Environmental Health and Safety

student putting out controlled fire

Photograph by Elise Ringo, February 2014

About Us

   Environmental Health and Safety provides the Reed community with the information and training necessary to handle the various hazards that can be found in the classroom, the labs, or on campus in general. We promote a culture of safety, health, and environmental consciousness in all aspects of the campus, while upholding state and federal regulatory requirements.

On-campus emergency numbers

Community safety 503-771-1112
Physical plant maintenance 503-777-7283
Environmental health and safety 503-777-7788
Health center 503-777-7281
Telecommunications 503-777-7555
Media relations 503-517-7815

Off-campus emergency numbers

Police, fire, ambulance 9-911
Poison Control Center 800/222-1222
Northwest Natural Gas 800/882-3377
Portland General Electric 503/464-7777
Mental Health Crisis Line 503/988-4888
EASE (employee assistance program) 503/228-3223 or 800/654-9778

Contact us

EHS office
Report a safety concern, request information, request assistance, or simply let us know what's on your mind.

April Karr
Environmental Health & Safety Director

Cathy H. Young
Environmental Health & Safety Assistant Director

For questions about ergonomics, contact ergo@reed.edu.