Thesis Board 2022

Congratulations, Reed College seniors! Completing the thesis is a capstone of the Reed experience and a tremendous academic accomplishment.

Monique Lashawn Queen - Psychology

Thesis: Showing Up and Showing Out: Predictors of Black Lives Matter Protest Endorsement and Protest Behavior in Portland, OR

Deven Emanuel Misra - Physics

Thesis: Multipole Moments of the Weyl-Lewis-Papapetrou Metric for an Axisymmetric Ring

Julia Anne Macias - Political Science

Thesis: “Talk District To Me:” A Discourse Analysis on Councilmember Rationale surrounding Section 41.18 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code

Bahar Nicole Tarighi - Philosophy

Thesis: Revisiting the Turing Test in a New Age of Machine Learning

Anna Corrine Guyton - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Flesh Run Riot: a Photographic Exploration of Fat Embodiment

Alice Barker - Mathematics


Ali Jamal Ashraf - Biology

Thesis: An Investigation of Genetic Architecture and Polymorphic Microsatellite Loci in Columbian Monkshood (Aconitum columbianum)

Blaise Hilde Albis-Burdige - Economics

Thesis: Isolating and Insulating ESG Score Disagreement in Publicly Traded US Companies

Isabelle Sinclair - Russian

Thesis: The Birth of an Artist: The Poetics of Myth-Making in Marina Tsvetaeva’s Essay “Natalia Goncharova: Life and Art”

Kiarra Margaret Ko-Madden - Sociology

Thesis: The Formation of Asian American Identity Through Social Media

Alice R. Irvin - Theatre

Thesis: Theatrical Alchemy against Capitalist Realism

Dante Cadell Hickey - Physics

Thesis: As Above So Below: Numerical Model of Earth’s Mantle Convection with the Presence of Insulators

Gregory Neil Damron - Environmental Studies: Political Science

Thesis: What's the Difference? A Climate-Centered Analysis of Refugee Status

Haofan Yin - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Identification of Core Promoter Region of Xenopus laevis Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase

Will Thayer - Biology

Thesis: Capitalist Pigs: Biotechnology and Sustainability in the Pork Industry

Paul-Hieu Vinh Nguyen - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: Inference for Random Forests

Can Muderrisoglu - Political Science

Thesis: Corporate Censorship on the Internet

Elai Frederik Kobayashi-Solomon - Political Science

Thesis: Excluding the Other: Immigration Controls and the Case for Open Borders

Maya Elizabeth Dearman - Economics

Thesis: Basketball Bargaining: The Impact of Free Agency on NBA Players’ Monetary Outcomes

Sophia Grace Miller - Chemistry

Thesis: The Long Road to Reclamation: Toward the Quantification and Reuse of Environmental Palladium Pollution

Kelly Ann Wenzka - English

Thesis: Tumultuous Listening: Tone of Voice in Elizabeth Bishop's Poetry

Lydia Hoyt Mead - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: [some sentences & phrases I wrote once]

Caroline Angelina Fanelli - Art-Computer Science

Thesis: Ago

Sam Hordyk - Physics

Thesis: Multiphase Modeling of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods: A Review of Savage-Hutter Avalanche Theory and Debris Flow Models

Madelynn Nakaji-Conley - Environmental Studies: Chemistry

Thesis: Tear Gas Research: Investigations into O-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile Toxicity & Chemistry’s Complicity in Domestic Militarism

Daniel William McFadden - Mathematics-Physics

Thesis: Star Formation Quenching in Centaurus A

Kayla Luo - Sociology

Thesis: The Myth of Choice: How Women Nurses in the U.S. and China Choose between Work and Family during The Covid-19 Pandemic

Joseph David Rumelhart - Philosophy

Thesis: The Semantics and Pragmatics of Pejorative Terms

Sarena Solodoff - Sociology

Thesis: Their Pride and Joy (it’s Perfectly Queer): Supportive Parental Framing and Social Networks in Parenting Transgender and Gender Expansive Children

Alana Catherine Spoto - Neuroscience

Thesis: The Effects of Kratom Administration on Alcohol Consumption in Female Rats

Christina Xue Li - Psychology

Thesis: We Were Cannon Fodder: Black and Latine Nurses' Cardiovascular Health Moderated by Coping During COVID-19

Elin J Hansen - Classics: Greek and Latin

Thesis: The Image of Augustus in Tacitus' Annals

Ingrid Tallulah Loraine Zoll - Biology

Thesis: Tree Health from Space: Modeling Urban Tree Health using Multispectral Satellite Imagery in Portland, OR

Cassandra Zimon - Sociology

Thesis: Media Discourse, Framing, and Standing in the Polish Abortion Debate

Gabriel Devin Wilkie-Rogers - Theatre

Thesis: The Language of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love a Spoonful of Jam

Idalis Yazmin Urbina - Sociology

Thesis: Doing Gender to Maximize Tip Revenue as a Restaurant Server

Elena Carmen Turner - Anthropology

Thesis: Reconfigurations of Indigeneity and Tourism in Yucatán, México

Gregory Yoshiaki Tanaka - Linguistics

Thesis: Where's the EmphAsis? An Analysis of Russian Stress in Russian Learners

Amrita Kaur Sawhney - Environmental Studies: Economics

Thesis: Roses are Red and Water is Blue, When You Calculate Green Stormwater Infrastructure Benefit Values: A Proposal for Benefit Transfer in Gresham, Oregon

Michael Alan Sambor - Chemistry

Thesis: Synthesis of Potential SARS-CoV-2 Protease Inhibitors

Hailey Michael Poutiatine - Linguistics

Thesis: Ðara Boca Andgytt Unclyþ: Focus and VO/OV Order in Two Old English Texts

Jonah Grayson Miller - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: & we boarded the windows with lace: Exploring Queer Interiority through Photography

Emily June McLaughlin Sta. Maria - Chemistry

Thesis: Kinetic Studies of the Reactivity of Monoterpene-Derived Organonitrates

Angela Ma - Philosophy

Thesis: Forgiveness, Narrative, and Imaginative Resistance

Yuxin Li - Chemistry

Thesis: Which End is Up: A Structural Characterization of Nicotinic Acid Binding to the Niacin Responsive Repressor of Thermatoga maritima

Luna Levin - Linguistics

Thesis: Native Speaker Production and Acceptance of Focus Particles and Object Shift in Mandarin Chinese

Yuliya Kornikova - Physics

Thesis: Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Shallow Water Waves

Antonio Hyoung Seok Kim - International and Comparative Policy Studies: History

Thesis: Ming-Joseon Political Relations 1392-1644: The Changing Relationship of Tributary Relations

Riyaz Aref Ditter - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Expression and Purification of Novel PETase EstB from Plastic Degrading Bacterial Consortium

Lucas H Caudill - Physics

Thesis: The Missing Baryon Problem via Cosmological Zoom-in Simulations

Hannah Anoa Card - Sociology

Thesis: "Resting time is not wasted time": Chronic Illness, Time Perspectives, and The Reed Student Experience

Rachel Eliana Bork - Sociology

Thesis: The Influence of Economists on the Social Cost of Carbon

Christopher Michael Barclay - Political Science

Thesis: Assessing Institutional Complications in the United States Government Assessment and Response to Russian Government Active Measures in the 2016 United States Presidential Election

Anika Banister - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Matterings

Nirvana Grace Rose Baker - Psychology

Thesis: Sexism, Explicit Biases, and Empathy for Various Gendered Sex Disorders

Alexandra AJ Adler - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Questioning the Relationship Between Love and Expressions of Love Within Medieval Romance Stories of France and China

Jinduo Wang - Psychology

Thesis: The Aesthetics of Mathematics: Intuitions about the Beauty and Sublimity in Abstract Ideas

Jinduo Wang - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: No Worries, Let's Fall in Love in the Parallel Universe

Ryan S. Yocum - English

Thesis: Small Fish in a Mirror Pool: Reflections on Communication, Digital Narrative, Reconstruction of Genre and Medium as Intercultural Commentary in Siren

Annika Haraikawa - Chemistry

Thesis: Towards Structural Characterization of Zinc Importing Protein ZnuBC

Zoë Watch - Theatre

Thesis: Theatre in the Metaverse

Gabriel Pollack - Philosophy

Thesis: Habitual Empiricism

Siri - Psychology

Thesis: Overt Attention and Cognitive Ability Explain Climate Graph Interpretation

William Hyland Knight - English

Thesis: Extended Gutters: Sequencing Space and the Narrative Power of the Image in Watchmen

Mia Danielle Ibarra - Music

Thesis: Corridos Tumbados: History, Aesthetics, and Location in Mexican-American Popular Music

Cristina Noelle Gonzales - Chemistry

Thesis: Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of 5,5’,5’’,5’’-Diselenotetrakis(2-Nitrobenzoic acid)

Imani Enez Garrott - Spanish

Thesis: Education through Experience: Learning to Skeptically Evaluate Appearances in Pedro Calderón de la Barca's Eco y Narciso

Tyler J Dunaisky - Mathematics

Thesis: Dynamics of Quadratic Rational Maps with Maximal Automorphism Group

Maxx Logan Curtis - Computer Science

Thesis: Simulating the Granularity-Change Caching Problem

Monlam Yeshi Tehshar - Biology

Thesis: Invasive or non-invasive: An abundance analysis of the new Lepomis sp. fish in Reed Lake

Lilia Isabelle Noger-Onstott - Anthropology

Thesis: Time, Space, and Imagined Futures: An Analysis of Colonization and Grassroots Resistance in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Brendan Mobley - Biology

Thesis: Shawty got Low: Chromosome Reduction in the Family Osphronemidae

Anthony Ray Hill - Psychology

Thesis: Racism and Sleep: An Interrelated Recovery Process

Keely Jean Garland Booth - Linguistics

Thesis: These People, Those Words: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Demonstrative Determiners in Politics

Nico Akiva Anderson - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Parallel Text: The Material of Language

Olivia R Zoltak - Biology

Thesis: Tear gas and your period: Highlighting the absence of information on the relationship between riot control agents and menstruation through a systematic literature review

Gillian Aine McGinnis - Chemistry

Thesis: Exploratory analysis of a Holocene sea salt ice core record from Skytrain Ice Rise, Antarctica

Charlotte Li - Psychology

Thesis: Unconscious effect of Chinese classifier during object categorization

Benjamin Thai Fung - Religion

Thesis: Constructing the Kingdom of Righteousness

Lucy Marie Montgomery - Biology

Thesis: Identifying Oak hybridization in Portland: A Genetic Approach

Ara Manoogian - Theatre

Thesis: Designing in Motion: Dreaming Towards an Anticapitalist Scenic Design Practice

George Zhao - Mathematics

Thesis: A Construction of The Derived Category and Derived Functors

Katherine Grace Peacock - Political Science

Thesis: Dying Slowly While Living With It: Congressional Lethargy and the Decades Long Demise of the Tocks Island Dam

Yehyun (Abby) Kim - Neuroscience

Thesis: Investigating the role of Wnt/β-catenin pathway in the proliferation of zebrafish optic tectum

Ana Sofia Jed - Chemistry

Thesis: Kratom Kinetics: Mitragynine to 7-Hydroxymitragynine Conversion in Human Liver Microsomes

Ezra Fockens - Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies: Sociology

Thesis: Commentary Culture: The Development of an Online ‘Gender Critical’ Movement and Understanding its Popular Manifestations and Backlash with Two Case Studies

Emma Rose Cutler - Environmental Studies: Political Science

Thesis: Moving Towards a New Era of Land Management: A survey of the co-management arrangements between the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Federally Recognized Tribes of Oregon

Baichuan Chen - Mathematics

Thesis: Metric Balls and Infinitely Degenerate Elliptic PDEs

Arielle Golda Sherbak - Environmental Studies: Chemistry

Thesis: An Analysis of Biomass Burning Proxy Records: Aromatic Acids in the Eclipse Ice Core in Yukon, Canada

Maxim J Kim - Psychology

Thesis: Academic Self-efficacy as a Predictor of Belonging for Students of Marginalized Identities

Montreal William Benesch - Linguistics

Thesis: /s/tylizing the /s/elf: A First Look into the Concurrent Fluidity of Gender and Language

Jie Sheng - Linguistics

Thesis: Antipassive Reflexives in Romance Languages

J. Harpeth Lee - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: A Comparison of Data-driven Partial Least Squares to Existing Partial Least Squares Models

Gian Gregorio - Anthropology: Science, Environment, and Technology Studies

Thesis: Reconstructing Dinosaurs: Practices, Paleo-Ontologies, and Experiencing Prehistory

Kai Myles Younger - Economics

Thesis: Understanding the Comparative Strengths and Weaknesses of the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in Distributing Aid in Uganda

Victoria Ziqian Xiao - Art: Art History

Thesis: We Imagine Ourselves into Belonging: Using Nostalgia and Cuteness to Construct Asian American Space

Ananke Garani Krishnan - Biology

Thesis: Impacts of Backyard Habitat Creation for Birds at Single-Yard and City-Wide Scales

Arthur Imamoto - History

Thesis: Making Home and Household: Reconstructing Family and Community in Early to Mid-20th Century Japanese American Migrant Life

Thomas Ryan Kelleher - Mathematics

Thesis: An Operad-Theoretic Exploration of the Coherence Theorem for Monoidal Categories

Erik Calvin Beserra - Mathematics

Thesis: Khovanov Homology: Putting Pants on Knots

Grant Buzasi - Political Science

Thesis: The Roles and Rules of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS)

Francesca Danielle Angelina Tangherlini - Sociology

Thesis: The Small Liberal Arts Experience: Student Perception of Sexual Misconduct and Title IX on Campus

Daksh Shami - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Exploration of the Hidden Subgroup Problem

Victoria Anne Miller - Environmental Studies: Biology

Thesis: Macroinvertebrate Diversity in the Reed Canyon Stream

Jesse Fishkin - Philosophy

Thesis: Ensuring an Ethical End: Well-being Personal Narrative, and Transitioning to Quality of Death in Hospice

Alev Marie Brigande - Neuroscience

Thesis: Optogenetic Modulation of Dopamine Neurotransmission to Investigate Brain Reward Signaling

Roxie Carman - Art: Art History

Thesis: Jes Fan's Speculative Relations

James Caponera - Theatre

Thesis: The "Theatre Bug": An Analysis of Contagious Disease in Theatre

Miniya Imani Ali - Political Science

Thesis: The Conflation of Race and Ethnicity in Admissions for Black College Students

Allison Margaret Devins Wallace - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: Per Astra Ad Automata: three stories

Nitya Vikrant - Economics

Thesis: Redlining Health: Gentrification & Community Health in Portland, Oregon

Alex Hayin Shvets - Political Science

Thesis: How Would Liberal Theorists Handle Illiberal Movements?

Sarah Kumar - Mathematics

Thesis: Understanding Lie Algebras: An Alternate Perspective on Weyl's Theorem

María Inés Anleu Gil - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Chenoj: Exploring Maya Indigenous Race and Identity through Guatemalan Art

Sam Scull - Linguistics

Thesis: Shona Tone Depressors

Jax Rose Greenwald - Psychology

Thesis: Love at First Fight: Examining Links between Attachment Security and Mindset Beliefs

Veronica Zelitchenko - Neuroscience

Thesis: Anandamide, Anxiety, and the Endocannabinoid System of the Rat

Rylie Foster - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: An Introduction to Data-Driven Modal Analysis

Elizabeth Anne Prestegaard - Mathematics

Thesis: The Lattice of Alexandrov Topologies

Anjali Alla Reddy - English

Thesis: The Power of The Novel: Recognizing the Subaltern in the Ramayana

Ani Petra Mathison - Political Science

Thesis: 1 Like = 1 Vote? An Analysis of Social Media Strategy in Modern Political Campaigns

Kai Alexander Hakomori - Psychology

Thesis: Hot and Bothered: Affect and Intrinsic Motivation as Predictors of Pro-Environmental Behavior

Teague Arlen Shattuck - Anthropology

Thesis: Seahorse Papas: How Trans Birthing Parents Subvert and Supplant U.S. Hierarchy through Normalization and Worldmaking

Max J. Kreppel - Sociology

Thesis: Juggling Private Prisons: Their Rise and Fall

Linda Joy Johnson - Anthropology

Thesis: Marielle Presente: Living and Dreaming Through Death in Brazil

Matt O'Connell - Political Science

Thesis: American Cabal: Deep Politics, Continuity of Government, of the New Pearl Harbor

Austen Sweeney Rogers - Spanish

Thesis: If the City Were a Fiction: Imaginations of the Outskirts in the Work of Jorge L. Borges

Yoela Zimberoff - Religion

Thesis: Birthing Religion: How the Homebirth Movement Imbued Spirit in the Birthing Body

Andrew Jesse Zhao - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Investigating the Cytoskeletal Binding Partners of the Drosophila Protein Split Discs: A Cell Biologist's Maladroit Attempts at Biochemistry

Anna Alexandra Maior-Leichtfried - Biology

Thesis: The Blood Line: FGF and RA Signaling Pathway Interactions in the Developing Zebrafish Retina

Michael Alphonse Kuranty - Neuroscience

Thesis: Investigating the Effect of Diet on Neurotensin Expression

Alex Fallow - Russian

Thesis: A Familiar Face Flickers in the Crowd: The City and the Subject of the Soviet Thaw in I Walk the Streets of Moscow

Cruz Javier Barnum - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Indistinguishability Obfuscation from the Ground Up

Tyler Hyokjin Kwon - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: A nut and the dream within

Cayden Mason Price - Classics: Greek and Latin

Thesis: A New Model of Heroism for Roman Epic

Charlie Parker - English

Thesis: It's a Bitch Being Butch: Finding a Home for Masculine Lesbianism in 20th Century Narratives of Development

Arthur Lawson III - Computer Science

Thesis: Ain't Nothin But a G-Trie

Kevin Yang - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease

Sascha Patrick - Anthropology

Thesis: Self-Hatred Networks: An Exploration of Online Embodiment in Pro-ED and Incel Forums

Rafael Shachar Monkarsh - English

Thesis: Imagining Africa: Representations of Colonialism in Heart of Darkness and The River Between

Gianmatteo Martinez - Physics

Thesis: The Sound of Chaos: Using Chaotic Circuitry as the Basis of an Amplitude Modulation Guitar Pedal

Lydia Andreavna Lutsenko - History

Thesis: The Growth of Federal Education Policy in the United States: 1960s and 1970s

Celestina Nicole Stauffer - Biology

Thesis: The Small Molecules That Rule Our Lives: Quantifying Steroids Using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Elliot Rydell Galarraga - Classics: Greek and Latin

Thesis: Lucretius and the Elite Roman Outlook

Joseph Daniel Puglisi Clark - Philosophy

Thesis: Asserting as Committing

Stella Blue Prady - Neuroscience

Thesis: Ghrelin and Autism: An Investigation on the Effects of Ghrelin on Acetaminophen Induced Autism-Like Behaviors in Sprague-Dawley Rats

Joanna Moffitt - Psychology

Thesis: Examining the Relationship Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Black and White Students

Birch Elizabeth MacLeod - Religion

Thesis: Isuramu: Defining Islam as a Religion in WWII-era Japan

Kaitlyn J Li - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Radioresistant Bacteria of the Reed Research Reactor

Brandon Isaac Lewis - Physics

Thesis: Characterizing a Two-Frequency Pair of Chaotic RC Ladder Oscillators

Alex Hsu - Mathematics

Thesis: A Gentle Introduction to Homotopy Type Theory

Natalya Lawren Hill - Religion

Thesis: The Ineffable Center: Islam in Borges's Intertextual Universes

Andrew Chueyeng Her - Environmental Studies: Economics

Thesis: Think Green, Think Chocolate: A Case Study of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the Chocolate Supply Chain

David Brooks Gehlke - Political Science

Thesis: The Hypothetical Reality of Afghanistan: A Counterfactual Analysis of the U.S. Withdrawal and Subsequent Regime Collapse of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Emery Egermeier - Psychology

Thesis: No Trans Fats:” Providers’ Anti-Black and Anti-Fat Biases Are Barriers to Medical Gender Transition

Paulina Z Durham - Political Science

Thesis: Survivor Erasure: The Failings of Campus Sexual Assault Policy

Marielle Christine Czerniecki - Russian

Thesis: “Blessed are the Peacemakers:” Dual Psychologies of Faith and Spiritual Peace in Tolstoian Fiction

Sherry Xinyue Chiang - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: What We Want, What We Need: Community Solidarity, Diaspora, and Resistance as Immigrants

Carsen Paige Blake - Environmental Studies: Political Science

Thesis: Tracking the Fallout: An Application of Narrative Policy Framework to Government Communications in wake of Three Mile Island and Fukushima Daiichi

Aemann Lin - Political Science

Thesis: On Theoretical and Normative Rationality: A Reading of the Habermas-Brandom Debate (1999/2002)

Delaney Rose Spofford Neal - Political Science

Thesis: Gone to the Dogs: Donna Haraway’s Manifestos

Kieran Tycho John Wharton - Environmental Studies: Chemistry

Thesis: Incorporation of Climate Change Topics in High School Chemistry: Teacher Practices, Beliefs, and Barriers to Implementation

Mila Trank-Greene - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Characterizing the Effect of CBD on Salmonella Pathogenicity

Junsheng (Jack) Ren - Political Science

Thesis: Decisions of Translations: An Experimental Study on Patterns and Effects of Translation Decisions Made in International Relations

ELLIE SHARP!!!!! - Comparative Literature

Thesis: A picture’s worth what?! - the Cinepoetics of Man Ray and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

Alex Richter - Computer Science

Thesis: InstaCloak: A Friendly Guide about Adding Noise to Preserve Some Anonymity Online

Thalia Wolff - Literature-Theatre

Thesis: “At this point the audience must no longer know what is happening”: Postdramatic Memory and the Embodiment of Ambiguous Loss in Marguerite Duras’ Savannah Bay (1982-3)

Katherine Draves - History

Thesis: The Church Committee, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the American Press

Sophronia Neff Barone - Psychology

Thesis: As if the Sun Went Round the Earth: A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidence Concerning Perceptual Richness

Seungmin Yang - French

Thesis: Francis Ponge and the Lyric “I”: How to Speak about Things

Leila Ione Rich Sinclair - Comparative Literature

Thesis: A Complete and Precious Thing: Virginia Woolf's Self-Other Encounter as an Entrance into Time

Katy Shi - Economics

Thesis: Examining Trade-offs in the Art and Functionality of Video Games

Ruby C McShane - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Ace Traces: Contemporary Art Through an Asexual Lens

Andrew Langston Kang - Psychology

Thesis: The Barycentric Method in a Rat’s World

Maya Alisse Goldroot - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: The Ornamental Self

Aditya Salil Gadkari - Economics

Thesis: Mandi Markets: An Economic Analysis of the Effects of State-run Markets on Farmer Market Outcomes and Satisfaction in India

Naama Lynn Friedman - Political Science

Thesis: Understanding Why States Form Compacts: COVID-19 Response in Western States from April to December 2020

Seamus William Boyle - International and Comparative Policy Studies: Political Science

Thesis: The Blue Sky Falls, the White Sun Sets: a Study of the Decline of the Kuomintang

Anan Cao - Psychology

Thesis: Own- and Cross-Price Demand Elasticity with Specific and Generalized Conditioned Reinforcers in A Token Economy with Pigeons

Tunç Başar Köse - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Approximate Message Passing for Principal Component Analysis: Theory and Practice

Scout Annes - Comparative Literature

Thesis: No One Likes A Mad Woman: Explorations of Feminine Mental Illness from Polanski to Freud

Hellie Smith - Religion

Thesis: More than Mary: Encountering the Allure of Faith and Belonging at the Grotto

August Bullwinkel Singer - Dance

Thesis: Giving up the Ghost: Selfhood and Otherhood in Technologized Dance

Aemann Lin - Ancient Mediterranean Studies: Greek and Latin

Thesis: The Literary Form of the Dialogue and the Ethics of Philosophy in Plato's Gorgias

Eden Etsubdink Daniel - Anthropology

Thesis: A Land Outside of Ourselves: A Reflection on Ethiopian Diaspora, Self, and the Social Imagination

Austin Serif - Comparative Literature

Thesis: The Portrait Narratives of Gogol and Wilde

Jasmine Peng - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Foreign Direct Investment and Earnings in China

Renee Itsa-Hiwot Mekuria - Religion

Thesis: The Beato Facundo and The River of Life Folio: Visions of a New Heaven Compelled to a New Earth

Yanlin Gong - Mathematics

Thesis: Group Actions in Music Theory

Ariel Flaster - Computer Science

Thesis: Scheduling MapReduce on a Heterogeneous Architecture

Jay Kruer - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: The Way of Glue: An Invitation to the Categorical Semantics of Lambda Calculi

Evan Pugh - Mathematics-Statistics

Thesis: Analyzing the Impact of Vaccinations, Government Policy and Other Factors on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nicholas Lacrampe - Political Science

Thesis: An Ecology of Games Analysis of Washington State Water District Cooperation

William Wright Kinsey - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Thesis: 1619 or 1776?

Madeleine Cecile Molina Cooper - Anthropology

Thesis: Pathologizing Pregnant Bodies: Obstetrics in the US and Midwifery’s Role in Decreasing the National Maternal Mortality Rate

Ariah Henderson - Dance

Thesis: The Revolution Will Not Be Live Streamed Dialectics of Black Feminine Subjectivity in Viral TikTok Dances and Beyond

Evan Pierce Griggs - Mathematics

Thesis: Cyclic Cones & Non-singular Refinements of Cyclic Fans

Christiana Juliette Thorbecke - English

Thesis: Shifts and Shivers: Bodily Responses to Literary Trauma

Louise Ella de Picciotto - Philosophy

Thesis: An Aristotelian Argument for Restorative Justice: How We Can Use Forgiveness Instead of Punitive Punishment to Heal from Wrongdoings

iki Edreva - Art-Biology

Thesis: The red sun is high: Science (Fiction) Futures of Wildfire in the West

Alex Franklin - Neuroscience

Thesis: “Laurel & Yanny”: EEG Neural Correlates of an Auditory Bistable Language Stimulus

Sky Ford - Anthropology

Thesis: More than Tomatoes: A Political Ecology of Organic Farming in Taiwan

Kate Walz - Psychology

Thesis: Secondary Analysis of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Smoking Cessation using the National Health Interview Survey, 2017

Carl Backman - Sociology

Thesis: Apollo's Iron Cage: Mission Challenges, Bureaucratic Responses, and Alternative Forms in American Ballet Companies

Max Teaford - Linguistics

Thesis: Just Saying(s): Discursive Practices and Social Justice in a Humanities 110 Conference

Jakob Shimer - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: CNF Reduction in Weighted Model Counting

Ross Avery - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Rhythm, Texture, Space: Dimensions of Sonic Textuality

Derek Finn - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Thesis: The Conditions of Exile: Memory, Movement, and Trauma in Vladimir Nabokov’s Pnin

Kayla Colvin - Neuroscience

Thesis: The Effects of Kratom Alkaloid Administration on Anxiety Behaviors in Male Rats

Sherry Huang - Comparative Literature

Thesis: An Alienated Individual’s Journey of Self-Exploration: Interpreting MishimaYukio’s Kinkakuji through the Theory of the Double