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Gary Snyder

“Ray Wells, a big Nisqually, and I…”

Reed College, February 14, 1956

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This poem became “Logging 11.” No variations between this recording and the published text. The Nisqually is a Native American tribe in western Washington, living between Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier. The setting of the poem is at Warm Springs Indian Reservation, where Snyder worked in the summer of 1954.

Introductory Remarks to “Groves”
Epigraph: “The wonderful reproductive power of this species…” 
“The morning star is not a star…”
“Pines, under pines…”
“Ray Wells, a big Nisqually, and I…”
“Felix Baran, Hugo Gerlot, Gustav Johnson …”
“Each dawn is clear…”  
“The groves are down, cut down…” 
“Lodgepole cone / seed waits for fire…”

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