The Reed Thesis

You will complete your undergraduate experience with the senior thesis, an intense year-long project in which you will learn the subject of your choosing to the utmost level and present it in the utmost detail. Your thesis, which becomes a permanent resource in the Reed library, may well be the most challenging thing you will have ever done-certainly the most rewarding. You will never forget the experience, nor lose the confidence it builds.

Recent Theses Titles

A Diachronic Study of the Effects of Political and Economic Modernization on Choctaw Ethnic Identity: The Politics of Cultural Integrity
Jessica R. Hahn | anthropology

Melancholia and the Artistic Temperament
Wyatt T. Krajeski | art

A Study of Human Cytomegalovirus G Protein-Coupled Receptor US28 Signaling in Smooth Muscle Cells
Dora P. Pancheva | biology

Cloning of GTP Cyclohydrolase, fol E, and
Dihydroneopterin Aldolase, fol B, in Escherichia coli
Laurence A. Kahn | chemistry

Writing Qing, or 'my most innermost feelings in Ci': Marginality in the Poetry and Poetics of Liu Yong and Li Qingzhao
Jennifer J. Hong | Chinese

'Menstruation is the Uterus Weeping for Lack of Child': Female Biological Theory in Ancient Medical Discourse
Miriam R. Aronoff | classics

Which is the Fairer Sex? Gender-Based Behavioral Differences in a Bargaining Experiment
Annick E. Chalier | economics

Well-Told Lies: Michael Ondaatje's Fictional (Auto)Biographies
Miles D. Norton | English

The Disruption of Logic and the Use of Humor in the Prose of Comte de Lautreamont and Guillaume Apollinaire
Josie K. Foster | French

The Poet's Autumn: The Depiction of Nature in the Early Poetry of Stefan George and Rainier Maria Rilke
Tracey A. Beck | German

Soldiers, Nurses, Symbols: American Army Women in the Vietnam War, 1962-1972 Tracy L. Menasco | history

The 'Explicable PE': A New Analysis of Coptic Verbal Morphosyntax
James L. Barrett | linguistics

Gorenstein Lattice Ideals
Benjamin Collett | mathematics

Signifyin' On The Blues: Charles Mingus and the African American Music Tradition
Thomas Michael Feeley | music

The Philosophical Problem of Vagueness: Perspectives on the
Epistemic Theory, Semantic Incoherence, and Supervaluationism
Amanda M. Egge | philosophy

A Photometric Period Analysis of the Population II d Scuti -SX Phe Variable Stars XX Cygni and DY Pegasi Physics
Jonathan L. Fertig | physics

More Than Just Acid-Washed Jeans and Track Suits: Political Benefits from Economic Corruption in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation
Willa W. Johnson | political science

The Impact of Oppression Workshops on the Perceptions of Everyday Life Experiences: The Teen Personal Rights Workshop
Sophia S. George-Glasser | psychology

Discourse on Desire: Controversy over Spiritual
Marriage in Fourth-Century Egyptian Asceticism
Maggie D. Rosenbloom | religion

A Translation of Three Stories by Victor Pelevin

Todd W. Ruhlen | Russian

Beyond Autonomy or Dominance: The Political Sociology of Prison Expansion
Clayton J. Szczech | sociology

Una Movida Hacia la Mirada: Dystopian Visions of
Urban Space in Contemporary Spanish Cinema
Eleanor A. Roper-Ater | Spanish

Masks, Whips, and the Erection of the Big Top: A Study of
Status Relationships in Commedia dell'Arte and Modern Circus Theatre
Owen K. Edson | theatre

A Structure Function Analysis of Xylitol Binding in D-Xylose Isomerase
Marshall C. Miller | biochemistry and molecular biology

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