Thesis Board 2020

Congratulations, Reed College seniors! Completing the thesis is a capstone of the Reed experience and a tremendous academic accomplishment.

Edoardo Kaplan - Psychology

Thesis: Meditation and the Neural Correlates of Consciousness: A No-Cognition Paradigm

Jake Buck - Chinese

Thesis: Tales to Crack a Smile A Translation & Analysis of ⟪啟顏錄⟫

Alexis Epelstein Peralta - Political Science

Thesis: On Violence: A Shooter, A Quantum Revolution and Communism

Luke Steiger - Neuroscience

Thesis: Interrogating How Extracellular Matrix Cues Control Morphology in Cultured Drosophila Neural Cells

Grey Saquee - Philosophy

Thesis: Fuck Me Maybe: Equity as the Standard of Sexual Ethics

Carter Williams - Neuroscience

Thesis: Stress Hormone Response to Environmental Changes in Two Species of African Clawed Frogs

Xingyi Wang - Physics

Thesis: Modulated Photoluminescence for Lifetime Measurement of Cd(Se)Te Solar Cells

Sarah Strand - Computer Science

Thesis: Simulating Leader-Free Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Consensus Protocols in a Partially Synchronous Distributed System

Hien Nguyen - Computer Science

Thesis: Investigating the Effectiveness of Byte Pair Encoding for Low-Resource Machine Translation

Wenqian Liu - Classics

Thesis: Medical and Cosmetic Tools and Implements from Gabii

Sienna Holmes - History

Thesis: Homicide in New York City from 1963-1966 and its Effect on Crime Prevention Policy of Mayor John Lindsay

Abby Friesen-Johnson - Anthropology

Thesis: Apocalypse of Reason

Henry Blanchette - Computer Science

Thesis: Purity and Effect

Victoria Woods - Political Science

Thesis: In the Shadows of the Manhattan Project: A Critical Study of Superfund's Legacy

Rita Vungsuntitum - Philosophy

Thesis: Hypocrisy, Blame, and Shame

Mahalia Dryak - Environmental Studies

Thesis: The Ubiquitous Pollutant: Measuring microplastics and ecosystem health along the Clackamas River, OR

Lucky-Ladd Jackson - History

Thesis: The Battle of Kosovo: Mythicizing a Historical Truth to Construct Concepts of an Ethnic Identity

Cole Dembski - Psychology

Thesis: Assessing Consciousness Theory: A Systematic Scoping Review of 25 Years of Empirical Evidence for Neuroscientific Theories of Consciousness

Iris Griffith - Mathematics

Thesis: Do Androids Dream of Electric Trees? Classifying and Predicting Forest Attributes Using Deep Neural Network Models

David Snower - Environmental Studies

Thesis: Foucault’s Ethical Thought in a Period of Environmental Crisis

Eric Zhang - Physics

Thesis: Derivation and Experimental Implementation of an Efficient Quantum Entanglement Witness For Two-Qubit Systems

Karl Young - Biology

Thesis: Finding Clarity with Alternative FACTs: Visualizing Neurons In a Hindbrain Vocal Circuit of Xenopus laevis.

Noah Wass - History

Thesis: Portland 1945-1949: A Postwar History

Danielle Thompson - History

Thesis: Natural Women: The Evolution of Childbearing in the USA during the 1970s

Ryan Neumann - Computer Science

Thesis: An Exploration of Reinforcement Learning Through Video Games

Tom Ikeda - Political Science

Thesis: A Primer On Nation Building: A Conceptualization of an Independent Hawai'i

Olivia Hagen - Biology

Thesis: Proliferation in the zebrafish optic tectum as a function of visual input

Claire Brase - Environmental Studies

Thesis: On the Shoulders of Giants: Resistance to Drought in Rural Oregon’s Tall Douglas-Fir

Margaret Hebert - Chemistry

Thesis: DART-ing Towards Measuring the Kinetics of Reactions in Real Time

Abby Shrader - Theatre

Thesis: The Practice of Being Together: An Investigation of Audience Participation in the Theatre

Nick Empson - Chemistry

Thesis: An Attempted Isolation of Erinacines A and C from Lion’s Mane Mushroom Mycelium

Jessica Riaño - Sociology

Thesis: Feminism on the Frontlines: Understanding Feminism’s Influence on Domestic Violence Direct Service Work

Donovan McKenzie - Psychology

Thesis: Turn This Trolley Around! A Case for Intuitive Impartiality

Alice McKean - Computer Science

Thesis: A Replication of the AKS Primality Decision Algorithm

Max Johnson - Psychology

Thesis: Nancy Glu and The Mystery of the LHb: The Role of Glutamatergic Signaling in the LHb and Alcohol Consumption

Aditya Hariharan - Economics

Thesis: Innovation in the Sleeping Giant: An Examination of Factors That Influence Provincial Innovation in China

Kavi Subramanian - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Two New Mediated Adventure in World-Building

Chloe Thompson - English

Thesis: bobo and the poems

Monica Moniot - Computer Science

Thesis: Differentially Private Bootstrap

Sophia Kongshaug - Linguistics

Thesis: Gaeilge na Rinne Past and Present: Language Documentation and Preservation in an Irish-Speaking Area

Jade Fung - Psychology

Thesis: Pronouns Good or Bad: Attitudes and Relationships with Gendered Pronouns in Gender-Diverse Undergraduates

David Noeckel - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Aqueous Photochemistry of Tannin Degradation by Reactive Singlet Oxygen

Caleb Goldstein-Miller - Biology

Thesis: Interdependence in Urban Forests: Ferns, Fungi, and Herbicide.

Shulav Neupane - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Citation and Collaboration Behavior at the University Level in Agricultural Sciences

Ted Hume - Chemistry

Thesis: Investigating Emissions from Major Diesel Point Sources in Portland, OR

Sara Hansen - Anthropology

Thesis: The Thorns of Rose City: Social and Environmental Pollution Discourses in Unhoused Placemaking and Neighborhood Response

Sagan Green-Horner - International and Comparative Policy Studies

Thesis: Wealth Tax Passage Comparison Between Britain and Sweden

Canyon Foot - Mathematics

Thesis: Graphical Approaches to Recovering Distributions Under Selection Bias and Missing Data

Morgan Lee - Economics

Thesis: A Choice Experiment On Consumer Willingness to Pay for Burgers

Henry Conrad-Poor - Anthropology

Thesis: A Multiplicity of Canons: Authenticity, Affordances, and Commercialism in a Community of Fan Authors.

Michael Ligamari - Economics

Thesis: The Digitization of Music and Market Effects: Two Eras

Chris Wolfe - Theatre

Thesis: Life as It Is, Not as It Should Be: Stanislavski, Brecht, and their Commensurability through Man of La Mancha

Nick Weig - Political Science

Thesis: Between Two Poles: A Contemporary Study of Polarization and Electoral Competition in the U.S. House of Representatives

Ipsita Krishnamurthy - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Biophysical Characterization of the Metal Binding Behavior of Mn(II) and Zn(II) to the Staphylococcus aureus MntABC Transporter

Julia Montes-Laing - Biology

Thesis: Regulation of microtubule polarity by the spectraplakin Short stop and the GAS2 family protein Pickled eggs

Savannah McBride - Biology

Thesis: Characterizing the Xenopus laevis xTERT Proximal Promoter

Giselle Herzfeld - International and Comparative Policy Studies

Thesis: A Statistical Analysis of WTO Disputes: Who initiates, who joins, and why?

Collin Guo - Mathematics

Thesis: Linearizing Quadratic Stochastic Processes for Metagame Mixing Time Analysis

Sophia Farmer - Art

Thesis: The Sensational Offerings of the Ocean: Coral: Eat A Great Amount and Very Well

Kate Ehrenberg - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Birds in Flight & Cresting Waves: Reading for Gesture in Olivier Messiaen and Virginia Woolf

Amelia Chambliss - Physics

Thesis: Plasma Particle Containment in Magnetic Confinement Fusion Devices: the Magnetic Mirror Machine and a Toroidal Confinement Field

Ruairi O'Mahony - Anthropology

Thesis: Process Without Peace: An Aethnography of Space, Security, and Subjecthood in Belfast

Jules Oh - Music

Thesis: Reaching Inward, Facing Outward: Nationalism, Globalism, and the People in K-pop’s Korea

Shawn Owens - Biology

Thesis: Telomerase Activity in Xenopus Cultures Subjected to DNA Damage Treatments

Maham Zia - Physics

Thesis: Investigating the role of Split discs in craniofacial development using Traction Force Microscopy

Dylan Russell - Physics

Thesis: Dark Photon Detection in Fixed Beam Experiments

Sierra Schlott - Computer Science

Thesis: Increasing MySQL Throughput via SmartNIC Offloading

Laurel Schuster - Anthropology

Thesis: In the Shadows of the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Ezra Schwartz - Computer Science

Thesis: Unsupervised Content Generation with Generative Adversarial Neural Networks

Janet Sebastian-Coleman - History

Thesis: La Force Noir and “La Voix de l’Afrique”: A Comparison of Ideological Factors in the Recruitment of West African Soldiers in the First World War

maor Shapiro - Anthropology-Art

Thesis: There, Already

Kaiyan Shi - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Investigation on 1D Area Law and XXZ Model

Aidan Teran - Biology

Thesis: A Possible Function for Drosophila Protein Split DIscs

Analisa Venolia - English

Thesis: “Let’s Do a Makeover!:” An Examination of the Modernization of Jane Austen in Clueless and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Joe Yalowitz - History

Thesis: Growth and Its Discontents: Portland and the Problem with Good Planning

Alan Yang - English

Thesis: Painbird: A Poetic Thesis on Coping With Vague Anxieties and Particular Sorrows

Kyle Moncrieff - History

Thesis: Three Settlements in the American West: A History of Early Mormon Settler Colonialism, 1847-1858

Miranda McGough - English

Thesis: Lifting the "Enigmatic Veil": Uncovering the Artist Figure in the Life and Writings of Mary Butts

Index Marcus - Theatre

Thesis: Physical Theatre as an Approach to Staging Gender

Val Lim - Political Science

Thesis: Effects of Three Mile Island on News Media Discourses of Nuclear Power

Mayaki Kimba - Political Science

Thesis: Civilized Beings and the Idea of Social Citizenship

David Kerry - History

Thesis: "Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way": The American Racial Imaginary and Finding Indians in the Philippines

Olivia Johnson - Linguistics

Thesis: Les alumnes americanes: Social factors and Gender-Fair Language Engagement

Claire Jellison - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Giving by the Numbers: A Study of Peer Effects with Online Crowdfunding

Salma Huque - Economics

Thesis: A Hedonic Price Model of Housing Development Constraints in Portland, Oregon

Trenor Hamilton - Physics

Thesis: A Beginner's Guide to CMS Open Data Analysis

Sam Griffin-Ortiz - Music

Thesis: Mystery Alive: Arca, Haraway, Harman, Gurdjieff, and the Beauty of Nonsense

Saba Goodarzi - Physics

Thesis: Build-A-Bell-Workshop: Numerical Solutions to the von Kármán Equations for Arbitrary Shapes

Gabe Friend - Economics

Thesis: Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Crime: A State Level Analysis of Excise Tax Rates and Crime Incidence

Aiden Foster-Fishman - Political Science

Thesis: Violence and Social Movements: A Case Study of Police Violence Against Protesters in Santiago, Chile

Saxton Fisher - Chemistry

Thesis: Inhibition of S. aureus’ Mn(II) Import Pathway MntABC: A Study Using Saturation Transfer Difference Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Rebecca Coster - Political Science

Thesis: Family Comes First: Family Values Rhetoric in Contemporary US Anti- Trafficking Movements

Miles Cohen - Physics

Thesis: Single Particle Quantum Mechanics with the Schrödinger-Poisson Equation

Mary Brady - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Open It Up: A Critical Exploration of Chinese and American Hip-Hop

Eric Boettner - Computer Science

Thesis: Keystroke Encryption Over USB HID Pathways

Cecilia Bahls - Linguistics

Thesis: The Low Back Merger Shift in the Olympic Peninsula Region of Washington State

Jackson Luckey - Economics

Thesis: Social and Economic Determinants of the Fatal Overdose Rate in Ohio

Chelsea McIntosh - Anthropology

Thesis: Examining Depression and Suicide in a Dynamic Site of Maya Identity: A Case Study of Mental Health in Yucatán, Mexico

Chae Park - Political Science

Thesis: Feminist Topographies: The Politics of #MeToo and Feminist Political Terrains

Cal Aswad - Economics

Thesis: Render unto Caesar: An Economic Analysis of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Thailand

Guin Wright - Anthropology-French

Thesis: Poésie, mon bivouac: Translation, Nationalism, and Poetics in Quebec

Xanthia Wolland - Political Science

Thesis: Consultation or Collaboration? Consensus-Based Governance and Inclusion of Tribal Nations in Assessment of the Portland Harbor Superfund Site

Ali McKnight - Chemistry

Thesis: Investigations into the Condensed Phase Reactions of Nitrate Esters Derived from Atmospherically Relevant Monoterpenes

Gaby Bailey - Chemistry

Thesis: An Exploratory Adventure into the Ethanolysis, Methanolysis, and Hydrolysis Reactions of Atmospherically Relevant Monoterpene Compounds: A Carene, Limonene, and Perillic Alcohol Story

Sebastian Arrizabalaga - Chemistry

Thesis: TerB, What It Do?

Anton Zavorotny - Mathematics

Thesis: Vassiliev Knot Invariants and the Graph Bialgebra of Lando

Altana Elings-Haynie - Political Science

Thesis: The Politics of the Present: Neoliberalism, Gender, and the Law

Teo Rogers - Political Science

Thesis: Trade in a Network

Maxine Calle - Mathematics

Thesis: Morse Theory and Flow Categories

Nathanael Hayes - Psychology

Thesis:  Loneliness, Solitude, and Personality: Filling in the Gaps

Maddox Zhang - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Bro, Trust Me, This is a Different Strain, Bro: Cannabidiol Attenuates Virulence in Attaching and Effacing Pathogens

Julia Yuan - Biology

Thesis: An Investigation of a Truncated Xenopus laevis TRF2

Ginny Jenkins - Anthropology

Thesis: Ka‘ahumanu: A Study of Kinship and Power Within Early 19th Century Hawai‘i

Liam Dulany - Classics

Thesis: Singing the Unspeakable: Metapoetics and Multivalence in Lucan's Bellum Ciuile

Sadie Baker-Wacks - Philosophy

Thesis: Buying into Consumerism: is the Consumer Life Compatible with the Good Life?

Aidan Malanoski - Linguistics

Thesis: Had I’d’ve known better: “Extra” auxiliaries in English conditionals

Nicole Kretekos - Chemistry

Thesis: Ozone, Terpenes, and Nitrates, Oh My! An Investigation Into the Reactivity of Nitrate Esters and Terpene Oxides with Ethanol, Methanol, and Water.

Vuk Vukasovich - Biology

Thesis: A Changing Caribbean: Sargassum Inundation Events in the Context of Ocean Climate Change

Ian Kidwell - Philosophy

Thesis: The A-Series and Truth-makers

Steven Garcia - Art-Biology

Thesis: In Consideration of Ethical Grounds

Jesse Duhan - Biology

Thesis: CBD Inhibits Type III Secretion Dependant Pathogens by Altering Virulence Expression

Thomas Malthouse - Physics

Thesis: Calculating Stationary States of Open Quantum Systems Using a Neural Network Ansatz

Josh Dey - Physics

Thesis: Reservoir Computing: Neural Networks and Observing Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

Duncan Feiges - Classics

Thesis: On the Ruin of Britain: Reassessing the End of Roman Britain 400-700 CE

Saga Darnell - Dance-Theatre

Thesis: Our Beds Are Islands: Creating Queer Intimacy Through Physical Theatre in the Age of Streaming Media

Hala Baba - International and Comparative Policy Studies

Thesis: Syrians Moving to Australia: Challenges of Belonging and Becoming

Gabe Preising - Biology

Thesis: A Computational Network Approach to Examine Biological Cross-Talk during Mouthbrooding in the Cichlid Astatotilapia burtoni

Austen Hartwell - History

Thesis: The Origins of American Faith in Technological Transcendence: Finding a Key to Progress in the Antebellum Industrial Boom

Nick Thayer - Biology

Thesis: Intraspecific Variation in DNA Polymerases in Daphnia magna 

Hayley Curtis - Classics

Thesis: The Cento Probae: Creative Appropriation in Late Antiquity

Alyse Cronk - Economics

Thesis: Correlates and the Will to Pay: a Mexican Micro-loan Case Study

Zia Pollis - English

Thesis: How to Eat a Woman

Anne Larkin - History

Thesis: He didn’t know what he was up against”: Gendered State Violence and Nationalist Women’s Politicization during the Troubles

Henry Knopf - Economics

Thesis: Applying Discrete Choice Experiments to Video Games

Arthi Haripriyan - Psychology

Thesis: Empathy and Social Discounting

Faith Franzwa - Psychology

Thesis: A Contextual Assessment of Young Adult Social Smoking Behaviors and Motivations in the Presence of Alcohol

Ely Eastman - Physics

Thesis: Joint Spectral Characterization of a Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion Source

Wenxin Du - Mathematics

Thesis: A Close Look at Specification Curve Analysis and Existing Applications

Ryan Kobler - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Spatial Effects and Environmental Hedonic Valuation in Portland, Oregon

Ryan Kim - Economics

Thesis: Zoning and its Effects on Urban Sprawl: A Case Study of Seattle and Portland

Viela Guay - Physics

Thesis:  The Meissner Effect and Critical Current Density in Fabricated YBCO Cylindrical Superconductors

Martin Ying - Physics

Thesis: NGC 1316 - Motion and Ionization Mechanisms of Nebular Gas

Eileen Vert - Economics

Thesis: Monopolistic and Monopsonistic Behavior in Online Platforms Funded by Targeted Advertising: Evidence from Facebook and Google

Dennis Quaintance - Physics

Thesis: An Experimental Investigation of Obstructions in Granular Flows

Alex Poston - Classics

Thesis: Traces of Stoic Philosophy in Cicero's De Legibus and De Re Publica

Thomas Barr - Philosophy

Thesis: Cause, Ground, and Time

Lara Simonetti - International and Comparative Policy Studies

Thesis: Nunca Más: The Evolution of Memory Narratives in Post-Dictatorship Argentina and Uruguay

Tareq Saghie - Anthropology

Thesis: Learning a New Nationalism: Ideology, Natural Disaster, and Resistance in Puerto Rico

Karly Quadros - English

Thesis: Watershed

Annie Peng - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Nonprofits as Infrastructure for Regional Economic Resilience: Evidence from US Metropolitan Area during the Great Recession

Yuki Oyakawa - Economics

Thesis: Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Loot Boxes

Eli Mizock - History

Thesis: Postwar Jewish Memory The Myth of the Shtetl in 1950s America

Mason Koch - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Reinforcement Learning for Pokemon AI

Cyrus Kirkman - Psychology

Thesis: A Study of Habituation Behavior and Pavlovian Conditioning in the Mimosa pudica Plant

Robert Irvin - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Simulating the Price of Anarchy

Hillary Gerber - Russian-Anthropology

Thesis: Stuck In-Between: An Analysis of Characters as Political Actors Stuck In-Between: An Analysis of Characters as Political Actors in the Work of Herta Müller and Sana Krasikov

Stephanie Gee - Neuroscience

Thesis: The Effects of Low Dose Gamma Radiation on Zebrafish Development

Yunjia Bao - Physics

Thesis: Understanding Scattering Amplitudes through Spinor Helicity Formalism

Alice Chang - Sociology

Thesis: Race, Criminality, and Legal Advocacy for Justice Reform

Flora Carey - Linguistics

Thesis: Does This Sound Pointy to You? Word Memorization through Sound-Symbolic Mappings of Tone and Segments

Crystal McCullough - Neuroscience

Thesis: #Disconnect: Exploring the Relationship Between Instagram Use and Its Effects on Physiological and Perceived Stress Levels

Loralee Bandy - Biology-Anthropology

Thesis: Towards an Understanding of Bacteriophage Therapy: Bridging Biological and Anthropological Approaches

Noah Solnick - Economics

Thesis: Evolutionary or Revolutionary: How Blockchain Has Changed and Where it May Be Headed

Kashaf Qureshi - English

Thesis: The Self as Text: Augustinian Reading and the Legible Corpus in Donne and Milton

Maya Nesbitt-Schnadt - English

Thesis: Hear/Here: Exploring Sound and the Contours of Mastery and Desire in Ulysses

Zoe Neff - Anthropology

Thesis: Bodies in the Operating Room: Robots, Surgeons, and the Medical Object

Madeline Doak - Neuroscience

Thesis: Sex-Biased Gene Expression in the Brain Conserved Among Taxa

Nolan Anderson - Economics

Thesis: Global Effects of Schooling in Early Stage Entrepreneurship

Will Daniel - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Machine Learning Application in Credit Card Fraud

Lauren Chacon - Psychology

Thesis: False Empathy in Intergroup Interactions

Mingus Zoller - Neuroscience

Thesis: Investigating the Effect of BMP and FGF Signaling on Progenitor Cell Proliferation in the Dorsal Retina

Tatiana Zancajo-Lugo - Art

Thesis: For an Aestheticization of Nausea in Virtual Reality

Lune Whitlock - Anthropology

Thesis: Fire Dancer: Authenticity, Tradition, and the History of Fire Spinning

Avantika Vivek - Neuroscience

Thesis: The Modulation of Euphoria-seeking Through Amphetamine in Female Rats by Orexin-A and Orexin-B

Sol Taylor-Brill - Biology

Thesis: Computationally Analyzing the Effect of Cannabidiol on Enterohemorrhagic E. coli Using Transcriptomic Data

Kyra Spengler - Psychology

Thesis: Sounds Suspiciously like Something a Pigeon Would Say: Reward Associations do not Explain Transitive Inference in Pigeons

Maia Shideler - Biology

Thesis: Shepherds of the Forest: Old Growth Lichen in the Pacific Northwest

Shea Seery - Comparative Literature

Thesis: "A Rancièrean Reading on Contemporary Art: Ai Weiwei’s Life Cycle (2018) and Kara Walker’s Fons Americanus"

Evan Samel - Economics

Thesis: When Pigs Die: The Structural Mismanagement of African Swine Fever in China

Huaying Qiu - Mathematics

Thesis: Forest Type Classification in Interior Alaska Using G-LiHT Data

Sky Price - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Synthesis and Evaluation of a Novel SERM and Analogs

Purna Post-Leon - Biology

Thesis: Barking Up the Right Tree: Evidence for xylem embolism reduction due to bark water uptake in Bigleaf Maple, Douglas-fir, and Coast Redwood

Matthew Parson - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: A SpecTerCular protein: Expression and Characterization of the Integral Membrane Protein TerC

Claire Milander-Mashlan - Biology

Thesis: Telomerase in Xenopus laevis: Half-Life and TERT Expression

Siena Marr - Environmental Studies

Thesis: Consumption-Based Carbon Accounting and Fair Attribution of Carbon Emissions Responsibility

Nic Lisi - Chemistry

Thesis: Expression and Purification of the TerF Protein from the Tellurite Resistance Operon

Eli Knowles - Music

Thesis: Aaron's Night 0n Earth (Everywhere): An Exploration of Structure and Function in Long Form Jazz

Young Kim - Mathematics

Thesis: Resolutions of Rees Algebras

Jo Keller - Chemistry

Thesis: Hydrogen Production Reaction of an Iridium Half-Sandwich Complex

Zeki Kazan - Mathematics

Thesis: The Longest Increasing Subsequence as a Test Statistic

Jillian James - Computer Science

Thesis: Lengthy Language Generation: Using Neural Networks to Write a Reed Thesis

Vinay Gopalan - Computer Science

Thesis: Sentiment Analysis On Code-Mixed Tweets

Jacob Goldsmith - Economics

Thesis: Exploring the Relationship between Age and Formal Bank Account Usage

Frank Gaunt - Economics

Thesis: Undergraduate Tuition Relief Programs’ Impact on College Enrollment and Graduate Migration

Seth Dugan-Knight - Political Science

Thesis: Weimar and Washington: Schmitt, Strauss and Trump

Jacob Cutshall - Physics

Thesis: Using Passive Error Correction to Extend the Lifetime of Qubits

Tamar Conner - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Characterization and Binding Studies: Tellurium Resistance Proteins TerD and TerE

Ellen Chen - Mathematics-Economics

Thesis: Is Education Finally Paying-off in Urban China? Evidence from 1989-2015

Karina Ceron - Anthropology

Thesis: "Favorable Conditions": The Social-Environmental World of Indigenous South America

Lexi Carlson - Chemistry

Thesis: Hydrogen Gas Production from an Iridium–Ruthenium Hydride Complex

KD Bond - Political Science

Thesis: “Strangled by Russia, Haunted by Europe”: Energy Dependency and State Security in 21st Century Ukraine

Bailey Bast - Art

Thesis: Art of Materiality: The Allure of the Body in Matter

Monika Anderson - Environmental Studies

Thesis: Green is the new Black: Fashion Firm Motivations to Pursue Sustainability

Ariel Patterson - Environmental Studies

Thesis: Speaking for the trees: unveiling the impacts of prescribed burning on tree hydraulic vulnerability and rhizospheres at Sycan Marsh Preserve

Vicki Deng - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Elucidating the biochemical function of the Drosophila CG11811 protein implicated in non-muscle myosin II regulation.

Shep Heaton - Sociology

Thesis: Structural Mortgage Discrimination: Denial and Subprime Lending During the Housing Boom

Erica Leif - Psychology

Thesis: Ghrelin’s potential neuroprotective role in an acetaminophen-derived model of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Sprague-Dawley Rats

Hayden Hendersen - Environmental Studies

Thesis: Implementation Strategies for a Plant-Based School Lunch Program Policy as a Climate Change Mitigation Effort

Josh Reiss - Computer Science

Thesis: Procedural Terrain Generation for Virtual Reality Environments

Mercy Bhakta - Computer Science

Thesis: Colors in Flux: Rendering Iridescence Arising from Single-Layer Thin Films

Ezra Bergmann - Art

Thesis: Reverie Machines

Sophie Bender - Chemistry

Thesis: Finding an Ideal SERM: The Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Twenty-Four Estrogen Receptor Modulators

Jonathan Zisk - English


Giorlando Ramirez - Economics

Thesis: Measuring the Resiliency of US Foreign Direct Investment to Currency Crises

Kelly Pau - Comparative Literature

Thesis: The Message is in the Medium

Emily Howard - History

Thesis: The Rising Tide of Colonial Ambivalence: A Case Study of the Blackfeet Reservation, 1855-1964

Isaac Gray - Linguistics

Thesis: Acquistion of Russian Intonation and Mandarin Tone by English-speaking Learners

Yeşim Yilmaz - Classics

Thesis: Penelope, Klytaimnestra, Helen

Drew Veltrop - English

Thesis: Meursalt's Linguistic Metamorphoses

Ben Thomas - Economics

Thesis: State Policy Shocks and Inter-Jurisdictional Commuting

Nell Scherfling - Psychology

Thesis: The Double-Edged Sword: Mindset, Goals, and Feedback Recipience in a Narrative Feedback System

Jack Salvucci - Psychology

Thesis: Mu Opioid Activity in the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus Alters Consummatory Behaviors

Tack Robinson - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Apocalyptic Redux: Shifting Cinematic Depictions of the Vietnam War

Meredith Riley - Sociology

Thesis: Boxing Up Biological Race: Racial Frameworks in the Consumption of Genetic Ancestry Technologies

Lillyanne Pham - Sociology

Thesis: Feminisms and Instagram in "Asian America"

Gerry Peña-Martinez - Art-Economics

Thesis: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Advertisements and Audiences of the Twentieth-Century Cigarette Industry

Jamie Lindner - Biology

Thesis: Synergistic Biodegradation of Polyethylene Terephthalate by Pseudomonas and Bacillus

Miranda Leong-Hussey - Political Science

Thesis: How is Education Policy Passed? An Exploration of Universal Pre-K

Laura Kennedy - Dance

Thesis: The Spaces Between

Jamil Ditter - Economics

Thesis: Ways of Measuring and Quantifying Gentrification in Portland, Oregon

Justice del Castillo - Linguistics

Thesis: Look Ma, It's Hands (And Nonmanuals): Message-focus in Turkish Sign Language

Kaitlyn Curnow - Psychology

Thesis: Socio-Emotional Factors and Academic Achievement from Childhood to Adolescence

Tess Cottrell - Psychology

Thesis: Reducing the Stigma Around Intravenous Drug Use: Reframing the Narrative

Jack Beardslee - Political Science

Thesis: Helter Skelter: Far Right Terrorism and Agenda Setting

Zesean Ali - Chemistry

Thesis: Attempts to Identify, Extract, and Purify Biologically Active Compounds in Lion’s Mane

Luna Albertini - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Refracted Bodies: Doubling and Redoubling Self in L’enfant de sable and La mucama de Omicunlé

Henry Killen - Neuroscience

Thesis: Ghrelin, Dopamine, and Incentive Salience

Soha Ahmed - Economics

Thesis: The Impact of China's BRI on FDI Flows to Sub-Saharan Africa

Lonnie Patzman - Psychology

Thesis: It’s good to watch Friends, but it’s better to be friends: Prosocial behavior on TV and its real world influences on teenaged viewers

Parker Matias - English

Thesis: The Matter of Citation: Historical Materialism and The Arcades Project

Hadley Parrish-Cotton - English

Thesis: Alligator Dreams

Nicole Emmons - Psychology

Thesis: Ketamine Infusions for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Leanna Gitter - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Reviving Echoes: Postmemory, Trauma, and the Archive in Patrick Modiano’s Dora Bruder and W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz

Raina Sacksteder - Biology

Thesis: Identifying Gene Targets of Retinoic Acid During Retinal Neurogenesis

Katia Kessler - Neuroscience

Thesis: Non-Motor Effects of the Anti-Inflammatory MCC950 in Parkinson’s Disease

Tess Lewis - History

Thesis: Growing Community from Seed to Table: The Dynamic, Radical, and Romantic Ideology of Local Organic Agriculture

Maya Arigala - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Postimperial Melancholia and Migrant Communities in The Lonely Londoners and The Buddha of Suburbia

Lucas Williams - Mathematics

Thesis: How To Do Proof By Picture And Get Away With It: The Representation Theory of Quantum Groups and Connections to Knot Theory

Rugby Simon - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Rupturing with the Past: Aesthetics and Politics in the Chilean Neo-Avant-Garde

Io Blanchett - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Who Looks?: Reimagining Film as a Medium for Feminist Art

Christian Hahnemann - Political Science

Thesis: Voter Turnout in the Scandinavian Context

Charlotte Andersen - Anthropology

Thesis: Preying on Precarity: Socially Mediated Manipulation and Alienation within Multilevel Marketing Companies

Carolyn Walworth - Psychology

Thesis: Evaluating the Relationship Between Catastrophizing, Repetitive Thinking, and Health Anxiety

Ashley San Miguel - Political Science

Thesis: Gendering the Quality of Democracy

Jilly de la Torre - English

Thesis: “I Felt Myself a Phantom”: Spacemaking and Radical Self-Representation in the Literature and Filmmaking of Homeless Bay Areans

Claire Berlinger - Religion

Thesis: Systemizing the Chemical Divine: On the Relationship Between God and Matter in F.J.W. Schelling

Hannah Jensvold - Art-Dance

Thesis: Perceiving, Sensing, and Inhabiting: Embodiment and Physical Experience in Contemporary Dance and Visual Art

Beckett Cummings - Physics

Thesis: N-body Simulation of Cosmological Structure

Achinoam Bentov - History

Thesis: Raider's Land: Violence and State Power on the Black Sea Steppe, 1475-1718

Teline Tran - Comparative Literature

Thesis: carry over

Hannah Moran - Psychology

Thesis: From Setbacks to Strengths: Mindset and Everyday Resilience as 
Predictors of Undergraduate Academic Outcomes

Nat Rubin - Political Science

Thesis: Competitiveness In District Attorney Elections

Megan Hilton - Environmental Studies

Thesis: Golden State, Grey Sky: Vehicular Pollution and California, 1960-present

Sophia Devita - Religion

Thesis: Words Make Worlds: Complicating the Secular/Religious Binary in an Age of Uncertainty

Aksinya Bilaonova - Psychology

Thesis: A Comparison of Use Motives and Patterns among CBD-Only Users, Cannabis-Only Users, and Co-Users

Delainey Myers - Religion

Thesis: Religious Foundations: Interfaith Organizations and Affordable Housing

Duncan King - Art

Thesis: Beyond the Photo Album: Families in Photography Books

Lou Hewitt - Religion

Thesis: Circling Back to Religion: An Exploration of Restorative Justice as Ritualized Practice

Ella Fisher - English

Thesis: Laughing at Some Fucked Up Shit: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Trauma and Stand-up Comedy

Natalie Briggs - Psychology

Thesis: In the Eye of the Beholder: An Examination into the Effects of Makeup on Judgments of a Woman's Personality

Jacey de la Torre - English

Thesis: Ghost Stories: Discovering and Disintegrating Homespace