It promises to be a hoot! ('s also rumored that Jennifer Garner from "Alias" may make a special 'guest' appearance...)

For more information on these performances, visit the Reed events site or call the Reed events line at 503/777-7755.

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