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6:17 PM
Web Application Database Planned Outage

The Oracle instance supporting web application identity management (REEDCO) will be restarted at 10PM Friday 6/16, resulting in a 10-15min outage of certain Reed web portals & applications (IRIS, SASSI, and others).

10:00 AM
Telephone Maintenance Complete

Today's campus telephone system maintenance is complete. If you encounter difficulties with a campus phone, please contact

7:39 AM
Calls to and from campus

We are performing maintenance on the phone system tha may briefly interrupt calls to and from campus. If your call is interrupted please wait a few minutes and try again. We will update the status when the maintenance is complete.

11:50 AM
Phones restored

Phones are now working in the Sports Center and Kaul. If you experience further issues, please contact

11:20 AM
Phones down in Sports Center and Kaul

The phones are down in the Sports Center and Kaul auditorium. Technical staff are working to resolve the issue. An update will be posted when more information is available.

9:17 AM
Campus Telephone Maintenance, 5/25, beginning at 7:30am

Computing & Information Services will be performing maintenance on the campus telephone system this Thursday morning, 5/25, beginning at 7:30am. While the work is being done, you may experience a 2-4 minute outage when you will be unable to make or receive calls, and when calls in progress may be dropped. If you encounter such an outage, please wait a few minutes, then place your call again.

The work should be completed by 10:00am, at which time an "all clear" community message will be sent.

If you have questions or concerns, please send an email to

4:30 PM
CrashPlan (backups) maintenance scheduled for Monday, 5/22 at 7am

Monday, 5/22, at 7am, Reed\'s CrashPlan backup system will undergo maintenance. All work is expected to be completed by 9am.

There is expected to be a brief window (approximately 10-15 minutes) when backups and file restores go offline. Once this window passes, backups and restores will automatically come back online.

An network status message will be posted when the maintenance is done.

Please contact Computer User Services with any questions.

9:55 PM
Argos/FormFusion/Intellecheck are now available again

The upgrades to the latest versions of Argos, FormFusion, and Intellecheck are now complete and the applications are available for use. If you run into problems, please email

9:03 PM
Argos/FormFusion/Intellecheck remain down for upgrade

The upgrade of Argos, FormFusion, and Intellecheck is taking longer than expected. Status will be updated when the upgrade is complete.

4:04 PM
Argos/FormFusion/Intellecheck down for upgrade

Argos, FormFusion, and Intellecheck will be unavailable the evening of Tuesday, May 16th, from 7-9 pm, while upgrades are applied.

9:12 AM
Services restored

The Ensemble media server and second factor authenticatation for the vpn has been restored. Please contact the Help Desk if you encounter further issues.

9:52 PM
Service Interruption
We're currently experiencing a disruption in some network services, including our Ensemble Media Server and our second factor authentication system, which affects some administrative VPN connections. Services will be repaired Thursday morning. 
9:56 PM
Cascade upgrade complete

The upgrade of Cascade is complete and related services have been restored.

9:00 PM
Cascade upgrade in progress

Cascade upgrade is in progress, with the CMS and other dependent services unavailable during this time. Expected return of service will be approximately 10pm this evening.

3:16 PM
Cascade maintenance planned for 9pm on Friday, May 5th

Cascade CMS will be unavailable the evening of May 5th starting at 9pm for a minor upgrade. Downtime will be approximately one hour.

10:48 PM
Banner is back on line

Banner maintenance is complete, and Banner is back in service.

9:57 PM
Banner maintenance in progress

Banner maintenance is in progress. Banner, and dependent services, are off line. Expect service to ve restored before 2:00 a.m. Saturday.

2:16 PM
Banner maintenance planned for 10:00 p.m. Friday April 21

Banner will be taken offline at 10:00 p.m. on Friday, Apr 21 for maintenance. Service is expected to be restored by 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, Apr 22.

The following services may be unavailable while maintenance is in progress:

  • Banner
  • Banner-related products (Self-Service web sites, SCT Datamarts)
  • Document Management (NolijWeb)
  • Oracle databases (including support for Reed web sites accessing Banner/Oracle data)
  • ID card printing and replacement

If your office has planned activities that may be interrupted by this maintenance work, please contact Jonathan Byrd (ext. 5517, as soon as possible.

4:38 PM
Biology network restored

The wireless and wired networks in Biology have been restored. Please contact the Help Desk at x7525 if you experience further trouble.

3:26 PM
Media Server Up

The media server ( is restored, and media should be accessible.

10:59 AM
Biology building network connectivity

The wireless and wired networks in Biology are experiencing disruptions. CIS staff are actively working on the issue.

8:40 AM
Media Server Down

Our media server located at is temporarily down; any media hosted on the server is temporarily unavailable. Server administrators are working on the issue.

8:51 AM
IRIS restored

IRIS has been restored. Please contact the Help Desk (x7525 or if you encounter further issues.

8:21 AM
IRIS down

IRIS is down and technical staff are looking into it. An update will be posted when more information is available. Please contact the Help Desk at 503.777.7525 or if you have questions.

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