Thesis Board 2021

Congratulations, Reed College seniors! Completing the thesis is a capstone of the Reed experience and a tremendous academic accomplishment.

Mathis Richards - Biology

Thesis: Still got it in you?: Effects of multi-generational captivity on social and endocrinological function in male Astatotilapia burtoni

Dylan Parker - Anthropology

Thesis: Tiki Culture

Caden A. Wait - History

Thesis: Strange Hopes Grow in Radiant Black Earth: From Chernobyl to Chornobyl

Anesu Ndoro - Anthropology

Thesis: Family Matters: Black Conservatives and Political Belonging in the Republican Party

Robert McCaull - Computer Science

Thesis: Session Types for a Concurrent Language sNow

Nebiyat D. Esubalew - Neuroscience

Thesis: A Potential Role for Neurotensin in the Mouthbrooding Cichlid Astatotilpia burtoni

Moira Brown - Art

Thesis: Spiral

Krystal Ye - Anthropology

Thesis: Shifting Housing Provision in the US and People’s Republic of China: History, Present and Hope

Ian Wahbe - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Improvements to the Heuristic Rural Postman Problem

Matt Passarelli - Economics

Thesis: The Capitalization of Energy Efficiency in Home Sale Prices

Ethan Austin Lambright - English

Thesis: The Radical Doubt of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi

Pablo Blanco - Political Science

Thesis: Modernization and NAFTA: An Exploration of the Production Sharing Model

Cleo Schaumann - Mathematics

Thesis: Young Tableaux, Schur Polynomials, and Crystals

Sophia Rose Bruno - Biology

Thesis: Barren and Bored to Death: The Impacts of Genetics and Barren Environment on Asatotilapia burtoni

Lena Low - Environmental Studies-Chemistry

Thesis: Aerosol Partitioning in the Columbia River Gorge After Coal Power

Ruby Mae Novak - Environmental Studies-Biology

Thesis: Remote Sensing of Tree Health Under Drought Conditions in Portland, OR

Laura Yoshida - Computer Science

Thesis: Insights from Applying Readability Formulas to Computer Systems Papers

Maria Saenz-Rodriguez - Art

Thesis: “Atmospheric” Films: What It Means and How To Make It

Hrishee Shastri - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Cutting the Chord: Interleaved and Demand Aware Skip Graphs

Francis Baer - Mathematics

Thesis: Adams Spectral Sequence Computations of BP<1> cooperations at Odd Primes

Rodger Zhang - Physics

Thesis: Model of length contraction

Caleb Weil - English

Thesis: "A Boggy, Soggy, Squitchy Picture:" The Ambiguity and Anxiety of Capitalist Discourse in Moby Dick

Tyler Salazar - Biology

Thesis: A pcaK gene knockout in Pseudomonas sp. 9.2 may inhibit the uptake of Terephthalic Acid(TPA)

Benjamin Morlet-Smith - History

Thesis: The Law of Equal Freedom and Beyond: Herbert Spencer's Social Statics in its own Political and Social Context.

Hannah McFadden - Chemistry

Thesis: Adding Nitro and Nitrate Esters to Alcohols and Phenols Using Metal Nitrates

Claudio Malagrino - Neuroscience

Thesis: What Makes a Matrix: a Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Extracted Neuronal ECM

Muxi Liu - Physics

Thesis: A Door to Quantum Gravity: The Black Hole Information Paradox

Lirui Jiao - Economics

Thesis: Looking at the Relationship between Investment Fluctuations and Economic Growth Fluctuations in China since Reform on both a National and Province Level

Alexander Confortini Hardy - Physics

Thesis: Parameter Optimization of a Passive Error Correcting Logical Qubit

Megan Eley - Anthropology

Thesis: The Legend of Korra: Fandoms, Queerness, and Representation

Delaney L. Brubaker - Biology

Thesis: Can We Build a Framework for the Future of Sustainable Agriculture Knowledge?

JuCe Brandon - Music

Thesis: Mambo Mambo: How It Got On The Dance Flo’

Mary Lou Anderson - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Thesis: A Cracker Jack of a Corporation: How Candy Covered Popcorn Influenced America

Cici Yin - Psychology

Thesis: "I’m the Real Victim”: Self-Victim Framing and Perceptions of Sexual Assault

Keziah Wong - Comparative Literature

Thesis: In Your Dreams

Sam Williams-Baron - Economics

Thesis: Investigating the Effects of Wildfires on Local Labor Markets and Economic Activity

Daniel Wang - Mathematics

Thesis: Diagrammatic Algebras to Describe the Endomorphism Algebra of $\mathfrak{gl}_n$-Modules

Danny Riso - Computer Science

Thesis: Building a Taxonomy from the Wikipedia Category Graph

Drew McGinnis - History

Thesis: Radical and Moderate Thought between the League of Coloured Peoples and the Keys

Peter Marcus - Mathematics

Thesis: Computing the Henselization of a Valued Field

Yilin Li - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: What If English Had No Spaces? Investigating the Challenges of NLP for Character-Based Languages

Alexander John - Biology

Thesis: The Research into Growth Conditions Optimal for Both Bacterial and Enzymatic Activity

Usman Hafeez - Mathematics

Thesis: A^1 Milnor Numbers

Addison Guynn - Chemistry

Thesis: Neutron Activation Analysis Of An Insoluble Sample Containing Bismuth and Phosphorus By Liquid Scintillation Counting

Maud Dias - Chemistry

Thesis: The Effect of Sodium on Bitter Taste Receptors

Lindsey Calderon - English

Thesis: The Honor Principle: Examining Revenge Tragedies of Early Modern England

Sebastian Bishop - Music

Thesis: La Orquestra Psicodélica Transcontinental: Musical Hybridity inModern Latinx Alternative Music

Yessica Ji - Economics

Thesis: How Do Covid-19 Lockdowns Affect China’s Air Pollution and its Future Path?

Weihang Qin - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Raymarching Hyperbolic Geometry

Jagannath Cadambi - Philosophy

Thesis: Wittgenstein's Private Language Argument and Kripkenstein's Skeptical Paradox

Shannon Wells-Moran - Biology

Thesis: Testing Bark Uptake in S. sempervirens and P. menziesii: Does the Theory Hold Water?

Fiona Brackley - English


Nathaniel Burrows - Anthropology

Thesis: Linguistic Nationalism and Breton Autonomy: A Comparative Study of Regional Movements

Andrea Campos - Economics

Thesis: Andean Superfood Boom Goes Bust: An Economic Analysis on the Welfare Effects of the Quinoa Bust in Peru

Cheryl Fok - Anthropology

Thesis: Flogging in Botswana: The Language and Phenomenology of Chiefly Punishment

David Herrero Quevedo - Computer Science

Thesis: Implementation of Local Differentially Private Protocols for Linear Queries

Matt Jarvis - Economics

Thesis: Comparative Community and Economic Development: An Audit and Discussion concerning Public Investment in the Lents neighborhood of Portland, Oregon from 1980-2019

Jiarong Li - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Complex Network Comparison using Graphlets

Alex Morgan - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Mirages and Mirrors: Reflections on Femininity, Masculinity, and Adolescence in Two Mid-Qing-Dynasty Novels

Espen Swanson - Philosophy

Thesis: Engineering Identity: Ameliorative Social Construction of Human Kind Concepts

Ming Yan - Sociology

Thesis: An Analysis of the Emergence of the Alternative Pet Food Industry

Yue Xi - Philosophy

Thesis: The Epistemic Uncanny

Patrick Woodard - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Durch's Gebirg: Unity, Fragmentation, and Stimmung in Büchner’s Lenz

Victoria Wolf-Llop - Sociology

Thesis: Diversity Talk: Issues of Representation and Inclusivity at the Portland Art Museum

Sophia Varady - Biology

Thesis: Dust, Dye, Diluent or Drugs... Who is the Real Cancer Killer? A Cellular Investigation of 24 Novel SERMs in Breast Cancer Treatment

Ali Taqi - Mathematics-Statistics

Thesis: Spectral Statistics of Random Matrices

Jonathan Takagi - Computer Science

Thesis: Evaluating Multiparty Computation Techniques for Fuzzy Matching of Voter Registration Records

Savanna Sulc - Psychology

Thesis: Meditation’s Effect on Emotion Processing and Regulation: An ERP Study

Leila Shokat - Anthropology

Thesis: In Our Hands: How Biologists Negotiate Unpredictability to Make and Share Knowledge

Nemo Shen - Linguistics

Thesis: Go small or go big, there is no in-between: Mandarin-English Speakers’ Grammar Preferences in Code-switching

Taylor Sedoo - Mathematics

Thesis: Exposing Chaos: Attracting Differences

Lux Radetsky - Neuroscience

Thesis: How Does Grammatical Gender Affect Object Concepts? A Critical Test of Alternative Mechanisms

Madhav Venunarayan Pulle - Psychology

Thesis: How Appropriate is “Appropriate”? Views of Students, Faculty, and Staff on Disability Accommodations Based on Type of Disability

Connie Pullan - Environmental Studies-Biology

Thesis: The Double-Edged Sword Asparagopsis: The environmental risks of Asparagopsis aquaculture associated with attempts to lower rumen methane production

Emmett Isaiah Powers - Environmental Studies-History

Thesis: Unearthing the Ecosystem Concept in the Atomic Age

Kai Pinckard - Computer Science

Thesis: Causal Relation Extraction: a Three Step Process

Aliza Phillips - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Between the eye and the "I"

Catherine Elaine Owen - Psychology

Thesis: Exploring Attitudes towards Sex Work

Kacey Ottenbacher - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Characterization of Ter C a Putative Membrane Protein

Evian Oosthuizen - Environmental Studies-Economics

Thesis: Tax Swap: Replacing a State Tax on Electricity Sales with a Carbon Tax

Celia Morell-Borgstrom - Environmental Studies-Biology

Thesis: Fire Refugia Formation in Old-Growth Forests of the west Cascades and Klamath Ecoregions from 2010-2018

Lauren Mondroski - History

Thesis: Out on the Trail: Queer Representations of Wilderness, Morality, and Fantasy, 1950-1979

Theo Matthee-O'Brien - Anthropology

Thesis: Writing Authority: What Does That Even Mean?

Nara Markowitz - Psychology

Thesis: Exploring Multilingual Clients’ Experience with Language Use In and Outside of Psychotherapy

Chloe Lombardo - Sociology

Thesis: Does Access to Technology Disrupt How Socio-Economic Status Structures Inequalities in Engagement with Health-Related Information and Services?

Yilian Liu - Physics

Thesis: Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

Jonathan Li - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Simulating Repeated Coalition Formation under Uncertainty

Chunxi Ji - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Universal Approximation and Interpolation in Neural Networks

Maximilian Jennings - Chemistry

Thesis: Lunar Volatiles: A Review and Synthesis

Tayla Isensee - Biology

Thesis: Expansion of Sex-Biased Conserved Gene Calling with Orthogroups

Isabel Dias Hoff - Environmental Studies-Biology

Thesis: Effects of Drought, Air Pollution, and Socio-Environmental Vulnerability on Portland Green Roofs

Ursula Hirschi - Religion

Thesis: American Dakinis: Understanding the Encounter between Western Feminism and Tibetan Buddhism

Xingang He - Religion

Thesis: Studies on Fang Yizhi: Sketches of a Chinese Intellectual in Tumultuous Time

Zhengyao Gu - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Selective Prediction: Training and Evaluation Methods

Sam Givens - Economics

Thesis: Remuneration Frustration: The Past, Present, and Future of Music Streaming Royalties

Alex Fu - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: An Investigation into the Mechanism of Transcription Activation of the Metalloregulator MntR

Billy Fish - Physics

Thesis: Tipping Points in Zero-Dimensional Global Energy Balance Climate Models

Clementine Culf - Art

Thesis: Walking Gardens: An Exploration of Food, Land, and Magic in a Concrete World

Ashlee Cook - Neuroscience

Thesis: Incubation of Cocaine Craving Following Limited vs. Unlimited Intermittent Access Cocaine Self-Administration in Female Rats

Lenny Blair - Biology

Thesis: Questioning Quirky Quercus: Examining Possible Oak Hybridization in Portland, OR. (Quercus should be in italics)

Mitchell Burdorf - Physics

Thesis: Analyzing Cosmological Evolution through n-body Simulation of Dark and Luminous Matter using ChaNGa

Nicholas Cecil - Mathematics

Thesis: Nets, Filters, and Convergence

Ryen Burris - Mathematics-Physics

Thesis: Modelling Vibration of Membranes Under Non-Uniform Tension

Luke Stilwell - Psychology

Thesis: Investigating how consistently applied verbal labels affect flavor perception and discrimination

Aislin Skye Lighter Steill - Environmental Studies-Political Science

Thesis: In the Red: Social vulnerability and western redcedar dieback in Portland's urban forest

Aryeh Stahl - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: A Generalized Approach to Graph De-anonymization

Tabia Schmidt - Anthropology

Thesis: Settler Colonialism and Solidarity: An Exploration of Diasporic Kashmiri Activism

Mayou Roffé - Economics

Thesis: Why Didn't We Think Of That? Inclusive survey methodologies and their application towards social programs

Nalani McFadden - Linguistics

Thesis: Ghost Ride the Shift: African American English and Low Back Merger Shift in the East San Francisco Bay Area

Casey Harris - Computer Science

Thesis: Don’t Look Down: Interpreting Visual Information Using Celeste

Quinn Chen - Anthropology

Thesis: The Aesthetics of Surveillance: Tactical Interventions in Surface Matters

Margarita Melnikova - Philosophy

Thesis: That's Ancient History, been there, Done that: Moving Forward from the Problem of Dirty Hands

Mykal Kelly - Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies-Anthropology

Thesis: The Political Legacy of Walter Rodney in Guyana: Generational Perpetuation of Political Ideology

Genyuan Hu - Neuroscience

Thesis: Change in GFAP Expression as a Consequence of the Disconnection Between Zebrafish Retina and Optic Tectum

Lujia Gao - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: A Single-Step Method to Prepare Nitro Groups and Nitrate Esters Using Metal Nitrates

Evan Franchere - Mathematics

Thesis: Trust the Cones: Computing Diagonal Cartier Algebras of Affine Toric Varieties

Fernando Flamenco - Political Science

Thesis: Strange Rumblings in Juarez- Femicides, Cartel Violence, and Mexico's Crisis of Impunity

Lulu Davis - Economics

Thesis: Reassessing the Measure of Income Inequality in the United States

Lili Davis - Psychology

Thesis: Cops Just Doing Their Jobs: Victim Framing of Media Representations of Police Violence

Sarah Buta - Chemistry

Thesis: Structural and Functional Exploration of the Mn(II) Transporter, “MntABC”, from Staphylococcus Aureus

Isabel Adesko - History

Thesis: TPAJAX & PBSUCCESS: The Roots and Aftermath of CIA Intervention in Iran and Guatemala

Gregory Post - Environmental Studies-Economics

Thesis: Hedonic Valuation of Disappeared Streams in Portland, Oregon

Asa McNaughton - Physics

Thesis: Monte Carlo Particle-In-Cell Simulation of a Magnetically Shielded Grid Fusion Reactor

Eva Licht - Biology-Theatre

Thesis: Rehearsing Reality: An Investigation into Split Discs, Cell Migration, and the Power of Forum Theatre

Jackson S Anderson - Physics

Thesis: Simulating Slow Light Propagation in an Electric Circuit

Omar Kazmi - Political Science

Thesis: Dissident Networks in Online Spaces: Weak-Ties & High Risk Activism

Naim Currimjee - Psychology

Thesis: Do plants learn? Assessing associative and non-associative learning in the Mimosa pudica plant

Aidan Berryman - Chemistry

Thesis: Isolation of ZnuBC, a Zn(II) Transport Complex from Bacillus subtilis

Kendal Dragotto - Chemistry

Thesis: Exploratory Study of Portland Summer Protest Sites for Degradation Products and Secondary Pollutants of CS gas in Soil Samples and Respirator Cartridges

Alan Moore - Mathematics

Thesis: Inference on Latent Structure Random Graphs: Context, Theory and Applications

Kevin Kuramoto - Political Science

Thesis: Pulling the Donkey's Tail: Ideological Movement Following Battleground Primaries

Annie Jiang - History

Thesis: Education and Transnational Subjectivity: Chinese Students in the United States, 1945-2000

Katherine Descant - Biology

Thesis: Cholinergic neuromodulation of the Xenopus vocal hindbrain circuit

Precious Romo - Art

Thesis: Framing Heroes in Crisis: Approaches to Identity in Superhero Comics

Henry O. - Music

Thesis: Waveform Transmissions: Minimalism and Dynamic Expression in Techno

Peter Mulgrew - Economics

Thesis: Gender and Innovation in the US Patent System

Oliver Hillenkamp - Anthropology

Thesis: All We Have is Each Other: Abolitionist Mutual Aid in Portland, OR

Leila Siegel-Zigmund - Physics

Thesis: Measuring Carrier Lifetime in Thin-Film Solar Cells: A Comparison of Two Techniques

Jacob Shaw - Political Science

Thesis: Negro Unification: Garveyism Reified Through Duboisian Political Philosophy

Rose Cole-Cohen - Anthropology-Dance

Thesis: Jew~ish? Embodied Constructions of Jewishness in American Ashkenazi Zionism

Jesse Atkin - Psychology

Thesis: The Effects of Political Partisanship on Selective Exposure

James Vesto - Chemistry

Thesis: The Forest in the Clouds: Investigating the Fate of Atmospherically Relevant Organic Nitrate Esters with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Emma Ganger-Spivak - Art

Thesis: A Poetics of Description: Alt text and The Museum

Jamie Blackwell - Psychology

Thesis: The Relationship Between Authoritarian Parenting and General-Self Efficacy and Well-Being during College: The Role of SES and Perceived Normativeness

Elise Tangedal - English

Thesis: Desire! Decay! Depravity!: Expressions of Decadence in Federico Fellini's Films of the 1960s

Bijay Rai - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: On Track: Access to Improved Road Network and Poverty Alleviation in Mid and Far Western Nepal

Mo Allyn - Music

Thesis: Sound, Media, and Affect at Portland's Black Lives Matter Protests

Tyler Bortel - Physics

Thesis: Hydrogenic Hamiltonian Construction for Simulation on Quantum Hardware with Quantum Phase Estimation

Greta Fieweger - Art

Thesis: I Hold Myself in My Arms: The Book Figured as an Object of Comfort

Yufeng Ren - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Casino Revenue and Life Quality in Macau

Demeter Anderson - Anthropology

Thesis: Blossoming from the Steppe: Nationalism and Culture in Urban Kazakhstan

Nathan Smith - History

Thesis: The Black Death and the Catholic Church: Catastrophe and Changing Modes of Thought in Late Medieval Europe

Trudy Valentino - History

Thesis: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Study the Bomb: Intersections of Research, Containment, and Deterrence at the Nevada Test Site

Maya Seiber - History

Thesis: Engendering the Popish Plot: Visions of Women’s Purity and Sin During England’s Exclusion Crisis, 1678-81

August Bicket - Linguistics

Thesis: A Case of Mistaken Identity: An investigation of semantically-motivated argument marking in Meitei

Elliott Rosenthal - Classics-Greek and Latin

Thesis: Agamemnon and Political Crisis in the Iliad

Jessenya Lissette Salinas - Neuroscience

Thesis: The Effect of Naltrexone on Low- and High-Drinkers in Cue-Induced Reinstatement of Alcohol

Ben Read - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Toward a Poetics of Study

Riley Waugh - Mathematics

Thesis: Regularity Theory of Degenerate Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Maggie Slein - Biology

Thesis: Mean temperature, fluctuation magnitude, and level of biological organization affect biological responses amidst thermal variability: a meta-analysis

Victoria Liu - Psychology

Thesis: Examining Trajectories of Academic Motivation Across Four College Years: A Longitudinal, Mixed-Methods Approach

Marie Faulkner - Chemistry

Thesis: Here Ter B Dragons: Solubility Analysis of a Tellurium Resistance Protein in the Time of the Coronavirus

Jonah Kohn - Computer Science-Neuroscience

Thesis: The Recursive Application of Biological and Artificial Neural Networks: Towards an Understanding of Both

Skyland Rice - Anthropology

Thesis: Farewell, Forget, Remember: Arab Jewish Identity in America

Natalie Murphy - Environmental Studies-History

Thesis: Musical Memories of Nature in the Dust Bowl and Great Migration

Luke Doms - Mathematics

Thesis: A Geometric Interpretation of the Coefficients of the Standard Simplex's Ehrhart Polynomial

Connor Seymour - Art

Thesis: iMage Quest: QAnon, Network Aesthetics and Speculative Fictions

Isaac Schuman - Biology

Thesis: How does the timing of spatial variation in temperature impact Chlamydomonas reinhardtii populations?

Garrett Townsend Price - Biology

Thesis: Feeling the Burn: Investigating the Impacts of Prescribed Fire on the Long Term Hydraulic Vulnerability of Trees at Sycan Marsh Preserve

Carmen Perez - Anthropology

Thesis: Salvem el Cabanyal: Resistance to Gentrification and Grassroots Organizing in Valencia's Maritime District

Kyle Nash - Classics-History and Archaeology

Thesis: De rerum repatrione, or On the Repatriation of Things

Quinn B. Morgan - Physics

Thesis: Exploring Bistability in a Driven Time-delay System with an Electronic Circuit

Apoorva Mangipudi - History

Thesis: El silencio de la clase media: Argentina’s Middle Class and El Proceso de Reorganización, 1976-1983

Soroa Lear - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Assembled and Undone: Bodies Beyond Subjection

Olivia Dao - Neuroscience

Thesis: Optogenetic Investigation of Dopamine and Ghrelin Interactions on Feeding Behaviors

Shir Lev Bach - History

Thesis: Inside, Outside, Morningside: Alaska’s Insane in Portland, Oregon, 1904-1960

Yuxi Zhu - Economics

Thesis: Female Labor Force Participation Rate in East Asian Countries

Sushruta Chandramouli - Physics-Biology

Thesis: Fishing Forces: An Inquiry into the Role of Split Discs on Drosophila Cell Adhesion with Traction Force Microscopy

Ema Liria Chomsky - Environmental Studies-History

Thesis: Pigs and Plantation

Owen R. Hart - Comparative Literature

Thesis: For Here There Is No Place That Does Not See You: An Aesthetic Escape from the Abyss of Nihilism

Sebastian Hogness - Linguistics

Thesis: BAG/BEG/BAGEL: Beyond the West Coast?: Examining Pre-/g/ Movement and Merger in Arizona, Idaho and Utah

Zehui Zhao - Physics

Thesis: Converse Symmetry Breaking in Two Models

Stella Wroblewski - Neuroscience

Thesis: Isolating Potential Neural Correlates of Consciousness by Analyzing Pattern Perception Thresholds

Olek Wojcik - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Higher Education Responses to COVID-19

Ruth Valsquier - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Optimizing HPLC-MS Conditions for Flavonoid Identification: The Path to Understanding Delphinium Flavonoid Expression in Novel Tissue Types

Addison McAlister - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: A Novel Synthetic Pathway to Nitro and Nitrate Ester Compounds Using Metal Nitrates

Paulina Dawamana Joy Poleyumptewa - Art

Thesis: rez nullius - Indigenous Identity-Creation in Contemporary Art

Rebecca Lewit - History

Thesis: Treatise on the Aesthetic and Moral Context of Landscape Gardening: Adapted to the Northeast of America; with a View to the Improvement of City Parks

Théo Philippe Lavier - Mathematics-Physics

Thesis: A First Look at Rate Induced Tipping

Lucas Yong - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: An Exploration of Topological Quantum Computation

Aaron Huang - Chemistry

Thesis: Kinetic Studies of Terpene-Derived Hydroxynitrates

Liam Farley - Chemistry

Thesis: Attempted Expression and Purification of ERα-LBD

Joules Vaca - Environmental Studies-Chemistry

Thesis: Sunny Yellow Outlook

Ada Sprengelmeyer - International and Comparative Policy Studies-Political Science

Thesis: A Social Network Analysis of International Climate Initiatives Before and After the Paris Climate Agreement

Abby Stephens - Physics

Thesis: Detecting Correlated Errors in a Sagnac Loop Interferometer

Faye Parks - English

Thesis: F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition: The Challenge of Representing Trauma in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five and Bluebeard

Segovia Garcia - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Cytoskeletal Regulation by the Gap Junction Forming Proteins Innexins

Jessica Yang - Psychology

Thesis: Coping with COVID-19 at Reed: Evaluating individual and community strategies

Ethan Brisley - American Studies

Thesis: On the Road Again: Roadtrips, Personhood, and National Identity for Young White Americans

Ben McCormick - Biology

Thesis: DNA Barcoding of Entoloma Subgenus Leptonia: Towards a Phylogenetic Species Concept

Caroline Elizabeth Weiss - Environmental Studies-History

Thesis: Radium Land: Radioactivity and Superfund in 20th Century Orange, New Jersey

Eli Poppele - Computer Science

Thesis: Do Algorithms Dream in Electric Sleep? Using Genetic Algorithms to Train Neural Networks to Play Atari Video Games on RAM-Based Input

Paul Molamphy - Anthropology-Linguistic Anthropology

Thesis: Orisha Traditions through YouTube: Virtual Interactions in Enduring Communities

Brenham Hooper - Mathematics-Statistics

Thesis: Classifying Types of Young Stars Using Supervised Machine Learning

Molly Linden Herro - Art

Thesis: The Pond: On the Loop and Infinity in Experimental Animation

Hannah Hellerstein - Computer Science

Thesis: Where’s My Proton Pack?: Defending Against Spectre Variant 1

Naomi Fastovsky - Religion

Thesis: Speaking-Back: A circulatory history of Yiguandao

Esther Chen - Physics

Thesis: Quantum Algorithm for Berry Phase Measurement

Nick Campigli - History

Thesis: The Roman Threat: The Catholic Church in South Africa 1953-1957

Matthew Hwang - Physics

Thesis: The Whole World and You: Toying With Physics on a Flat Earth

Decker Eveleth - International and Comparative Policy Studies-Political Science

Thesis: Surviving the West Wind: China's Nuclear Posture in the Age of American Nuclear Primacy

Dylan Randall Wong - Psychology

Thesis: Life Course Models of Child Maltreatment: Effects on General Psychopathology Outcomes in a Longitudinal Sample

Jane Calderbank - Anthropology-Science, Environment, Technology

Thesis: Springtime Dwelling: The Poetics of Pacific Northwest Salmon

Jonathan Lederman - History

Thesis: Human Rights as Politics: Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation in Post-dictatorship Chile (1990-98)

Kiki McBride - Mathematics

Thesis: Klein Has Me in Stitches! (An Exploration of Mathematical Constructions of the Klein Quartic and Creation of Analogous Crochet Models)

Jack Reader - History

Thesis: A Comparison Between Mass Media Responses to Pearl Harbor and 9/11

Allison Dennis - English

Thesis: An American Revelation: The Need for a Historical Reckoning in Tony Kushner's Angels in America

Tom Davies - Economics

Thesis: Extractive and Exacting: Reshaping West Virginia's Economy for a World Without Coal

Abhi Rajshekar - Political Science

Thesis: Constructing Subservience: Theorizing Citizenship Under the Incidence of State-Sponsored Violence

Antonia MacNaughton - Sociology

Thesis: Table Talk: Conversations About the Sabbath, Jewish Identity, and Group Affiliation

Viola Lum - Physics

Thesis: Reinventing the Wheel: Rotational Rigidity under Relativity

Alisa Chen - Anthropology

Thesis: Anti-Vagrancy and the Harvesting of the West

Andrew Rene Harman - Biology

Thesis: Studying the Correlative Relationship Between Farm Practices and Mastitis Infections

Xiaotian Wang - Linguistics

Thesis: Diphthongization of Shanghainese /e/ under the Influence of Language Contact with Mandarin

Sonia Varah - American Studies

Thesis: Standing Up and Speaking Out: An Analysis of American Female Stand-up Comedians Confronting Social and Political Issues Through Humor

Alexander B. Striff - Physics

Thesis: Relaxation for an Open System of Interacting Spins

Mariana Beyer Chapa - Political Science

Thesis: Explaining State Variation in Issuing of Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants in the United States

Andrea Bryant - Linguistics

Thesis: Beyond they/them: A typology of nonbinary pronoun and agreement innovation

Tess Buchannan - Anthropology

Thesis: Totally Tubular: Potatoes and Change in the Peruvian Andes

Noah Sjoblom - Neuroscience

Thesis: A BioPsychoSocial Interpretation of Addiction: A Meandering Review

Sarah Kingsland Maebius - Mathematics-Statistics

Thesis: Statistical Learning Methods for Tree Classification using Remote Sensing Imagery

Jack Mader - History

Thesis: The Parallel Process, Following the Precedent: Reconstruction in Tennessee

Daniel Spertus - Economics

Thesis: The Role of the State in Funding the Arts: An Evaluation of the Portland Arts Tax

Eli Sobel - Biology

Thesis: Estimating Somatic Mutation Rates in Daphnia Magna

Hannah Sophie Elisabeth Meier - Biology

Thesis: Phytoplankton on the Go! Understanding the effect of thermal acclimation on the movement strategies of the green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Andrey Marsavin - Environmental Studies-Chemistry

Thesis: Oxidized Nitrogen in Wildfire Smoke at Mt. Bachelor Observatory

Alfonso Gomez Velasquez - Physics

Thesis: The Modulation Tabulation

Lucy Sagoo - Political Science

Thesis: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Native American Occupation Movements in the United States

Aidan Walker - English

Thesis: On Online Lines: The Place of the Reader in Web 1.0 Electronic Literature

Emma McNeel - Classics-Greek and Latin

Thesis: Conversing with Mute Ash: The Capacity of Classical Reception

Isadora de Castro - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Validating the Retinoic Acid Responsiveness of nr6a1b and tshz1 in the Zebrafish Retina During Neurogenesis

Sterling White - Environmental Studies-Political Science

Thesis: Agents of Change: A Comparison of Federal Bureaucratic Behavior on Sustainability and Climate Change between the Obama and Trump Administrations

Sarah Shanti Setaram Wolfe - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Putting the Lai in Layered: The Relevance of Postcolonial Hybridity to the Work of Marie de France

Timothy Shinners - Mathematics-Statistics

Thesis: Modelling Mount Rainier’s Volcanic Event Sequence

Henry Scheffer - Biology

Thesis: Love in the Age of Plastics: Elucidation and Improvement of PET Biodegradation by a Bacterial Consortium

Jordan Moyes - Psychology

Thesis: Charisma and Group Membership as Predictors of Persuasion and Engagement

Christy Lei - Psychology

Thesis: Labeling emotions in a native and foreign language: An ERP study on emotion regulation in bilinguals via affect labeling

Pixie Freeman - Environmental Studies-Political Science

Thesis: Measuring the Efficacy of Elementary Climate Change Education

Harriett Nausicaä Ramona Enriquez - Art

Thesis: To Speak of Forms Changed: Telling the Story of a Completely Unglamorous Transition

Emma Cooney - Chemistry

Thesis: Pipe for the Picking: Palladium Recovery and Quantification from Tailpipe Residue

Maximilian Halperin - Psychology

Thesis: Psychedelic Panacea: Investigating Influence of 5-HT2A Receptor Activity on Cocaine Condition Place Preference

Elise Garrison - Psychology

Thesis: Gender Identity and Belongingness on Adult Mixed-Gender Sports Teams

Leo Gartner - Chemistry

Thesis: Computational Investigation of Bimetallic Iridium-Ruthenium and Monometallic Iridium Formic Acid Dehydrogenation Catalysts

Raines Baker - Psychology

Thesis: COVID-19 and Resilience in a Sample of Yoga Practitioners

Misha Lerner - Russian

Thesis: Trotsky Writes the Russian Revolution: The Symbol of the Explosion in Trotsky’s My Life and The History of the Russian Revolution, and its Meta-Symbolic Significance

Maria Wilkerson - Theatre

Thesis: “Could you ask as much from any other man?”: Religious Ritual, Musical Theater, and the Cost of Creation

Meredith Theus - Biology

Thesis: Interactive Effects of Temperature and Bisphenol A on Phytoplankton Growth, Community Structure, and Bioremediation Capacity

Lizzy Knight - Chemistry

Thesis: Quantifying the Effects of Hydrogen Bonding on the Protonolysis of Dimethyl(1,5- cyclooctadiene) Platinum (II) by Trifluoroacetic Acid with Density Functional Theory

Josh Bretthauer - Environmental Studies-Political Science

Thesis: All About the Green: A Narrative Policy Framework Approach to Economic vs. Environmental Tradeoffs at the Executive Level

Alyssa Andrichik - Political Science

Thesis: The Danger of U.S. Nuclear Security Organizational Culture & the Importance of Diverse Thought

Gabri LaFratta - English

Thesis: "What is your substance, whereof are you made?": Gender, Sex, Bodies, and Love in Frankenstein and FranKISStein

Natalie A Lasko - Anthropology-Religion

Thesis: 4chan and Islamophobia

Deirdre Baker - International and Comparative Policy Studies-Political Science

Thesis: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Zachary Youcha - Russian

Thesis: On the Road to Recovery: Soviet Jewish Travelogues in a Thawing Landscape

Grayson White - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach to Small Area Estimation of Forest Attributes

Matt Haoran Wan - Economics-Psychology

Thesis: Bayesian Econometric Analysis of Individual Spending, Labor Supply, and Deferred Consumption in a Laboratory-Based Token Economy

Sage Schwartz - Psychology

Thesis: Navigating the Pandemic with ADHD: Investigating the Relationship between ADHD, Executive Function, and Physical Activity

Lauren Rabe - Environmental Studies-Economics

Thesis: Does Presentation Matter? An Analysis of Text vs. Images in a Choice Experiment of Green Roofs

Calin Grimm - Chemistry

Thesis: Identifying and Quantifying Sources of Diesel Pollution in Portland, Oregon

Sam Ginnett - Physics

Thesis: A Random Walk through Quantum Field Theory: From the Harmonic Oscillator to Lattice QCD

Alyssa Rose Schwartz Feigelson - History

Thesis: Sourdough Challah: How Californian Jews Reconciled Tradition and Modernity During the Immigration Period of 1849-1890

Simon P. Couch - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: Tidy Model Stacking with R

Brian Blum - English

Thesis: Stories About Storytelling: An Analysis of the Power of the Spoken Word in Beowulf, its Capabilities, and its Presentation

Kieran Andrews - Theatre

Thesis: Approaching the Absurd: A Physical Theatre-Based Acting Methodology for Theatre of the Absurd

Senta Wiederholt - Biology

Thesis: The effects of chronic bisphenol (BPA, BPF, and BPS) exposure on endocrine- related gene expression in Daphnia magna

Aleena Ortíz - Religion

Thesis: The Transnational Eco-Religiosity of Hayao Miyazaki

Isabel Lafky - English

Thesis: Queer Wests, From Cather to Proulx

Maxwell Kanter - Psychology

Thesis: Exploring and Understanding K-12 Teachers’ Motivation to Innovate During COVID-19

Kyla Hayworth - Psychology

Thesis: Maternal Cocaine Addiction and the Effects on Parenting Behavior

Kees Benkendorfer - Physics

Thesis: All-Orders Resummation of mMDT-Groomed Heavy Hemisphere Mass in Electron-Positron Annihilation

Kira Beck - Psychology

Thesis: Pediatric Health Experiences and Long-Term Trust in Authority

Jordan Hennessee - English

Thesis: "Is this love to come from out there?": Self-love as an Act of Defiance in Adrienne Kennedy's Plays

Max Nobel - Economics

Thesis: Tuition Dependent: Examining the Trade-off between International and Non-White Enrollment at American Higher Education Institutions

Shisham Adhikari - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Inequality in Ramsey Growth Model with Heterogeneous Rates of Return: Are rich getting higher returns on investment than poor?

Naomi Boss - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: Hindsight is 2020: Evaluating a Presidential Election Forecasting Model During a Global Pandemic

John Petrinovich - Philosophy

Thesis: Justice in War: Can an Unjust War be Fought Justly?

Sara Metzger - English

Thesis: Woman Divided: An Analysis of Dichotomous Female Archetypes in Dickens’ Great Expectations

Ian Jackson - Computer Science-Psychology

Thesis: A Novel BCI System for 3D Shape Imagery Classification

Sarah Pollock - Philosophy

Thesis: Monkeys and Morality: Narrowing the Puzzle of Imaginative Resistance

Maria Antoinette Panopoulos - Psychology

Thesis: The Effect of Labels on Recognition of Visual Objects of Two Categories

Adrien Mathieux - Psychology

Thesis: The Effects of Distinction and Color Congruence on Incidental Memory

Lilian Qi - Computer Science

Thesis: On Generating Stylized Line Drawings from Polygonal Models

Olivia Hagen - Biology

Thesis: Proliferation in the zebrafish optic tectum as a function of visual input

Lynette Yetter - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Thesis: Domination and Justice in the Allegorical Story “La reunión de ayer” by Adela Zamudio (1854-1928), Bolivia

Abbigail Lyn Peterson - Political Science

Thesis: Toxic Politics: The Feedback Effects of Living Near a Superfund Site on Political Participation and Attitudes

Nick C. - Mathematics

Thesis: THREE EASY PIECES IN HARMONIC ANALYSIS Singular integrals, the Hardy space H1, and boundedness results

Kaia Turowski - Environmental Studies-Political Science

Thesis: A Poisoned Paradise: How Businesses Behave Under California’s Toxics Law, Proposition 65

Kaitlyn Hepp - Mathematics

Thesis: Rowmotion on Doppelgänger Pairs

Nick Schlesinger - Art

Thesis: Hand Printed: A Consideration of Art and Automation

Bodhi Molinary-Kopelman - Political Science

Thesis: What Can We Owe Each Other: Political Realism vs Moral Idealism in International Relations

Maxwell Rosenberg - Computer Science

Thesis: Odd One Out: Learning Taxonomic Embeddings from WordNet

Asher Smith - Biology

Thesis: Size and temperature: An ecology of phytoplankton in a changing world

Anna Volz - Sociology

Thesis: Finding a “Match”: Student Support at Liberal Arts Colleges and the Community College Transfer

Nina Amira Matthews - Sociology-Spanish

Thesis: Tearing Down the Wall: Volunteer Discourse in Relation to Gloria Anzaldúa’s Theory of the U.S.-Mexico Border

Tiffany Chang - Linguistics

Thesis: A Mouse Bravely Dancing in the Rain: A Study of Third Tone Sandhi Production Among Asian Mandarin Heritage Speakers

Dashiell Allen - Spanish

Thesis: From Somos to Prosa plebeya: A Discussion of Sexual Politics in Argentina