Facts about Reed

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After Reed


Business & Industry 28%
Education 25%
Self-Employed 19%
Students 7%
Government Service 5%
Health Care 5%
Law 4%
Miscellaneous 4%
Arts & Communication 2%
Community Service 1%

*Based on the 2014 alumni database
Does not include unknown employers (~1%)


The top employers of Reed graduates nationally are typically institutions of higher education. The most frequent higher education employers are: University of Washington; Oregon Health & Science University; Reed College; University of California, Berkeley; Stanford University; Harvard University; Columbia University; Portland State University; University of California, San Francisco; University of Chicago.

There are over 5,090 employers of currently employed Reed graduates. More than 1,238 Reed graduates are currently self-employed.

The most frequent current employers are:

  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Intel Corporation
  • State of Oregon
  • U.S. Dept. of State
  • National Institutes of Health
  • City of Portland
  • Apple Inc.
  • U.S. Dept. of Agriculture


U. of Chicago Lewis & Clark
Law School
U.C., Berkeley Oregon Health
Sciences U.†
Harvard U. U.C., Berkeley U. of Washington U. of Washington
Portland State U. U. of Oregon U. of Chicago Washington U.
(St. Louis)
U. of Pennsylvania U. of Washington Stanford U. Stanford U.
U. of Washington U. of Chicago U. of Oregon U.C., San Francisco
Columbia U. New York U. Harvard U. Harvard U.
Stanford U. Yale U. Cornell U. Case Western Reserve U.
Yale U. Harvard U. Columbia U. Johns Hopkins U.
U.C., Berkeley Cornell U. Yale U. Cornell U.
U. of Oregon Georgetown U. U.C., Los Angeles U. Chicago
Georgetown U. U.C. Hastings Law School U. of Wisconsin, Madison Yale U.
U.C., Los Angeles U.C., Los Angeles Johns Hopkins U. U. of Southern California
Cornell U. Northwestern U. Princeton U. U. of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Pepperdine U. Northeastern U. M.I.T. U. of Rochester
New York U. Columbia U. U.C., San Diego New York U.

*Based on the 2014 alumni database

†In 1974, the University of Oregon Medical School's name changed to the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, and then in 1981, to the Oregon Health Sciences University. Graduates prior to 1981 are reflected under the oregon health sciences University title.