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Alex Krebs, a Reed College junior, will play field recordings, perform a live demonstration, show slides of Mongolia, and give an informal lecture on his experiences studying a style of throat singing in "Tuva: Stories from the Yurt" on October 27 at 7 p.m. in the psychology auditorium on the Reed College campus.

Krebs, a major in music and physics, was the recipient of a Kaspar Locher Summer Creative Scholarship, which enabled him to travel and study this past summer in the Tuva region just north of Mongolia. He studied throat singing, which enables the singer to produce two or more notes simultaneously as a result of the acoustical phenomena of the harmonic series.

"Since their independence in the 1940s from the former U.S.S.R, the Tuvans have been looking towards the West for their musical and cultural influences," Krebs says. "As a result, many of their cultural traditions, such as their musical practices, have been compromised. A handful of Tuvans see this and are beginning to teach the youth about their rich ancestry." Krebs seeks to share his travels with a larger audience "to express a certain respect with which I hope everyone can sympathize." He will have that opportunity when he presents a paper to the National Mongolia Society in Washington, D.C., in March.

The Kaspar Locher Summer Creative Scholarships seek to enrich the Reed artistic community by providing summer scholarships of $1,750 to students in disciplines ranging from music to film, fiction to sculpture. A committee chooses four students out of a pool of 40 based on a description of the project, faculty recommendations, and an interview. This year's recipients worked on creative projects in dance, creative non-fiction, sculpture, and music.