Forum for Advancing Reed

Please join us on campus September 14–16 at the Forum for Advancing Reed (FAR)

What is the Forum for Advancing Reed?

The Forum for Advancing Reed (FAR), formerly known as “Volunteer Weekend” is a weekend of gatherings, workshops, and meetings for Reed leaders to share best practices, set priorities for the year, and gain an insider’s look at the future of Reed College. You will help the college think through strategies to enhance and grow Reed’s robust volunteer networks, craft innovative approaches to challenges and opportunities facing the college, and celebrate with fellow engaged alumni.


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Looking for accommodations? Check out this list of hotels that give special rates to members of the Reed community.

Forum Schedule*

September 14–16, 2018

*All events are tentative and subject to change at any time.

Friday, September 14

5:30 p.m. General check in at Parker House

Arriving earlier?  Feel free to stop by Prexy to say hello and relax before heading to Parker House at 5:30 p.m.

5:30–7:30 p.m. Welcome Reception at Parker House with Acting President, Hugh Porter

Join fellow volunteers, staff and leaders of the Reed community for light bites, hosted bar, and games to set the tone for the weekend.

7:30 p.m. Dinner on your own 

Saturday, September 15

7:30 a.m.–6 p.m. Check in and hospitality in the Performing Arts Building (PAB)

7:30 a.m. Chapter Gathering Meet and Greet for coffee (Performing Arts Building, 1st floor atrium)

8:00 a.m. Breakfast with opening remarks (Performing Arts Building, 1st floor atrium)

9:00–10:00 a.m. Presidential Search Forum (Performing Arts Building, 320)

What are the qualifications and qualities of an ideal college president? How do we, the Reed community, contribute to the success of a new president? What are Reed’s goals and opportunities in the next decade? The Presidential Search Committee seeks your comments and ideas. 

Panelists include: Konrad Alt ’81, Peggy Noto ’75, Dylan Rivera ’95, Suzy Renn, Sonia Sabnis, Alice Harra, Nikhita Airi ’19, and Julia Patton.

10:15–11:45 a.m. Opening Workshop facilitated by Valerie Craigwell White (Performing Arts Building, 1st floor atrium)

Life in the Information Age means that we continue to spend a lot of time working in real and virtual groups to explore conditions and tasks that face us. That usually translates to more meetings. Facilitator Valerie White, ombudsperson at Lewis & Clark College, will join us to provide an interactive opportunity to engage with concepts that could help you be more effective in group work. How do you work best in groups? What do culture and individual style have to do with it? How does conflict fit, and what do you do with it? We'll spend 90 minutes sorting through questions such as these, to help you be a bit more prepared for the group work that matters so much these days.

12:00–1:00 p.m. Lunch with Babson Award recognition–Congrats, Keith Allen ’83! (Performing Arts Building, 1st floor atrium)

1:15–2:15 p.m. Session I

  • Chapters meeting (Performing Arts Building, 332).  Open to all.
Interested in learning what is happening in your local chapter? Have ideas for interesting events? Want to get more involved? Join us! Current chapters include the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, New York, Portland, Seattle, Southern California, and Washington, D.C.
  • Alumni Board Diversity and Inclusion Committee meeting (Performing Arts Building, 104).  Open to all.

This committee's focus is to engage and support Reed community members from historically underrepresented groups. Through recognizing the complexities of identity, diversity, and privilege, their work is focused on using this lens for alumni programing and events.

  • Alumni Board Committee for Young Alumni meeting (Performing Arts Building, 130). Open to all.

Young Alumni, we're here to hear from you. The Alumni Board's Committee for Young Alumni wants to know what you need, what you think, and what you'd like to do with Reed. Come chat about the recent young alumni survey, about the current resources we offer, and more!

  • Alumni Board Reed Career Alliance Committee (RCA) meeting (Performing Arts Building, 131). Open to all.

The RCA supports career development for students and alumni through mentoring and training. We need your help to reach our goals! Interested? Please submit your resume to—Just kidding! Please join us for this fun and interactive workshop.

2:30–3:30 p.m. Session II

  • Reunions planning meetings (4s and 9s) (Performing Arts Building, 104)

If your class year ends in a 4 or a 9, you're celebrating a milestone this June! This session covers everything you need to know about making the most of your quinquennial reunion. If you've ever had a great idea for a class event, bring it with you—you'll need it for the brainstorm!

  • Social Media Roundtable with Robin Tovey ’97 (Performing Arts Building, 332)

Studies show that 67% of adults get at least some of their news on social media—a nearly tenfold jump in the past decade. How is Reed using social media and how can you help provide signal boost? Join Robin Tovey ’97 to learn about the college’s social channels, ask questions about the different platforms, and converse about the impact of social media on alumni engagement.

  • Legal Network Meeting (Prexy, conference room) 

    The Reedie Legal Network needs new leadership and new ideas! We will meet to discuss how Reedies working in law can help each other, provide a resource for current students and recent grads who are thinking about careers in law, and connect Reedies with legal needs with Reed alums who might advise or represent them.
  • Cooley Gallery Tour (meet at Cooley Gallery in Library)

    I Wanna Be Well—the first retrospective of the work of renowned American artist, activist, writer, and educator Gregg Bordowitz. Details here.

  • Climbing wall is open! (Enter the Sports Center through the cage entrance on Botsford Drive)
Housed in the Reed Outdoor Education Center (ROEC) is the instructional Climbing Wall. This is a great asset to the Reed Community offering students a climbing wall to increase their climbing abilities, a place to train and get a quick physical workout, clinics and sessions to build skill sets, leadership opportunities and just plain fun.  Come borrow a pair of climbing shoes and scramble to the top of the wall. 

3:45–5:15 p.m. Session III

  • Alumni Board meeting (3:45–4:45 p.m., Performing Arts Building, 104)
  • Foster-Scholz Club Steering Committee meeting (3:45–4:45 p.m., Performing Arts Building, 130)

The committee provides alumni who are 1978 and older opportunities to maintain and renew ties to the college. Their work consists of planning engaging luncheons, dinners, and off-campus outings throughout the year. Programing includes speakers from the college or the greater Portland community. This committee also works with Alumni Programs staff to select the Distinguished Service awardee, which is given to one or more members who have made contributions to the community and/or college the the Reunions Foster-Scholz Club Annual Luncheon.

  • Alumni Fundraising for Reed Steering Committee meeting (3:45–5:15 p.m., Performing Arts Building, 332) Closed meeting.
Alumni Fundraising for Reed is a group of dedicated volunteers living across the globe and working to promote philanthropy at Reed. Volunteers contact a handful of current and past alumni donors through email, phone calls, social media, and more to encourage gifts to the college. Outreach is easy, personally fulfilling, and makes a big impact on the overall health of Reed.
  • Center for Life Beyond Reed (CLBR) presentation with Associate Dean of Students and Director of CLBR Alice Harra (Performing Arts Building, 131)
CLBR is proud to share with you our staffing, technology, and strategies to enhance students' development of their clarity (of purpose), competence (skills like applying for grad school, internships, jobs, or competitive funding), confidence, and connections to succeed at and beyond Reed. The session with touch on our range of services and a Q&A about how you can help Reed achieve a mission of bringing open, accessible, and attainable opportunities to all students.
  • Hip-hop dance class with instructor, DJ Rayley (4:00–5:15 p.m.) (Performing Arts Building, dance studio)

Hip-hop is not just for kids! This class teaches and breaks down the fundamentals of hip-hop movement for adults of all ages. We'll explore foundational steps and dance crazes to develop self–expression, and a personal street groove. During class, emphasis is on safety, individual pace, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, agility, coordination, improvisation and choreography. Leave class feeling energized and renewed. Loose fitting clothing recommended.

5–7:00 p.m. Happy hour, Gigantic Brewing Co. (5224 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202)

Just an eight-minute walk from campus, gather at Gigantic Brewing Co. for hosted libations and camaraderie. Gigantic Brewing Co. was co-founded by Van Havig ’92, who also happens to be its Master Brewer. Hawaiian menu provided by 808 Grinds.

Sunday, September 16

8:00–9:30 a.m. Breakfast and concluding remarks (Performing Arts Building, 1st floor)

8:45–9:30 a.m. Student presentations with Center for Life Beyond Reed (Performing Arts Building, 1st floor)

While you finish breakfast, hear from five student Reed Summer Internship Award recipients as they give brief summaries of their work in unpaid and underpaid summer internships. Their awards were supported by gifts from generous alumni.

  1. Alystair Augustin ’19 (they/them), President’s Summer Fellowship recipient, conducted research to explore Polish relations to Blackness, especially regarding Catholicism, art, and national identity.
  2. Stephanie Gee ’20 (she/hers), McGill Lawrence Internship Award recipient, Photography Intern for ASFI – an Indonesian nonprofit which provides healthcare to communities who have little access to it in order to prevent communities from logging the Borneo rainforest to pay for necessary medical treatment.
  3. Isabel (Izzy) Hoff ’21 (she/hers), McGill Lawrence Internship Award recipient, interned at Fondation Orient-Occident, a Moroccan non-profit which provides support for disadvantaged youth, migrants, and refugees residing in Morocco through a wide array of services.
  4. Jessica Riano ’20 (she/hers), Social Justice Research and Education Fund Intern, conducted research on equitable practices in career services and developed identity-based career resources for the Center for Life Beyond Reed.
  5. Shea Seery ’20 (she/hers), President’s Summer Fellowship recipient, conducted independent research under guidance of two journalists from Le Monde Diplomatique, a Paris-based progressive newspaper offering in-depth analysis on politics, culture, and world affairs.

9:45–10:45 a.m. Student success presentation by Vice President for Student Services, Mike Brody (Performing Arts Building, 320)

The classroom occupies the metaphorical center of Reed. Intellectual work (and play!) are the college's lifeblood. That said, students have lives beyond the lab, conference, and lecture hall. What is the college's role in setting the stage for a rich and fulfilling Reed experience outside the classroom? What support resources and extracurricular programs are essential in order for us to fulfill our promise to Reed students? Come join a conversation with Mike Brody, Vice President for Student Services, to learn more about how he is thinking about student success, and what he and his colleagues are doing to help every student have a great Reed experience.

11:00–12:00 p.m.  Fence line tours of new residence halls with Assistant Director of Facilities Operation, Steve Yeadon (gather outside the 3rd floor east entrance of the Performing Arts Building)

Stretch your legs and enjoy this walking tour of the newest residence hall slated to be completed by August 2019. Steve Yeadon will share the unique design elements created by the Design Committee as well as the challenges we face constructing during an economic boom in Portland. The second half of the tour will include a walk through McKinley and Griffin residence halls to view the recent upgrades that were designed to promote student community and engagement.

11:30–1:30 p.m.  Joint meeting of the Alumni Fundraising for Reed Steering Committee, Alumni Board, and Chapters leadership (Gray Campus Center, GCC-BCD). Closed meeting.

This concluding session of the weekend is for all alumni leadership volunteer groups to meet together to learn about what each leadership groups is focusing on, and how all three groups’ goals connect to the Alumni Engagement Plan. Lunch included.

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