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About the Board

The Alumni Board is Reed's national volunteer policy-setting board of directors whose purpose is to direct the alumni association's goals, programs, and services, and represent the alumni in the broader Reed College community.

Board members

Click on any board member's name to view their contact information. Please note an IRIS login is required to view this information.

Executive Committee

kristen earl contact info

Richard Roher contact info

Kristen Earl '05

Richard Roher '79

contact info

Lisa Saldana '94

Scott Foster Contact Info

Scott Foster '77
Past President

Alumni Trustees

Suzanne Cassidy Contact Info

Jay Hubert Contact Info

Suzanne Cassidy '65

Jay Hubert '66

forrest algona contact info

Dylan Rivera '95

Marcia Yaross Contact Info


Jim Kahan '64
Foster-Scholz Club
Ex-Officio Member

bennett barsk contact info contact info mj
Bennett Barsk '82 Jenn Hubbs '06 MJ Jacobs '04
mj Melissa contact info
Beverly Lau '06 Melissa Osborne '13 Jinyoung Park '11
Darlene constance contact info Clara Siegel Contact Info
Darlene Pasieczny '01 Constance Putnam '65 Clara Siegel '09
Jeremy Stone Contact Info William Swarts Contact Info Richard Thomason Contact Info
Jeremy Stone '99
William Swarts '92
 Richard Thomason '84
 Sebastian Pastore, '88    

Board Committees

Reed Career Alliance (Formerly Known as: Life Beyond Reed (LBR))

RCA is an initiative for alumni to support the career development of current students, recent graduates, and mid-career graduates through mentoring and experiential-learning opportunities.  The RCA committee helps orchestrate the college’s Working Weekend that has been held in February for the past two years and is planned for February 2014.

Outreach Committee

The outreach committee works closely with chapter leaders to increase alumni engagement by developing alumni events, creating opportunities to connect via social media, promoting IRIS participation for a stronger career network, and helping foster a broader relationship with the Portland community.

Reunions Committee

The Reunions committee, together with the office of alumni relations, develops programming for Reunions. The committee also supports leaders from milestone years in increasing attendance and encouraging a gift from their class.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee selects five new at-large members of the alumni board who will serve three-year terms. Committee members are the immediate past president of the alumni board (chair), the current president, and three non-members of the alumni board.

Running for (Alumni) Office

To nominate yourself or another Reedie for Alumni Board, email Please include your name, the name of the person you are nominating, and a short description of why they should be part of the ALumni Board. The nominating committee is responsible for selecting the nominees who will become members of the Alumni Board.

If you are interested in being part of a Chapter steering committee, contact the chapter chair to learn about the nomination process for their chapter steering committee, as it varies from chapter to chapter. Click here to find a chapter near you.

Resources and Bylaws

Alumni Board Constitution

Alumni Board Bylaws

Meetings (2015-2016)

Guidebook to serving on the board

See the 2014-2015 proposed changes to the Alumni Association Bylaws and Constitution here.